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Friday, August 20, 2010

M: 7784

7784. Sebastien Allaire & 7785. Perrine Fleurisson

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1582, Sebastien born in Chantonnay, Vendee, France; s/o §Guillaume Allaire.

1591, Perrine born in La Calliere-St-Hilaire, Vendee, France; d/o §Rene Fleurisson de la Caillere.

1/24/1629 in Chantonnay, St Philbert du Pont Charrault, France, Sebastien married Perrine.

12/12/1662, Sebastien, age 80, died in Chantonnay.

1669, Perrine, age 78, died in Chantonnay.

Children of Sebastien and Perrine:

i. Jean Allaire, born 9/19/1632 in Saint-Philbert du Pont Charrault, Poitou, France.
12/12/1662 in Quebec, Canada, Jean married Perrine, d/o Andre Therrien & Marie Anne Foucault.

ii. Charles Allaire (3892), born 8/2/1637 in Saint-Philbert du Pont Charrault, Poitou, France.

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