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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Robert Caron & Marie Crevet

7308. Robert Caron & 7309. Marie Crevet

1603, Robert born in Saintonge, Poitou, Charentes, France.

1603, Marie born in Benouville, Calvados, France; d/o §Pierre Crevet & §Marie LeMercier.

6/4/1634, Robert arrived in Quebec.

11/30/1636 in Quebec, Robert attended the wedding of Jasmin Bourgignon & Claire Morin.

10/25/1637 in Quebec, Robert married Marie. Attending: Noel Langlois, Jasmin Bourgignon, Robert Giffard.

11/20/1651 at Notre Dame in Montmagny, Qu├ębec, Robert attended the wedding of 3986. Guillaume Fournier & 3987. Francoise Hebert.

3/27/1654, Julien Fortin dit Bellefontaine sold his original grant to Robert.

7/8/1656, Robert, age 53, died in Hotel Dieu du Quebec.

7/27/1656, Robert Drouin, of Beaupre, had to pay 150 livres to Marie “Crevel”, widow of Robert Caron.

1/18/1659, Julien Fortin dit Bellefontaine & Genevieve Gamache dit Lamarre made a release to Marie Crevet, widow of Robert Caron.

2/2/1660, Marie Crevet confirmed in Chateau Richer. [As was Marie Caron – possibly related to Robert.]

7/27/1666 in Chateau Richer, Marie, of Ste Anne de Beaupre, married 7178. Noel Langlois of Beauport. Marie’s 1st husband named. Attenting: Etienne Lessart, Pierre Picard, Jean Caron.

1681 census of Beauport, Noel age 78, Marie age 71.

11/22/1695, Marie, age 92, died in Baie St Paul; buried the next day.

Children of Robert and Marie:

i. Jean Baptiste Caron (3654), born 7/10/1641 in Quebec, Canada.

ii. Robert Caron, born 2/10/1647 in Quebec, Canada.
11/14/1674 in Chateau Richer, Robert married Marguerite, d/o 3626. Jean Cloutier & 3627. Marie Anne Martin.
4/29/1714, Robert, age 67, died in Ste Anne de Beaupre.

iii. Joseph Caron, born 3/19/1652 in Quebec, Canada.
11/23/1683 in Cap St Ignace, Joseph married Elisabeth Marie, d/o Bernier 3716. Jean Jacques Bernier dit deParis & 3717. Antoinette Grenier.
5/6/1711, Joseph, age 59, died in Cap St Ignace.

iii. Pierre Caron, born 7/11/1654 in Quebec, Canada.
2/19/1678 in Quebec, Pierre married Michelle, d/o 3716. Jean Jacques Bernier dit deParis & 3717. Antoinette Grenier.
1720, Pierre, age 66, died in Cap St Ignace.

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