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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lord Thomas de Lathom & Eleanor de Ferrers

5909924. Lord Thomas de Lathom & 5909925. Eleanor de Ferrers

1301, Thomas de Lathum born in England, s/o 11819848. Sir Robert de Lathom & 11819849. Katherine de Knowsley.

~1305, “Alianore” born in England, d/o 11819850. John de Ferrers & 15212123. Hawise de Muscegros.

5/20/1315, Pardon to Petronilla daughter of John de Ferariis and Eleanor her sister for acquiring to them for the life of John de Bures the elder [their step father] from their father, John de Ferariis, £20 of rent in the manor of Chartele, co. Stafford … (S) CPRs.

7/2/1322, Edmund de Nevill and Thomas de Lathum commissioners of array in Lancaster to muster at Newcastle with Andrew de Hartcla, earl of Carlisle, in defense of the marches, Edmund to be the leader. (S) CPRs.

2/7/1323, Commission to … and Thomas de Lathum to array all the men between 16 and 60 of the county of Lancaster to be ready to march upon receiving 3 days notice against the Scots. (S) CPRs.

11/2/1323, … Thomas de Lathum, as chief keeper of the peace in the county of Lancaster, … (S) CPRs.

1324, Thomas a knight of the shire attending parliament.

1325, Thomas’ father died.

3/7/1325, IPM of Robert de Lathum. Lancaster: Lathum. The manor … held jointly with Katherine his wife, who survives … Thomas his son, aged 24 and more, is his next heir. (S) CIsPM.

 [––Thomas & Eleanor––]

~1325, Thomas married Eleanor.

1325, Thomas de Lathom, son of Robert, did homage to King Edward II as lord of West Derby.

1/20/1327, King Edward II abdicated in favor of his son, Edward III.

4/16/1327, Thomas de Lathum on a commission into the lands held the Despensers held, as well as Edmund, earl of Arundel, in Lancaster. (S) CFRs.

6/2/1327, Commission of the peace … to John de Haveryngton, Thomas de Lathum, … for the county of Lancaster. (S) CPRs.

By 1329, Thomas knighted.

1328-9, “…  Witn. Sir Thomas of Lathom, Sir John Of Molyenux, John le Norreys, senr., William of Molyneux of Sefton …” (S) UKNA.

~1329, Thomas given the wardship of Robert de Huyton, s/o William.

4/1329, Petronilla daughter of John de Ferariis, querent ; and John de Bures and Hawisia his wife, deforciants ; manor of Stawell … the £10 of rent which John de Annesleye held for his life the heritage of Hawisia, which after the decease of John ought to revert to John de Bures and Hawisia shall remain to Petronilla … if Pertronilla die without heirs … to remain to Alianore de Lathum … then to remain to Giles de Bello Campo and Katherine his wife … revert to John and Hawisia … (S) Feet of Fines, Somerset.

2/16/1331, Commission of peace … Thomas de Lathum in the county of Lancaster. (S) CPRs.

2/22/1333, Thomas de Lathum and Richard de Hoghton in co. Lancaster, to array 500 archers and 200 hobelers by Lent. (S) CCRs.

3/21/1332, Appointment … keepers of the county … Thomas de Lathum … county of Lancaster (S) CPRs.

1/30/1333, Appointment … commissioners of array … all men between 16 and 60 … Scots are preparing a large fleet for invasion … Thomas de Lathum in the county of Lancaster. (S) CPRs.

1334, Sir Thomas de Lathom, … were convicted of having disseised Richard son of Adam de Rivington of common of pasture in Anglezarke. (S) Anglezarke, A Hist. of the Co. of Lancaster: V5, 1911.

1337, The daughters of Sir Richard de Torbock claimed Welch Whittle against Sir Thomas de Lathom. (S) Welch Whittle, A Hist. of the Co. of Lancaster: V6, 1911.

7/10/1338, Thomas de Lathum, knight, acknowledges that he owes to Thomas, son of Henry de Trafford, 20 marks; to be levied, etc. in co. Lancaster. (S) CCRs.

11/1/1339, Edward III gave Thomas a grant of free warren “in all his demesne lands of Lathom, Knowsley, Childwall, Roby, and Anslark in the county of Lancaster, provided nevertheless the said lands benot within the liberties of our forest. So that no one enter the said lands to chase therein or take anything to the said warren appertaining without the licence and permission of him the said Thomas or his heirs upon forfeiture of ten pounds.” (S) The Medieval Deer Parks of Lathom in Lancanshire, Baldwin, 2004, P76.

8/24/1340, Commission … surveyors … to inform themselves of the true value of each church … to Thomas de Lathom, county Lancaster.(S) CPRs.

12/4/1341, The sheriff of Lancaster to attach Thomas de Lathum, John de Shirburn and the late sheriff of the county, lately appointed to choose and array a certain number of archers in that county to set out both to Scotland and to Britanny in the king's service … (S) CCRs.

4/25/1343, “…  Witnesses: Lord Thomas of Lathom Knight, …” (S) UKNA.

10/6/1344, Thomas Lestraunge and Lucy his wife, plaintiffs, and William de Fenimere, Chaplain, and John Moris, deforciants of the manor of Perebald. Thomas de Lathum, chivaler, put in his claim. (S) Final Concords for Lancashire, P2, 1902, 117.

1345, Katherine and her son Thomas given the wardship of Katherine de Huyton, d/o deceased Robert de Huyton who has been a ward of Thomas as a minor. [1349, Katherine married John le Norreys.]

