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Sunday, August 15, 2010

M: 7228

7228. Jean Blanchard & 7229. Radegonde Lambert

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1611, Jean born.

1621, Radegonde born.

Abt. 1642 in Port Royal, Jean married Radegonde.

1671 census of Port Royal: Jean Blanchard 60 ans, wife Radegonde Lambert, children; Martin 24, Madeleine, 28, Anne 26, Guillaume 21, Bernard 18, Marie 15; 12 cattle, 9 sheep.

1686 census of Port Royal: Jean Blanchard 75, Radegonde Lambert 65.

1692, Radegonde, age 71, died in Port Royal.

1692, Jean, age 81, died in Port Royal.

Children of Jean and Radegonde:

i. Madeleine Blanchard, born 1643 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1656 in Port Royal, Madeleine married Michel Richard dit Sansoucy.
1680, Madeleine, age 37, died in Port Royal.

ii. Anne Blanchard, born 1645 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1660 in Port Royal, Anne, age 15, married Francois Guerin, s/o Jerome.
1671 in Port Royal, Anne, age 26, married Pierre Gaudet dit L’Aine, s/o Denis, s/o 7210. Jehan Gaudet & 7211. Marie Daussy.
Aft. 1714, Anne, age 69, died in Beaubassin.

iii. Martin Blanchard (3614), born 1647 in Port Royal, Acadie.

iv. Guillaume Blanchard, born 1650 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1673 in Port Royal, Guillaume married Huquette, d/o Antoine Gougeon & Jehanne Chebra.

v. Marie Blanchard, born 1656 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1675 in Port Royal, Marie, age 19, married Pierre Gaudet dit le jeune, s/o Denis, s/o 7210. Jehan Gaudet & 7211. Marie Daussy.