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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pierre Zacharie Cloutier & Marie Madeleine Emard

7480. Pierre Zacharie Cloutier & 7481. Marie Madeleine Emard

8/16/1617, Zacharie born in Mortagne au Perche, France, s/o 3620. Zacharie Cloutier & 3621. Sainte Dupont.

8/1/1626, Madeleine baptized in St Andre, Noret, Poitou, France; d/o 14962. Jean Emard & 14963. Marie Bineau.

3/14/1634 in Mortagne, France, “Pierre-Zacharie”, age 17, signed a contract with his father to work for Robert Giffard in New France.

10/21/1647, Zacharie and Oliver Tardiff [who would marry sisters] boarded a ship back for France on business.

3/29/1648, Zacharie signed a contract to marry Madeleine.

4/4/1648 in St Barthelemy Church, La Rochelle, France, Zacharie, age 31, married Madeleine, age 22.

1648, Zacharied moved his family to New France where his father already lived. [Oliver Tardiff and his wife, Barbe – sister of Madeleine, and the wives younger sister Anne were also on the same return trip.]

1648, Zacharie the clerk for Communauté des Habitants de la Nouvelle-France, and a carpenter.

11/18/1649 in Quebec, Zacharie “le fils” [and his father] attended the wedding of Guillaume Couture & Anne Emard.

2/2/1660 in Chateau Richer, Zacharie confirmed – his parents listed.

4/30/1662, Zacharie named guardian for the minor children of Oliver le Tardiff, who was in failing health.

1666 census of Comte de Montmorency; Zacharie 48, Madeleine 38, children: Barbe 16, Rene 15, Sainte 13, Genevieve 11, Marie 9, Marie 7, Charles 3.

1669, parents Zacharie & Xainte placed their affairs in the hands of their eldest son Zacharie.

11/13/1672, Zacharie and Madeleine residents of Chateau Richer. (S) Wedding of son Rene.

1681 census of Comte de Montmorency; Zacharie 65, Madeleine 53, children: Marie 22, Charles 19, Pierre 15, Pierre Allard 28 – domestic.

11/11/1681 in Chateau Richer, Zacharie attended the wedding of 1864. Charles Fortin dit Bellefontaine & 1865. Marie Sainte Cloutier – his neice.

2/3/1708, Zacharie, age 91, died in Chateau Richer; buried the next day.

5/28/1708, Madeleine, age 82, died in Chateau Richer.

Children of Zacharie and Madeleine:

i. Barbe Delphine Cloutier, born 1/11/1650 in Beaupre, Canada.
11/21/1663 in Chateau Richer, Barbe married Charles Belanger, s/o 3624. Francois Belanger & 3625. Marie Guyon.
1/12/1705 in Chateau Richer, Barbe married 2nd Noel Gagnon, s/o Pierre.

ii. Rene Cloutier (3740), born 2/19/1651 in Quebec, Canada.

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