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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Denis Cloutier & Renee Briere

7240. Denis Cloutier & 7241. Renee Briere

5/1/1608, Renee died in France

11/3/1608, Denis married 2nd Jeanne Rahir Gaultier. [4 children.]

7/7/1619, Denis and his son Zacharie, as temporary laborers, arrived at Tadoussac in the ship “St. Etienne” to assist Samuel de Champlain in inhabiting, clearing, cultivating, and planting New France.

After a brief stay [probably a year] the family returned to France.

3/12/1633 in Mortagne, France, “... Zacharie Cloutier, carpenter, resident of Mortagne, Midsummer's Day parish, and Jacques Cloutier, his brother, rope-maker....Zacharie Cloutier being eldest son of Denis Cloutier...promises that the proceedings will be more pleasant and he will help to ratify for the heirs of Renee Briere, their mother, claims against Jeanne Gaultier, his (Denis’) wife in second marriage ...”.

Family notes:
• Other children born to Denis and Renee: Michel married Jeanne Commanche; Renée married Claude Noe; Nicolas married Catherine Roussel; Louis married Madeleine Truchet, and Catherine married François Noe.

Children of Denis and Renee:

i. Zacharie Cloutier (3620), born 12/1590 in St Jean Baptiste de Mortagne [Perche], France.

ii. Jacques Cloutier, baptized 3/16/1601 in St Jean Baptiste de Mortagne, France.

iii. Claude Cloutier, baptized 3/17/1605 in St Jean Baptiste de Mortagne, France.

iv. Loyse Cloutier, baptized 2/22/1608 in St Jean Baptiste de Mortagne, France.

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Karen said...

What is the specific source for the July 7, 1619 claim that Denis and Zacharie traveled to New France at this time. I cannot locate it anywhere. Do you know? Please advise to Karen.L.Lowrey@gmail.com. Thank you in advance.