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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

John Aleyn de Ifeld & Margery de Apuldrefield

7604742i-IL. John Aleyn de Ifeld & Margery de Apuldrefield

~1265, John born in England.

Margery born in England, eldest d/o §Henry de Apperfield.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

John, lord of the manor of Farningham, Kent, married Margery .

1301, John de Ifeld was manucaptor of Henry de Apuldrefield, knight of the shire returned for Kent.

1304-05, Henry de Apuldrefield, the younger, in a fine as plaintiff, with John de Helegh defendant, of one messuage, two mills …, in Eatonbridge, Hever, Westerham, and Chidingstone {i. e. the manor of Broxham). The property was declared to belong to John … after his decease the whole to remain with John Aleyn, of Ifeld, and Margery his wife, and the heirs which the same John Aleyn of the body of the said Margery might procreate. And if John died without, &c. then the said lands with appurtenances wholly to remain with the right heirs of the said Margery, … [Note: this couple have no children in 1304, so, by timelines, her daughter Margaret cannot be the mother of Juliana (3802371).]

Margery heir to her brother Henry de Apuldrefield of the manors of Apuldrefield, Broxham, and Sundrish, co. Kent.

1305-6, John Aleyn de Ifield in a fine.

11/28/1307, John appointed an assessor and collector in the county of Sussex of the 12th and 15th.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

12/18/1309, John appointed a justice in Sussex to receive complaints of prises taken contrary to the statute of Northampton.

12/16/1312, John empowered with others to talliale the city of London and the King's cities, burghs, &c. in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Middlesex.

6/14/1316, John appointed a conservator of peace in Kent.

1316, John appointed a commissioner of the marshes in Kent.

1317, John a justice assigned in the county of Surrey for the purpose of suppressing illegal meetings.

3/14/1318, John appointed a conservator of peace in Kent.

1318, John obtained a grant of free warren in his manor of Apuldrefield, and in his manors of Broxham, Sundrish, Ifield (in Sussex), and Chelsham (in Surrey).

1320-21, John and Margery enfeoffed in the manor of Lagham by John Lord St. John for their joint lives.

12/12/1321, John appointed a conservator of peace in Sussex.

4/14/1322 at Canterbury, John as a justice he was empowered and directed by letters patent and writs to pass sentence upon Bartholomew de Badelesmere.

6/16/1322, John a commissioner of array in Sussex.

John knighted.

5/9/1324, John, knight, summoned to attend the great council to be held at Westminster.

6/4/1324, John a commissioner to raise a detachment of archers in Kent, Surrey, and Sussex [and foot soldiers.]

3/18/1325, John appointed a conservator of peace in Essex.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

3/1/1327, John appointed to make a perambulation in the county of Surrey.

1327-30, John a conservator of peace in Kent.

1331-32, Sir William de Hanlee (of Ash, co. Surrey) grants to Sir John de Ifield and Margery his wife all his lands and tenements in Titsey, Surrey, to hold to said John and Margery, and their heirs male, remainder to Katharine their daughter, …

1333, John a member of parliament for Kent.

4/8/1336, John de Latimer died seised of the manor of Norbrith in Godston, which he held of John de Ifield and Margery his wife, as of the manor of Lagham, which was the right of inheritance of John son and heir of John de St. John of Lagham.

2/26/1337, Exemption for life to John de Ifeld, in consideration of his service to Edward I, Edward II, and the king that now is, and in pity for his estate, he being upwards of seventy years of age and broken by hard work in such service, from assizes, … against his will. (S) CPRs.

Aft. 9/10/1342, John died. (S) CPRs.

(S) Manor of Apuldrefield in the Parish of Cudham, Kent, Topographer and Genealogist, 1851.

Children of John and Margery:

i. Katharine de Ifeld, born ? in England.
Katherine married Sir Thomas de Foxle.

ii. Margaret de Ifeld, born atf. 1304 in England.

iii. Joan de Ifeld, born ? in England.

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