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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Francois Lebrant & Madeleine Dubois Leroy

7512. Francois Lebrant & 7513. Madeleine Dubois Leroy

1603, Francois born in France; s/o §Henri Lebrant.

6/15/1625 at Amiens, France, Francois “Lebram” married Madeleine.

3/22/1654, Francois, age 50-52, died at Wargnier, near Amiens, France. Madeleine was pregnant.

7/23/1654, Madeleine gave birth to a child that died and was buried at Wargnier.

1/16/1661, Madeleine died at Wargnier. [15 days before the marriage of her son Jean.]

Children of Francois and Madeleine:

i. Jeanne “le Bram”, baptised 10/20/1627 in Havernas, Somme, France.
Jeanne married Jacques Riquier.

ii. Jean Lebrun (3756), baptised 2/1/1629 in Havernas, Somme, France.

iii. Maryse Lebram, born 6/7/1632 in Havernas, Somme, France.

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