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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lord Roger de Calston & Joan de St. Martin

7604584. Lord Roger de Calston & 7604585. Joan de St. Martin

12/1290, Roger de Caleston born in Wiltshire, England, s/o §§Sir Roger de Caleston.

1292, Roger’s father died.

2/28/1292, Writ for IPM of Roger de Caliston, alias de Calestone, de Calston. Wilts: Calestone and Cameresford. A messuage and 2 carucates of land. … A knight’s fee held of Robert de London … Childhamton. A hide of land … Little Derneford. A carucate of land … Ebbelesburne Wake. 100s. rent … Roger his son, aged a year and a quarter, is his next heir. Southampton: Knight’s Enham. £10 yearly rent … [of the Town] … (S) CIsPM.

7/7/1307, Edward II succeeded Edward I as King of England.

1312, Joan born in England, d/o 15210258. Sir Laurence St. Martin & 15210259. Sibyl Lorty.

9/1314, Grant by Gilbert, vicar of Remmesburi, and Thomas de Lidierd, chaplain, to Roger de Calstone and Laurence his son, and the latter's children, of messuages, lands, &c., in Somerfelde [Wilts.] in the parish of Remmesburi (Ramsbury), and 8s. rent; with remainder to Roger, brother of the said Laurence, in tail. Witnesses:—Sirs Hildebrand de London, Robert de Hungerford, knights, … (S) Ancient Deeds, V2, 1894, C.1928.

1318, Joan age 8 when her father died.

6/2/1322, Complaint by John de Haudlo that … [many named] Roger de Calston … trespasses at his manor of Enham, co. Southampton … (S) CPRs.

7/1/1323, Complaint by John de Haudlo that … [many named] Roger de Calston … entered his manors of …, co. Oxford … (S) CPRs.

1/24/1327, Edward III, age 14, succeeded Edward II as King of England.

[––Roger & Joan––]

~1328, Roger married Joan.

1328, Feoffment … to Roger de Calston, and Joan, his wife, of the manor of Littlecote next Remmesburi, with the advowson of the chapel of the same manor, and 100s. rent in Eblesbornwake. … to hold to the said Roger and Joan, and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to John son of the said Roger, in tail, with remainder in default to Roger's right heirs. … charter tripartite, whereof 1 part remains with the said Roger and Joan, another with the said John son of Roger, and the third with Sibyl de Sancto Martino (15210259), mother of the said Joan … Witnesses:—Sir Hildebrand de London, knight, … (S) UKNA.

1342, Roger died.

11/26/1342, Writ for IPM of Roger de Caleston. Wiltshire: Calston. A messuage and a carucate of land, including a water-mill, … John his son is his next heir and of full age. (S) CIsPM.


1/30/1343, An inquisition made showing that Roger de Calstone held in his demesne a carucate of land in Calston, paying 58s. 8d. yearly … held divers other lands … John de Calston, his son, is his next heir and of full age,—to deliver to John the said messuage and land, he having done fealty, saving to [Joan] the wife of Roger her dower. (S) CFRs.

1348, The Black Death entered the west countryside of England [likely entering through Bristol].

1349, Joan’s mother died. [Joan may have died before her mother.]

Family notes:

·         1271, Memorandum of agreement [in Wiltshire] between Sir Roger de Caleston, knight, and Master Walter Scammel, treasurer of Salisbury, … (S) UKNA.

·         1/28/1444, Commission to … John Stourton, knight, … William Darell, esquire, and Elizabeth [Calston] his wife, have made petition … whereas Robert de London, whose heir Elizabeth is … in the time of Edward I … lands called ‘Hallynges manere’ in Langebredie, co. Dorset … Robert had issue, Hildebrand de London (15209174), to whom after Robert’s death … and from him to his son Robert, who died without heir, and to his daughter Maud (7604587), who married Richard de Combe, and from them to Richard their son, who died without heir … and to Felicia (3802293), their daughter, who married Laurence Calston (3802292), and from them to Thomas (1901146), their son, and from him to the said Elizabeth (950573), his daughter, who with her said husband was seized thereof, until they were disturbed of late by the king’s officers … (S) CPRs.

Child of Roger and ?:

i. Roger de Calston, born by 1313 in England.

ii. John de Calston, born ~1323 in England.

1357, John died.

6/26/1357, Order to escheator in the county of Wilts. to take into the king's hand and keep safely until further order the lands whereof John son of Roger de Calston, who held in chief, was seised in his demesne as of fee on the day of his death, and to make inquisition touching his lands and heir. (S) CFRs.

6/26/1357, IPM of John, son of Roger de Calston. Wilts.: Calston. A messuage, a mill, a carucate of land and 3s. rent held jointly with Eleanor his wife, who survives, … He died on Friday before St. Peter’s Chair last. John, son of the said John and Eleanor, aged 14 (b.1443) years at the Nativity of St. John the Baptist last, is his heir. (S) CIsPM.

6/2/1365, Eleanor died. IPM: She died on 2 June last. Agnes her daughter, aged 21 (b.1344) years and more, is her heir. (S) CIsPM, 6/10/1365.

Child of Roger and Joan:

ii. Laurence de Calston (3802292), born ~1330 in England.

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