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Friday, August 20, 2010

Fiacre Fiebvre & Jacquette DuSol

7786. Fiacre Fiebvre & 7787. Jacquette DuSol

10/30/1644 in Niort, St Andre, France, Fiacre married Jacquette.

11/8/1656, Fiacre, a Protestant, buried in Niort in a Calvinist Church.

7/26/1657 in Notre Dame du Niort, Jacquette married Antoine Orillard.

Children of Fiacre and Jacquette:

i. Andre Fiebvre, baptized 12/2/1645 in St Andre, Niort, Poitou, France.

ii. Catherine Fiebvre (3893), baptized 11/19/1646 in St Andre, Niort, Poitou, France.

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