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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Alderman Stephen Asshewy & Isabella ?

7604742. Alderman Stephen Asshewy & 7604743. Isabella ?

~1260, Stephen born in London, England, s/o §§Stephen Aswy.

~1265, Isabella born in London, England.

1283, Stephen Essewy challenged the will Lawrence of St. Michael [see Family Notes] because of his term in the said rents. Margaret, widow of Lawrence, subsequently recovered a third of the rent against Stephen in dower.

2/28/1286, Pardon to Gregory de Rokesly for surrendering the seal of the mayorality of the city of London … to Stephen de Asshewy and others of the commonality of London, and asserting that the had resigned without the king’s knowledge. (S) CPRs.

4/28/1286, Keeper and sheriffs of London to examine, hear and determine a case … between Margaret, late the wife of Laurence de Sancto Michaele, plaintiff, and Stephen de Asshewy, deforciant, touching her dower in London. (S) CPRs.

10/21/1287, Association of John de Lovetot … a cause of dower in the hustings between Margaret, late the wife of Laurence de Sancto Michaele, plaintiff, and Stephen de Asshewy, deforciant. (S) CPRs.

Bef. 1290, Stephen forced to leave London by the king.

5/27/1290, Licence for Stephen Asshewy, citizen of London, to return to London, as he has satifited the king touching those things for which he commanded him to dwell without the said city of a time, and he has released him from any action which he had against him on account thereof. (S) CPRs.

1294, It was ordained by the warden, sheriffs, and aldermen of London that watch should be kept throughout the city … fifth night by John de Banquelle, Stephen Asshewy, …

1/12/1296, Appointment of Henry le Galeys, Stephen Asshewy, … to make ordinances and dispositions with the counsel of John de Warenna, earl of Surrey, keeper of the realm and land of Scotland … touching the site and state of the town of Berwick on Tweed and the port of that place, and to assess and arrent the houses and plots of the town, … (S) CPRs.

1296, Stephen died. [Nicholas de Farendon,executor of the will of Stephen Asshewy, former citizen of London, Isabel Asshey, and Reginald de Frowyk, associated with Nicholas to execute the will.] (S) Ancient Deeds, 1890, P191.


10/13/1297, List of taxors and sums paid. London. Robert de Basingges, William de Betune, Geoffrey de Norton and Stephen Asshewy, by Isabella, his widow and executrix, by William de Hertford, her attorney, 1,221£ 19s 5d. (S) Lay Subsidy, Yorkshire Archaeological Society, 1894.

1299, Holy Trinity Priory acknowledged the receipt of £6 arrears of rent paid by Nicholas de Farendon, executor of Stephen Asshewy, and Isabel Asshewy and …; the arrears totalled £9. 15s. 10d., due from Stephen's tenement in the parishes of St. Mary le Bow.

Isabella married 2nd Sir Roger de Hegham, justice, and baron of the Exchequer [his 2nd].

1302, Roger de Hegham, and Isabella, his wife, and John Ploc', and Alice, his wife. Land in Edelmeton. (S)  Feet of Fines for London & Middlesex, V1, 1892.

1307, Lease by William de Kent, tailor, to Sir William de Pastone, clerk, of a messuage in the parish of St. Mary de Aldermanbery, situate near the tenements of Sir Roger de Hegham and Isabel his wife.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

1309, Roger de Hegham died.

11/1/1309, Stephen, son of Stephen Asshewy, being under age, came before Thomas Romayn, the Mayor, Nicholas de Farndone [executor of the father] …, Aldermen, and complained that whereas, after the decease of his father, his mother Isabella, whilst a widow, and also her second husband Sir Roger de Hegham, had the custody of the complainant's property, without rendering any account, as they ought to have done according to the custom of the City, the executors of the said Roger now threatened to remove the property, and he demanded a remedy.

5/19/1310, Isabella appeared before the mayor and aldermen of London and agreed that the contents of a chest: 10 silver disher, 6 saucers, and 2 silver cups of value £20 should be given to the executors of Roger.

1315, Isabella de Hegham, widow of Roger, wrote her will.

