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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Julien Fortin & Marie Lavie

7456. Julien Fortin & 7457. Marie Lavie

Julien born in France, s/o §Simon Fortin.

Marie born in France; d/o §Gervais Lavie.

4/10/1617, Julien’s grandfather Simon died; buried at Notre Dame at St Cosme.

11/26/1619, in parish of Notre-Dame-de-Vair, Perche, France, Julien, a butcher, married Marie.

11/24/1628, Marie died in France.

1/7/1630, Julien married Julienne Guillermin.

1/30/1679, Julien died in Notre-Dame-de-Vair, France.

Child of Julien and Marie:

i. Julien Fortin (3728), baptized 2/9/1621 in parish of Notre-Dame-de-Vair, arrondissement of Mamers, diocese of LeMans, Perche, France.

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