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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sir John de Ralegh & Margaret le Bret

5080588. Sir John de Ralegh & 5080589. Margaret le Bret

~1280, John born in Somerset, England, s/o 10161176. Sir Simon de Raleigh & 10161177. Joan le Tort.

~1285, Margaret born in England, d/o 10161178. Richard le Bret.

1304, John’s father died.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

6/28/1314, Commission of oyer and terminer … to … on complaint by Ralph, prior of Goldeclyve, that … John de Ralegh … Henry Bardolf … with others, after the king had taken fealty … entered the manor of Preston and Selure, co. Somerset, belonging to the priory, … felled trees … took 23 oxen … and forcibly hendered the escheator … (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

1315, John de Ralegh the Lord of the town of Boleham with its members Honesham & Evedon, Devon. (S) Historical Memoirs of the Town and Parish of Tiverton, Dunsford, 1836, P3.

1317, John de Raleigh of Nettlecombe, and his brother Simon rebelled with Thomas of Lancaster. They were pardoned on fines of £100 and £40 respectively.

1320, John witnessed a deed of Walter, Bishop of Exeter. (S) Registrum Collegii Exonienesis, Boase, 2009, P324.

2/8/1322, Writ of aid for John de Lortye and John de Say appointed to arrest Thomas de Gornay, John de Kyngeston, Walter de Pavely of Stratton, John de Ralegh, Simon de Ralegh, Warin de Ralegh, John de Mautravers, John Luterel, Andrew Luterel … (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

1323, “Grant, exchange Peter de Brochille to John de Ralegh Aldeston and Aylesbeare 1½ acres.” (S) UKNA.

1325, Sir John de Ralegh owned a house opposite the Dominican convent in Exeter. (S) The History of Newenham Abbey in the County of Devon, Davidson, P83.

1/20/1327, King Edward II abdicated in favor of his son, Edward III.

1327, John recovered the manor of Alford, which had been seized by the crown. In addition, the fines of 1317 were remitted.

1331, John de Raleigh held a fee at Allecheford of John de Mohun. [Previously held by his father Simon.]

1332, John [senior] settled the manor of Allydeford on his son John [of Netelcombe] and his wife Margaret. (S) Feet of Fines for the County of Somerset, P159.

1333, “…Witnesses: the lords John de Ralegh, John de Cheverston, knights, … Exeter …” (S) UKNA.

1336, John de Reylegh of co. Devon sealed a document: a cross betw. Four crosses, crosslet fitchees, … (S) Catalogue of Seals in the Department of Manuscripts.

1337, John a collector of the King’s revenue for Somersetshire.

9/25/1337, John, of Beaudeport [or Churneys], Sheriff of Devon. [This may be the son.]

9/6/1338 at Windsor, John witnessed the ratification of letters of confirmation by the dean and chapter of the church of Exeter. (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

7/22/1340, “Endorsement: John de Raleigh {Ralegh}, of Charles [in Shirwell Hundred, Devon.], Sheriff.” (S) UKNA.

1340, John died, Margaret surviving.

(S) The History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset, Cruttwell, 1791. (S) The History of the Part of West Somerset, Heley, 1901, P186-8. (S) Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1868, P357. (S) Nettlecombe Court, Bush, 1970.

Family notes:
• There is also “John de Ralegh” of Surrey at this time.

Child of John and Margaret:

i. John de Raleigh (2540294), born ~1305 in England.

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