5/10/1345, Exemption for life, … of Thomas de Lathum from being put on assizes, juries … (S) CPRs.

5/6/1346, “…  Witnesses: Lord Thomas of Lathom Knight, … Given at Skaresbrek on Friday after the Feast of St. John before the Latin Gate …” (S) UKNA.

7/12/1346, Thomas, a knight banneret with 8 squires and 23 archers, accompanied King Edward in an invasion force of 10000 in Normandy, which marched north plundering the countryside. King Philip VI, with 8000 horsemen and 4000 Genoese crowsbowmen pursued.

7/26/1346 at Caen, capital of Normandy, King Edward’s forces captured the city; and Raoul, Count of Eu, Constable of France, and Jean de Tancarville, Grand Chamberlain of France.

1346, King Edward stopped at Crecy and took up defensive positions.

8/26/1346, Thomas with King Edward at the Battle of Crecy north of Paris. The French vanguard attacked without orders, commiting the whole army. The English longbowmen could fire much more quickly than the Genoese, with a killing range of 250 yards. A decisive victory, a third of the French forces lost [mainly to arrows] to less than 100 Englishmen. (S) Crecy & Calais, 1898, P35.

1346, Thomas returned to England while the siege of Calais began to suppress a Scottish invasion.

10/17/1346, Thomas at the battle of Neville’s Cross, taking prisoners. Just west of Durham, the battle ended with the rout of the Scots and the capture of their king, David II. The king was in France, and the English only had 4000-6000 men from the northern areas. (S) Syllabus (in English) of Doc’s Relating to England, 1869, P352.

1346, Thomas returned to England.

12/5/1346,  Thomas de Lathum, the elder, knight, acknowledges that he owes to Thomas de Weryngton £6 6s. 8d.; to be levied etc. in co. Lancaster. (S) CCRs.

1347, Thomas returned to France.

1347, Sir Thomas at the siege of Calais, a knight banneret with 33 men in his contingent under John, Lord D’Arcy. (S) English Historical Doc’s 1327-1485, Myers, 1996, P497. [The siege ended 8/1347.]

1348, The Black Death entered the west countryside of England [likely entering through Bristol].

10/2/1348, Thomas witnessed a grant of William de Bursco. (S) CCRs, V31.

1350, Sir Thomas Lathom owned the Tower, at the bottom of Water Street, with other burgage houses and lands [in and around Liverpool.]

1350, Thomas put forth a claim on the manor of Huyton.

10/30/1350, Thomas de Lathum, ‘la piere,’ going beyond the seas on pilgrimage, has letters nominating … (S) CPRs.

12/16/1354, Pardon to Richard son of Thomas de Molineux … it has been testified before the king by Thomas de Lathum, John Dalton and others … (S) CPRs.

6/17/1359, Commission to the abbot of Whalleye, Thomas de Lathum, … to survey and diligently examine the heir … and inform themselves whether she be of marriageable years and consented to be married … (S) CPRs.

1360, Thomas and Eleanor hold a park at Knowsley.

1361, Thomas licensed for oratories within the diocese of Lichfield.

1361, Thomas held knight’s fees of Henry, duke of Lancaster, in Knowsley, Tarbock and Huyton.

11/20/1362, Commission … to keep the peace and the statutes of Wichester, Northampton and Westminster … to hold their sessions 4 times a year … Thomas de Lathum … in the county of Lancaster. (S) CPRs.

3/25/1364, Thomas de Lathum, lord of Lathom … Demise, indented, for 8 years, of land in the vill of Lathom. (S) UKNA.

1364-65, Thomas de Lathum, lord of Lathom to Gilbert son of Richard de Ins of Aghton: Demise, indented, for 8 years, of land in the vill of Lathom: (Lanc.) (S) UKNA.

8/21/1365, Thomas de Lathum knight the elder to William de Wyndesore knight. Recognisance for £40 payable by instalments; to be levied etc. in Lancashire. (S) CCRs.

1366, Sir Thomas de Lathom the elder claimed from Richard de Causay, chaplain, the manor of Huyton.

9/15/1366, Eleanor died before Thomas. (S) Will.


7/20/1367, Revocation of a commission assigned to Thomas de Lathum, the elder, John de Dalton, knight, … Lancaster … (S) CPRs.

1368, Thomas claimed Huyton from Robert son of Robert de Standen.

2/3/1369, Quitcalim of Richard de Bolde, Kt, to Thomas de Dutton, Kt, … witnesses: lords Thomas de Lathum … (S) UKNA.

1369, Thomas wrote his will requesting burial in Burscough Priory, Lancashire.

9/14/1370, Thomas died seized in fee tail of “Kaowaley” held of the Duke of Lancaster, of which a feoffment had been made to Robert and Catharine his wife for their lives, remainder to Thomas, son of Robert, and heirs of his body; remainder to Joan his sister. Sec, and, also that a feoffment had been made of the manors of Childwall, Aulesarghe, and one 4th of Wrightington, held of John Warre, Knt to said Thomas and Eleanor his wife, daughter of John de Ferrers, Chevr. (S) Collectanea Topographica Et Genealogica, VII, 1841.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P769. (S) A Hist. of the Co. of Lancaster: V3, 1907. (S) Abstracts of IsPM, Langton, 1875, P20.

Child of Thomas and Eleanor:

i. Thomas de Lathom (2954962), born ~1326 in England.