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G23: 4997438

4997438. Count Hughes XII de Lusignan & 4997439. Jeanne de Fougeres

The Norman Frontier in the Twelfth and Early Thirteenth Centuries (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Fourth Series)

~1235, Jeanne born in France, d/o 9994878. Ralph III de Fougeres & 9994879. Isabella de Craon. (S) The Norman Frontier in the Twelfth and Early Thirteenth Centuries, Power, 2004, P244.

~1239, Hugh born in Lusignan, France, s/o 9994876. Hugh XI de Lusignan & 9994877. Yolande de Dreux.

6/1249, Hugh’s paternal grandfather died on crusade with King Louis IX.

4/26/1250, Hugh succeeded his father, who died on the same crusade as the grandfather.

1/29/1252-3, Hugh married Jeanne; acquiring the manor of Agon near Coutances through her mother.

1253, Isabella, wife of Ralph de Fougeres, grants revenues from the fair of Montmartin in her dowery of Agon, with consent of her daughter Jeanne, wife of Hugh de Lusignan, count of La March.

8/8/1254, Grant to Hugh de Lezignan [by King Henry III], son of Hugh count of La Marche, the king brother, the he may receive at the exchequer the residue of the fee of 400 marks whereof 150 marks were deducted for the marriage of Robert son and heir of William sometime earl of Derby, to whom the king married Mary sister of the said Hugh, … if the said Mary die without heir … (S) CPRs.

1256, Jeanne and Hugh are Lord and Lady of the castle of Fougères in Brittany; when the construction of the Mélusine and Gobelin towers is completed. [The Mélusine tower was named after the mythical fairy, whose marriage to Raymond started the Lusignans’ bloodline.]

11/6/1265, Licence, at the instance of Hugh, count of La Marche and Angouleme, the king’s [Henry III] kinsman, … safe conduct … (S) CPRs.

Aft. 3/25/1268, Hugh joined the 2nd crusade of King Louis IX.

7/2/1270, King Louis IX’s crusader ships left the coast of Provence heading for Tunis. The emir of Tunis was in arrears to King Charles of Sicily. He was supposed to send 34,300 gold coins annually.

7/21/1270, Louis’ crusader fleet arrived in Tunis. After easily taking the port, they attacked Carthage, 15 miles from Tunis, but did not enter the city. Very quickly, a plague [likely typhus] decimated the crusader forces.

1270, Hugh, Seigneur de Lusignan, de Couhe et de Peyrat, Count of La Marche, and Count of Angoulême died on crusade.

(S) Fougeres, Bretagne, France.

Child of Hughes and Jeanne:

i. Joan de Lusignan (2498719), born ~1255 in France.

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