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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Philippe Muis d’Entremont & Madeleine Elie

7226. Philippe Muis d’Entremont & 7227. Madeleine Elie

11/14/1601, Philippe born in Cherbourg, Normandie, France; s/o §Claude Antoine Mius & §Beatrice Colginy.

1626, Madeleine born in France, d/o §Jacques Elie & §Francoise Faucon.

1648 in Calvados, Normandie, Philippe married Madeleine.

1651–53, They traveled to Acadia.

7/1653, Philippe founded “Pubnico”, Cap Sable, Acadie as a fief of Charles de la Tour.

1654, Philippe captured by English commander Major Robert Sedgwick, released soon after.

1670, Philippe appointed lieutenant-major and commander of the king’s troops, and Procureur du roi.

1675, a group of Hollanders plundered Philippe’s settlement.

1679, Madeleine, about age 53, died in Poboncoup, Cap Sable, Acadie.

1687, Philippe resigned as Procureur du roi.

1700, Philippe, Baron de Pobomcoup, about age 99, died in Grand Pre, Nouvelle Ecosse.

Child of Philippe and Madeleine:

i. Marie Marguerite Anne Mius d’Entremont (3612), born 1650 in Cherbourg, Normandie, France.

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