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Sunday, August 15, 2010

M: 7306

7306. Jacques Lehoux & 7307. Marie Meilleur

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1599, Jacques born in Ste Madeleine, Ventrouze, Tourouvre, Perche, France.

1599, Marie born.

1619 in La Ventrouze, Tourouvre, Perche, France, Jacques marrie Marie.

Marie died.

2/9/1633 in Ste Madeleine, La Ventrouze, Jacques, age 34, married Leonarde Chaline.

1643 in La Ventrouze, Jacques, age 44, married Jeanne Jahan, age 41, widow of Francois Godeau.

9/3/1647 in Quebec, Jacques, step-father of Francoise Goudeau, attended her wedding contract signing with Mathurin Gagnon, s/o 7344. Pierre Gagnon & 7345. Renee Roger.

10/20/1653, Jacques and Jeanne residents of Quebec. (S) Wedding of daughter Francoise.

7/25/1661, Jacques got a new neighbor in St Pierre [later Ste Famille], Nicolas Gendron.

1666 census of Beauport; Jacques 86, Jeanne 60, Pierre Lemieux 14 – domestic, engage.

2/16/1680, Jacques, age 81, died in Ste Anne de Beaupre.

Children of Jacques and Marie:

i. Madeleine Lehoux, baptized 11/16/1620 in St Pierre, de la Poterie, France.
1642 in Ventrouze, France, Madeleine marrie Robert Mesange.

ii. Francoise Lehoux (3653), born 7/9/1628 in La Ventrouze, Orne, Basse-Normandie, France.

Child of Jacques and Leonarde:

iii. Jean Lehoux, born 4/27/1633 in La Ventrouze, Alencon, France.
10/7/1659 in Quebec, Canada, Jean married Elisabeth Drugeon. [Neice of Paul de Rainville married to Roline Poete; cousin of Pierre Tremblay married to Anne Achon.]
4/3/1698, Jean, age 65, died in Ste Famille, I.O.

Child of Jacques and Jeanne:

iv. Noel Lehoux, born 8/11/1644 in La Ventrouze, Alencon, France.

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