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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sir John De Savile & Margery de Rishworth

5908480. Sir John De Savile & 5908481. Margery de Rishworth

~1275, John de Seyvill born in Yorkshire, England, s/o 11816960. Peter de Savile & 11816961. Maud ?.

1282, John’s father Peter declared insane; custody of lands and family given to Peter de Eton [Heaton], his near relative. [Peter apparently recovered by 1302.]

~1280, Margery born in England, coheir & youngest d/o 11816962. Henry de Rishworth & 11816963. Alicia ?.

1300, John son of Peter de Seyville com­plained of William, Prior of Pontefract, and Walter de Sutton, his bailiff, … he said that he held of the Prior a house and a carucate of land in Dodesworth by fealty and the service of 10s. a year, and he was not bound to do any other service, …, the Prior did distrain him to do service at his court of Berneslay from 3 weeks to 3 weeks; he claimed £20 damages.

1301, John son of Peter de Seyville claimed against Roger Fitz-Thomas 10 acres of land and 2 acres of wood in Wyrkesburgh [Worsbrough] as his right.

1301, John son of Peter de Sayville sued Elias de Smytheton of Askerne claiming 20 acres of land, … in Calthorn … against 5 other de­fendants.

1302, The 5 defendants of the suit with Elias de Smytheton appeared, and John said that they had no entry in the property except after a demise made by John de Sayville, his grandfather (whose heir he is), to Ralph de Sayville, for a term which has expired.

1302, Quit claim: John son of Peter son of Thomas de Langeley to John son of Peter de Sayvile lands and tenements in Gutlagaues. (S) UKNA.

1303, John son of Peter de Seyville sued William, Prior of Pontefract [who did not appear].

4/1306, John de Sayvile witnessed an agreement between Thomas son of Sir John de Heton and Adam de Pontefracto of Mirfield, relating to lands in Mirfield.

1306, Hugh son of John de Eland released to Thomas de Langfield and Ellen his wife, Jordan de Insula and Isabel his wife, and John de Sayvile and Margery his wife, daughters and heirs of Henry de Rishworth, the rent of 10 marks for the moiety of the vill of Barkesland.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

By 1308, John heir to his father.

1308 at Barnsley, John served in the court of Robert de Boseville, Prior of Pontefract.

9/1310, Robert, Prior of St. John … to answer John de Sayville of a plea … he held 2 messuages, 112 acres of land, 8 acres of meadow, and 20 acres of wood in Dodworth, by homage, fealty and the service of 17s. 6d. a year for all service of the Prior of Pontefact … damages £20. (S) Year Books of Edward II, Selden Society, 1904, P94.

1319, Fine between John de Sayville and Margery his wife, plaintiffs, and Jordan son of Jordan de Insula and Isabel his wife, deforciants, of 27s. rent in Barkesland, Bothamley and Northland, and of 1/3 of the manor of Rissheworth, which Alice, widow of Henry de Rissheworth, holds for life of the inheritance of Isabel. To hold (subject to the life interest) to John and Margery and the heirs of John. Warranty against the heirs of Isabel. Alice was present and did fealty to John and Margery. (S) Feet of Fines.

1320, John and Margery paid a fine of 27s. to be paid from lands in Barkisland, Bothomley, Northland, and a third part of the manor of Rishworth. (S) A Concise History of the Parish and Vicarage of Halifax, Crabtree, 1836, P486.


1/20/1327, King Edward II abdicated in favor of his son, Edward III.

1327, Pardon to John de Sayvill for the death of Robert de Baldok. (S) CPRs.

1328-29, Court held at Wakefield: Order to distrain John de Savile to do suit of court for tenements in Rish­worth late belonging to Henry de Rishworth. (S) Wakefield Court Rolls.

4/1330, The king sues John de Seyville, to permit him to present a parson to the church of Smetheton.

11/29/1331, John [possibly the son] amerced 4d. for not “coming to do suit”. (S) Wakefield Court Rolls.

By 1336, John, Knt. of Golcar and of Rishworth died.

(S) De controversia in curia militari inter Ricardum Le Scrope, Scrope, 1832, P303.

Family notes:

·         John built the Savile-gate road when he started spending half the year at Rishworth and half at Bothom Hall in Huddersfield.

Child of John and Margery:

i. John Savile (2954240), born ~1300 in England.

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