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Saturday, October 30, 2010

G23: 5080576

5080576. Robert Biccombe & 5080577. Agnes ?

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Robert married Agnes, the co-heiress of a small estate at East Luccombe.

1279, Robert and Geoffrey le Tort jurors of an inquisition.

1284, Robert of Biccombe was found by inquisition to be the tenant of a knight’s fee at Biccombe, held of John de Mohun, deceased. [Another list of the period credits Robert and Geoffrey le Tort with two thirds of a fee there; and Geoffrey is also one of the owners of the adjoining manor of Timberscombe.] (S) Calendar of IsPM, P351.

1285, Robert of Biccombe was found by inquisition to be the tenant of a fee at Biccombe, held of John de Mohun, deceased.

1286, Robert de Bykkombe held one knight’s fee (six hides or 720 acres) in Biccombe of John de Mohun, lord of Dunster, “which appears to have continued in his family for many generations.” (S) History of Carhampton, Somerset, Publ. 1830, James Savage. [Biccombe was one of the manors which were anciently subject to the castle of Dunster.]

1289, Robert of Biccombe was suing Walter of Cloutsham and others for disseising him of an acre of wood and some land at Biccombe, evidently situate in the common fields, 4 perches measuring 3 perches in width, and 6 perches measuring 1 perch in width.

(S) Historical Notes on Some Somerset Manors Formerly Connected with the Honour of Dunster, Somerset Record Society, 1931.

Family notes:
• Richard who held Biccombe of William de Mohun, at the time of the Domesday survey, may have been the progenitor of the family which derived its surname from that place. Little is known about the history of Biccombe before the year 1201, when Alfred of Biccombe was one of the tenants of the Honour of Dunster. Although Richards holding, in 1086, had been only a single virgate [equal to five hides of land or a total of 600 acres], Alfred was responsible for a whole fee.

Child of Robert and Agnes:

i. Robert Biccombe (2540288), born ~1290 in England.