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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

M: 7468

7468. Adrien Destroismaisons & 7469. Antoinette Leroux

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8/14/1600, Adrien born in the hamlet of Trois-Maisons in Bazinghen, diocese of Boulogne, Picardy, France; s/o 14936. Antoine Destroismaisons & 14937. Jeanne Larcherer.

1612, Antoinette born in Notre Dame de Montreuil sur mer, Picardie, France.

~1630 in Notre Dame, Montreuil sur mer, Adrien married Antoinette.

Adrien was a master musket smith and crossbow maker.

11/2/1644, Adrien died in Notre Dame, Montreuil sur mer, d’Amiens, Picardie, France. The family lived on the Rue de Pot d’Estain.

Children of Adrien and Antoinette:

i. Adrien Destroismaisons, born 1632 in Amiens, Picardy, France.

ii. Antoine Destroismaisons, born 6/3/1636 in Amiens, Picardy, France.

iii. Philippe Destroismaisons (3734), born 10/15/1637 in the parish of Notre-Dame de Montreuil-sur-Mer, Amiens, Picardy, France.

iv. Pierre Destroismaisons, born 1641 in Amiens, Picardy, France.

v. Louis Destroismaisons, born 1644 in Amiens, Picardy, France.
Louis married Louise Durocq.