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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pierre Laverdure & Priscilla Melanson

7224. Pierre Laverdure & 7225. Priscilla Melanson

1606, Pierre born in France.

1610, Priscilla born in England.

Pierre left ‘St John’s fort to escape the wrath of his countrymen Papists.’ (S) Petition of his wife Priscilla.

Pierre traveled to England as a Calvinist Huegunot refugee from France.

1630 in Scotland, Pierre, age 24, married Priscilla, age 20.

5/1/1657, Pierre and Priscilla arrive in Acadie with future English Governor Thomas Hall.

1667, Acadie ceded to the French [and Catholic church], Pierre left for Boston, MA with his wife and youngest child. [Acacia was not actually turned over until 1670.]

1677, Pierre, about age 71, died in Boston, MA.

5/3/1677, Priscilla made a petition in Boston: her husband “Peter Leverdure” a Frenchman and deceased, herself an English woman.

4/18/1680 in Boston, Priscilla married 2nd William Wright.

1682, Priscilla had her granddaughter Marie, 18-year-old eldest d/o son Charles, living with her. This year Marie married David Basset in Boston.

1691, Priscilla, age 81, died in Dorchester, Boston, MA.

Children of Pierre and Priscilla:

i. Pierre Melancon dit Laverdure (3612), born 1632 in Encosse, England.

ii. Charles Melancon dit la Ramee, born 1643 in Encosse, England.
Charles married Marie, d/o Abraham Dugas & Marguerite Doucet.

iii. John Melanson, born 1651 in Encosse, England.
1680 in Boston, MA, John married Sarah ?.

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