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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Count John II de d’Avesnes & Philippa of Luxembourg

5909700. Count John II de d’Avesnes & 5909701. Philippa of Luxembourg

1247, “Jean de Holland” born in Hainaut, s/o 11819400. Count John of Avenes & 11819401. Aleide of Holland.

12/24/1257, John’s father died in Valenciennes [200 km north of Paris].

1252, Philippa born in Luxembourg, d/o 11819402. Henri V, Comte de Luxembourg & 11819403. Marguerite de Bar le Duc.

~1270, John married Philippa.

1278, John became Count of Hainaut on the death of his grandmother Margaret.

1280, Jean d’Avesnes, to affirm his rights as count of Flanders [Zeeland], exhumed his father’s corpse, which he paraded through various towns. [He then had both parents  reinterred in a new funeral monument displaying their armorial shields in the Dominican church in Valenciennes.]

4/9/1284, John’s mother died.

6/5/1288, Philippa’s older 2 brothers and a younger half-brother killed at the battle of Worringen.

1299, John united Holland [city of Amsterdam], Zeeland [city of Antwerp], and Hainaut [city of Valenciennes] when John I, s/o Count Floris V of Holland [his maternal nephew], and Wolfert van Borselen of Zeeland died within a few months of each other. [“Iohannes comes Hannoniensis filius Adelheydis sororis Wilhelmi regis.”]

1301, John defeated an invasion of Amstelland by Bishop William of Utrecht, who was killed in the battle. John’s brother Guy became Bishop of Utrecht.

8/22/1304, “Jan d’Avesnes”, Count of Hainaut, died in Valenciennes, France.

4/6/1311, Philippa died. (S) The Princely Court, Male, 2004, P128.

(S) Medieval France, An Encyclopedia, 1995, P87.

Children of John and Philippa:

i. Alice of Hainault, born ? in Holland.

Alice married Roger Bigod, 7th Earl of Norfolk, Marshall of England, s/o Hugh. [He had previously married Aline Basset.]

10/26/1317, Alicia died.

ii. Jean III of Hainault, born ? in Holland.

7/11/1302, John slain at the battle of Courtrai; brother Henri the heir apparent.

iii. Henri of Hainault, born ? in Holland.

1303, Henri died.

iv. William of Hainaut (2954850), born 1286 in Holland.

v. John of Beaumont, born ? in Holland.

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