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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baron Hugh de Venables & Lady Katherine de Houghton

5909926. Baron Hugh de Venables & 5909927. Lady Katherine de Houghton

1307, Hugh le Venables born in Chestershire, England, s/o 11819852. Hugh de Venables & 11819853. Agatha de Vernon.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

~1310, Katherine born in England, d/o 11819854. Richard de Houghton. (S) Final Concords for Lancashire, Pt2, 1902, fn.9.

9/10/1311, William de Cheny asks that the King's commission to him for the keeping of the lands which belonged to Hugh de Venables, until the majority of the heir, age 4, might be amended, granting him the wardship and marriage. (S) UKNA.


Katherine 1st married to Peter de Burnhull. [No children.] (S) Hist. of Lancaster, V6, 1911, Parish of Brindle.

1324, Peter de Burnhull (Brindle) held the manor of Melling in Lancaster. (S) Hist. of Lancaster, V3, 1907, Melling.


Hugh married 1st to Elizabeth, d/o William de Modburlegh.

8/5/1326, Hugh de Venables, lord of Kynderton, on the recognizance rolls of co. Chester.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

2/26/1327, Hugh de Venables on the recognizance rolls of co. Chester.

By 1330, Katherine’s husband Peter died.

[––Hugh & Katherine––]

By 1330, Hugh married Katherine.

4/7/1330, Grant from Adam del Holde to “Hugoi de Venables dno de Kynderton & Katrine uxi ej” of all his lands tenements etc. in Berterton, and to the said Hugh and Katherine and their heirs male, and … in Township of Legh with free ingress and egross thereunto, also to the said Hugh and Katherine and their heirs male the right of digging turf in Legh with one man for 2 days every year. Remainder failing issue male to the right heirs of the said Hugh. (S) UKNA.

8/1330, Indenture whereby after a recital that strife had existed between "Hugoem de Venables dnm de Kynderton" and "Willm fil Willi de Venables de Bradwall" concerning a piece of land in Bradwall called "Tunstudemore" and a piece of Moor called "Brimleghmore" the said Hugh releases to the aforesaid William the lands in dispute, reserving to himself and his heirs a yearly rent of 12d in silver and a pair of Spurs. (S) UKNA.

4/11/1331, Hugh de Venables, of Kynderton, on the recognizance rolls of co. Chester for the bailiwick of the town of Northwich.

4/1334, Quitclaim by "Willm de Wilbertom" to "Hugoi de Venables dno de Kyndorton" of all right to Common of Pasture and other Estovers in all the lands of … in exchange for 1 acre of land lying near the Messuage of the said William in Hulm. (S) UKNA.

1334, Hugh de Venables, attermination of a fine of 13 marks.

By 1336, Hugh knighted.

1336, Release from "Wills fil Thom de Venables" to "Hug de Venables dno de Kynderton" of all claim to that land and tenement in Brereton whereof the said Hugh was seized. (S) UKNA.

7/13/1336, Hugh de Venables, Kt., on the recognizance rolls of co. Chester for the farm of a moiety of the town of Middlewich.

1337, Hugh de Venables of Kinderton on the recognizance rolls of co. Chester.

9/5/1337, Hugh de Venables deputed by Walter de Mauny, captain and admiral of the king’s fleet of ships … to go to sea on the king’s service with ships laden with wools to be taken beyond the seas … power to punish the mariners of the ships in a just and usual manner. (S) CPRs.

3/21/1341-2, Hugh, of Wymbaldestroghford, on the Recognizance Rolls of Chester.

1342, “Grant by "Thomas Dunfoul …" to "Hugoni de Venables dno de Kynderton et Katrine uxi ejus" of all those lands and tenements … in a field called Mereston near Eccleston To hold tothe said Hugh and Katherine for their lives Remainder in tail male to Hugh son of the said Hugh and to Roger brother of the said Hugh the younger Remainder to the heirs general of Hugh the elder.” (S) UKNA.

5/3/1343, Grant by Richard le Vernon of Whatcroft, Cheshire, to … Witnesses: Sir Hugh le Venables, Sir Ralph le Vernon, … (S) UKNA.

1344, Hugh de Venables witnessed a grant of John, s/o William de Baggelee, knight. (S) Cheshire Record Office.

