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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

G23: 7605708

7605708. Thomas Bowet & 7605709. Margaret ?

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11/2/1382, Licence for Robert Parnyng, knight, to enfeoff Henry Bowet, clerk, and John de Corkeby of the manors of …  Cumberland, held in chief, …, to re-enfeoff him in tail male, with remainder to Thomas Bowet the elder, and Margaret his wife, and final remainder to lawful heirs of the said Robert.

3/1387, Henry Bowet and Thomas Bowet named in a document.

10/13/1399, Henry IV crowned king of England.

11/20/1401, In the chamber of bishop Henry’s house, … Present: Master William Byllesdon, Bachelor of Laws and
the said reverend father’s Chancellor. Thomas Bowet, esquire.

2/28/1404, Appointment of Peter de Courtenay, ‘chivaler,’ John Wadham, ‘chivaler,’ … Thomas Bowet and John Stourton as justices for the supervision of the river of the water Avene between the city of Bath and the town of Bristol … concerning the erection of weirs, mills, stanks, pales and kiddles. (S) CPRs.

1407, Thomas Bowet the elder, and Thomas Bowet the younger, executors of the will of Gilbert Bowet.

10/7/1407, Henry Bowet appointed archbishop of York, brother of Thomas [Henry died 10/20/1423.]

Thomas died.

5/22/1422, Whereas … a writ of convention … against Margaret late the wife of Thomas Bowet the elder and William Bowet of Wrentham, knight, concerning the manor of Blakhalle, Staynton and Bochardby, co. Cumberland, … Margaret and William Bowet acknowledged … the said moiety to the the right of Oliver … granted the moiety to Margaret for life … for 12 marks … pardons the trespasses. (S) CPRs.

(S) The Paston Family, Richmond, P215. (S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P561. (S) The Registers of Walter Giffard, Bishop of Bath and Wales, 1265-6, and of Henry Bowett, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1401-7.

Family notes:
·         “Thomas Bowet” appears in records back to the time of King Richard I.

Children of Thomas and Margaret:

i. Richard Bowet, born ? in England.
Richard married Ela de Ufford, d/o Lord Robert de Ufford & Eleanor de Felton. [Sister of William’s wife.]

ii. William Bowet (3802854), born ~1375 in England.

iii. Sir Thomas Bowet, born ? in England.
1415-16, Indentures between the king and the following for service in his invasion of France: Nicholas Bowet and Thomas Bowet. (S) UKNA.

iv. Nicholas Bowet, born ? in England.
Sir Nicholas Bowet of Rippingdale, Lincolnshire.

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