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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Claude Grenier & Marie Catherine Huot

7434. Claude Grenier & 7435. Marie Catherine Huot

~1633 Claude married Catherine in France.

7/23/1656, Claude and Catherine living in Paroisse De St-Laurent, Paris, according to wedding documents of their daughter Antoinette. [Catherine’s last name is not given.]

1/11/1657, they celebrated the wedding of their daughter Francoise in St. Germaine De Loise, Paris, France.

Children of Claude and Catherine:

i. Francoise Grenier (3719), born 1634 in St. Germain-de-Loise, Mortagne, France.

ii. Antoinette Grenier (3717), born 1635 in St. Germain-de-Loise, Mortagne, France.

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