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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Abraham Martin & Marguerite Langlois

7302. Abraham Martin & 7303. Marguerite Langlois

1589, Abraham born in Normandie, France; s/o §Jean Galleran Martin, “The Merchant of Metz”, & §Isabel Cote.

1592, Marguerite born in Calvados, Lisieux, France; d/o 14494. Guillaume Langlois & 14495. Jeanne Millet.

[Abraham possibly married in France to Giullemette Couillard, with which he had one or more daughters by the 1st wife including 1833. Anne Martin.]

1619 in France, Abraham, age 31, married Marguerite, age 28.

8/30/1620, Abraham and family arrived at Tadoussac from France ; from there they traveled to the « Kebec Habitation».

Abraham assisted the settlers of Port Royal, Acadia.

7/24/1629, after Kirk captured Quebec, Abraham returned to France. [Different authorities disagree on this point – but this seems most supported by known information.]

1633, Abraham, a master pilot, ploughman, and fisherman, returned to Quebec.

1635, Abraham received 12 arpents from the Compagnie de la Nouvelle-France.

Abraham began the first charts of the St. Lawrence river.

11/16/1637, the marriage contract signing of daughter Marguerite took place in the home of Abraham and Marguerite. Abraham promised a dowery of 50 livres.

5/22/1638, after the marriage of daughter Marguerite, Abraham gave the couple 100 livres in silver, utensils, and clothes valued at 64 livres.

5/29/1644, Notary Guillaume Tronquet recorded that “Giffard, Sieur de Beauport, visited the Buisson river in company with Jean Guyon, Zacharie Cloutier, Adrien du Chesne, Jean Bourdon and Abraham Martin”.

1645, Abraham granted another 20 arpents from Sieur Adrian du cheane, ship’s surgeon to Pierre Lagardeur de Repentigny.

1/21/1648, Abraham and Marguerite residents of Quebec. (S) Wedding of daughter Marie Anne.

2/15/1649, Abraham imprisoned for improper conduct with a young girl.

11/13/1661, Abraham and Marguerite present at the marriage contract signing of granddaughter 1825. Marie Madeleine Racine.

12/19/1662, Noel Morin, Abraham Martin, and Jacques Rate h/o Anne Martin d/o Abraham, attended the wedding of Pierre Biron.

9/6/1664, aout 9 pm, notary Duquet and witnesses visited Abraham to make out his will.

9/8/1664, Abraham, age 75 and known as the “Scotsman”, died in Quebec.

10/8/1664, notary Duquet completed the inventory of Abraham’s property.

11/7/1664, the hiers of Abraham met and agreed that their mother Marguerite could continue living on the property and own the land as along as she paid the debts.

2/17/1665, Marguerite, age 73, married Rene Branche, age 40. Noel Morin was present at the wedding.

12/17/1665, Marguerite, age 73, died in Quebec.

Family notes:
• According to the PRDH database, Abraham had the 6th most number of married descendants before 1800 of all settlers: 7,765.

Children of Abraham and Marguerite:

i. Eustache Martin, baptized 10/24/1621 in Quebec, Canada.

ii. Marguerite Martin (3651), born 1/4/1624 in Quebec, Canada.

iii. Helen Martin, born 6/21/1627 in Quebec, Canada.
10/22/1640, Helene married Claude Etienne.

iv. Marie Anne Martin (3627), born 4/10/1635 in Quebec, Canada.

v. Adrien Martin, born 11/22/1638 in Quebec, Canada.

vi. Marie Madeleine Martin, born 9/13/1640 in Quebec, Canada.
2/6/1653 in Quebec, Madeleine married Nicolas Forget dit dePatie.
2/22/1688, Madeleine died in Lachenaie.

vii. Barbe Martin, born 1/4/1643 in Quebec, Canada.
1/12/1655 in Quebec, Barbe married Pierre Biron.
10/4/1660, Barbe died in Quebec.

viii. Anne Martin, born 3/23/1645 in Quebec, Canada.
11/12/1658 in Quebec, Anne married Jacques Rate.
1/14/1717, Barbe died in St Pierre, I.O.

ix. Charles Amador Martin, born 3/6/1648 in Quebec, Canada.
6/19/1711, Charles died in Quebec.

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