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Friday, August 20, 2010

Jean Creste & Marguerite Gaulin

7782. Jean Creste & 7783. Marguerite Gaulin

11/8/1626, Jean “Creste” born in St Aubin de Tourouvre, Perche, France; s/o 15564. Antoine Crete & 15565. Jeanne LeGrand.

5/14/1627, Marguerite born in St Martin du Vieux, Belleme, France; d/o 15566. Vincent Gaulin & 15567. Marie Bonnemer.

3/18/1649 in Tourouvre, Jean contracted with Michel LeNeuf du Herisson to work in New France.

Jean, a master wheelwright, traveled to New France.

8/11/1654, “Jehan Creste” bought property from Maurice Arrive for 200 pounds.

9/13/1654 in Beauport in the home of M. Gisfar, “…, the Reverend Paul Rangueneau officiating questioned Jean Creste, son of Antoine Creste and deceased Jeanne Legrand of the village of Tourouvre in Perche, and Marguerite Goslin, daughter of Vincent Goslin and deceased Marie Boudervier of the village of St. Martin du Vieux Belesme in Perche; both of them having given orally their mutual consent, he solemnly married them in the house of Sieur Giffar, in the presence of famous witnesses, the said Sieur Giffard, the Sieur of La Ferté his son-in-law and others.”

10/14/1654, Toussaint Giroux bought 42 square perches from Jean.

1656, Paul Vachon, s/o [3588] Paul Vachon, conditionally baptized at the home of Jean.

10/14/1658, Jean “Creste” acknowledges that he sold and transferred to Toussaint Giroux, a piece of ground 7 poles in 1ength by 6 poles in width for a location for a house, a yard and a garden. Witnesses: Rene Chevalier, Michel Baugis, Jean Langlois, Sr.

8/4/1660, Jean bought Claude Guyon’s share of the Dubuisson rear-fief.

12/27/1660, Jean witnessed a land acquisition in Beauport of Pierre Mailloux dit Desmoulins. Jean signed his name.

1666 census of Beauport; Jean 40, Marguerite 38, children: Louis 10, Marie 9, Marguerite 7, Francoise 5, Jean 2; Pierre 24 – chapelier, domestic, engage.

6/22/1667, Jean a witness to a land grant to Mathurin Dube.

1/14/1669 in Beauport, Jean attended the wedding of 3762. Jean Morisset & 3763. Jeanne Choret.

2/6/1673, Jean a witness to land grant to Rene Ouellet in Ste Famille.

11/19/1675, Jean witnessed a land sale of Robert Boulay.

11/6/1679, Jean and Marguerite residents of Beauport. (S) Wedding of daughter Francoise.

1681 census of Beauport; Jean 55, Marguerite 54, children: Louis 25, Jean 17, Joseph 15, Marie 13, Pierre 10; Marie Chapacou 16 – servant.

11/3/1693, “On November the third 1693 by us undersigned priest of Beauport, after the three required publications of the banns, their engagement made before the Church, and no impediment found, the marriage was celebrated between Pierre Creste son of Jean Creste and of Marguerite Gaulin on the one hand and Marthe Marcou daughter of Pierre Marcou and of Marthe de Rainville on the other hand, all from this parish. Present at this marriage were Jean Creste, Pierre Marcou, Noel Maillou and Jean Lefebvre, all of them living in this parish. Jean Lefebvre declared not knowing how to sign when asked according to the rules.”

10/29/1697 in Notre Dame de Quebec, Jean attended the wedding of his granddaughter, Marie Francoise Delaunay, d/o Francoise.

1/15/1703, Marguerite, age 76, died in Beauport.

3/4/1717, Jean, given age 93, died in Beauport; buried the next day. Attending: son-in-laws Pierre Creste and Jean Lefebvre.

Children of Jean and Marguerite:

i. Louis Crete, born 5/6/1656 in Quebec, Canada.
5/19/1685 in Riviere et Soulard, La Rochelle, France, Louis married Madeleine Marguerite Briault.
8/21/1685, Louis, age 29, died in St Laurent, I.O.

ii. Marie Anne Crete, born 10/6/1657 in Quebec, Canada.
11/4/1670 in Quebec, Anne, age 13, married Robert Pepin, s/o Jean.
4/27/1687, in Quebec, Anne, age 30, married Jean Brideau.
1/9/1706, in Quebec, Anne, age 49, married Pierre Jourdain.
10/9/1722, Anne, age 65, died in Quebec.

iii. Francoise Creste (3891), born 7/20/1660 in Quebec, Canada.

iv. Marguerite Crete, born 3/30/1663 in Beauport, Canada.
11/6/1678 in Beauport, Marguerite, age 15, married Pierre Gailloux, s/o Nicolas.
10/12/1734, Marguerite, age 71, died in Batiscan.

v. Marie Crete, born 2/16/1668 in Beauport, Canada.
10/22/1685 in Beauport, Marie, age 17, married Jean Baptiste Lefebvre, s/o Pierre.
2/28/1724, Marie, age 56, died in Beauport.

vi. Pierre Crete, born 8/19/1671 in Beauport, Canada.
11/3/1693 in Beauport, Pierre, age 22, married Marthe, d/o 3586. Pierre Marcoux & 3587. Marthe Rainville.
10/29/1709 in Chateau Richer, Pierre married Marie, d/o Etienne Drouin & Catherine Loignon.
11/15/1719, Pierre, age 48, died in Beauport.

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