1346, Richard d/o Richard s/o Stephan de Hulm granted to Hugh de Venables, knight, and Katheine his wife lands. (S) Cheshire Record Office.

1348, The Black Death entered the west countryside of England [likely entering through Bristol].

1348, Hugh on the Recognizance Rolls of Chester.

9/10/1353, Hugh de Venables witnessed a charter of Urian de Sancto Petro, knight. [William de Venables was also a witness.]

1354, Katherine died.

4/21/1354, Katherine held in dower a third of the moiety of manor of Wyndhull of Peter de Burnhull [Peter’s sisters held the other 2/3rds]. (S) Final Concordes for Lancashire, Part 2, 1902.


4/21/1354, Between … a moiety of the manor of Wyndhull and of a fourth part of the manor of Raynhull … William and Joan granted that the third part of 2 parts of the said moiety, which Hugh de Venables and Katherine his wife held in dower of the said Katherine on the day this concord was made … (S) Final Concords for Lancashire, Pt2, 1902, No.18.

1354, Hugh de Venables, Knt., constable of the castle of Flint, Wales, witnessed a deed.

1/12/1355, Hugh de Venables, Kt., granted grant of free warren for himself and his heirs in Kinderton, Sprouston, Mersshton, Witton, Eccleston and Bradwell; … and those … which Philip de Eggerton and Matilda his wife held of the inheritiance the said Hugh.

9/30/1357, Inquisition taken in the full county [court] of Chester by the oath of Sir Hugh de Venables, Sir John de Arderne and Sir Geoffrey de Werburton, knights, … (S) Ledger Book of Vale Royal Abbey, 1914, Fo.65.

9/8/1358, Hugh on the Recognizance Rolls of Chester.

Bef. 1/16/1359, Hugh, baron of Kinderton, co. Chester died. (S) UKNA.

(S) Ancestry of John Barber White and His Descendants, White, 1913, P197. (S) G.B. Public Rcds. Off. (S) Ann. Rpt. Dep. Keeper, V36, 1875.

Family notes:

10/1368, Inquisition after the death of Hugh de Venables Knight … he held all the messuages lands etc which Robert de Botterley and others held in Wilton and le cross worth £10 yearly, the Manors of Kinderton Sprouston mershton Witton and le cross the Advowson of Rosthorne and lands in Middlewich … enfeoffed conjointly with Katharine his Wife of the Manor and Advowson of Eccleston … That he vested the Manors of Bradwall and Newton in Worrall and all his lands in Northwich in Feoffees who entailed the same on William de Venables Knight son of the said Hugh and Matilda his Wife … That the said William and Maud died during the life time of the said Hugh leaving 2 daughters Maud and Katharine who likewise died without issue during the life time of the said Hugh. That the aforesaid Hugh married Elizabeth Daughter of William de Modburlegh by whom he had 2 sons William and John. William married Matilda the daughter of Richard de Vernon by whom he had the 2 daughters above mentioned after whose decease John brother of the said William married Isabel Daughter of Philip de Egerton by whom he had a son William This son together with his father died without issue during the life time of the said Hugh. After the decease of the aforesaid Elizabeth his Wife the said Hugh again married to Katharine Daughter of Richard de Houghton by whom he had Hugh, Roger, Thomas and Richard. He died on Friday after the Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist Ao 41 Edw. III and the Jury founs that his son Hugh who was of full age was the next heir to the lands etc worth £10 yearly and all the Manors above specified excepting the Manor and Advowson of Eccleston which Katharine the widow of the said Hugh held in dower and he consequently claimed Livery thereof which after some ulterior proceedings was garnted to him. (S) UKNA, DVE/1/1 1/8. [The deaths were likely during the plague.]

Child of Hugh and Elizabeth:

i. William de Venables, born ? in England.

William married Matilda, d/o Richard de Vernon.

By 1358, William and Matilda died. [2 daughters, neither marrying.]

ii. John de Venables, born ? in England.

John married Isabel, d/o Philip de Egerton.

Son: William.

By 1258, Both John and William died.

Children of Hugh and Katherine:

i. Hugh de Venables, born ~1330 in England.

1359, Hugh heir to his father.

10/18/1367, Hugh died.

ii. Joan Venables (2954963), born ~1340 in England.

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