(S) Cal. of Letter-books of the City of London, V3, 1901 & V4, 1902. (S) Hist. Gaz. of London Before the Great Fire, 1987, All Hallows Honey Lane.

Family notes:

·         1268, The land of Stephen Aswy (Eswy, Asshewy) was given as the E. abutment of 5. Stephen held the tenements of Lawrence of St. Michael for a rent of £7. 13s. 4d.

Children of Stephen and Isabella:

i. Stephen de Asshewy, born aft. 1288 in co. Kent, England.

Aft. 1304, Margaret born in England, d/o John de Ifeld & Margery de Apuldrefield. (S) Manor of Apuldrefield in the Parish of Cudham, Kent, Topographer and Genealogist, 1851.

2/16/1324, Sir Stephen released to John de Triple, citizen of London, and to Sir Geoffry le Scrope, knight, and their heirs, the whole of his right in all the messuages, lands, rents, and tenements, with their appurtenances, which they had of his feoffment in the manor and parish of Stebenhith.

1325-38, Sir Stephen Asshewy, knight, parish of All Hallows Honey Lane, 8-9, 9A, London. (S) Historical Gaz. of London Before the Great Fire, Keene, 1987.

1329, Stephen Asshewy, knight, acknowledges that he owes to John de Oxonia of London, ‘vineter,’ 200£. (S) CCRs.

9/13/1330, Sale by Richard Asselyn, citizen of London, to Dom. Stephen Asshewy, Knt. of all his growing corn of every kind on the lands, etc. which the said Richard has on lease from Geoffrey le Madle, in Eppyng, together with the hay on the same lands. (S) UKNA.

1336-7, Sir Stephen conceded to the said Sir Geoffry all that mansion and messuage, with houses, gardens, &c. which the said Sir Geoffry held in Ladelane, in the parish of St. Lawrence in the Jewry, London, for a term of years, on the demise of the said Stephen.

1338, Stephen de Ashway was M.P. for the county of Kent at Westminster. (S) History and Topographical Survey of the Co. of Kent, Hasted, 1797.

7/3/1339, Stephen de Asshewy, knight, acknowledges that he owes to William de Carleton, citizen of London, 100£; to be levied etc. in co. Kent. (S) CCRs.

Stephen died.

12/16/1343, “Indenture between Margaret, late the wife of Stephen de Asshewy, knight, of the one part, and Richard Lacer, citizen of London, and Juliana his wife, of the other part, witnessing the conditions on which the said Margaret has granted to the said Richard and Juliana, during her own life, the third part of 3 messuages, 4 shops, and a garden &c. in London, in the parishes of St. Lawrence, Jewry, and St. Mary, Aldermanbury, which she had recovered from them by writ of dower in the Guildhall, London, after the death of the said Stephen.” (S) UKNA.

3/5/1345, … Margaret late the wife of Stephen de Asshewy, knight, holds a knight’s fee at Okemere, co. Kent, of Reynold de Cobham by homage and she owes to Reynold to the ward of Dover Castle 10s every twenty weeks … (S) CPRs, 4/16/1364.

Bef. 2/8/1363, Margaret died, buried at Grey Friars, London.

(S) The Topographer and Genealogist, Nichols, 1858, P10.

Child: Sir Stephen de Asshewy, born ? in England. [Heir] (S) CCRs.

·         1346-7, On the making of the Black Prince a knight, Stephen de Asshewy, son of Sir Stephen, with his co-parceners, paid aid for the manor of Apuldrefield, which Henry de Apuldrefeld had formerly held of Geoffry de Say. (S) The Tenures of Kent, Elton, 1867, P214.

·         2/8/1363, Release by Stephen de Asshewy, son and heir of Margaret one of the daughters and heiresses of John de Ifeld, to the king, of all his right in the manor of Gomeshulne. (S) A Descirptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, 1900, P16.

ii. Juliana Asshewy (3802371), born by 1297 in England.

[Juliana could be d/o Stephen & Margaret de Apuldrefield; but Margaret would have had to have Julianna ~1320 at age ~15, Julianna have Alice ~1335 at ~15, and Alice have her daughter ~1350 at ~15. Not impossible, but not probable. Either way, the lineage through Stephen and Isabella remains.]

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