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G24: 9994820

9994820. John de Vieuxpont & 9994821. Sybil de Ferrers

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1211, John born in England, s/o 19989640. Robert de Veteri Ponte & 19989641. Idonea de Busli.

~1205, Sybil born in England, d/o 19989504. William de Ferrers & 19989505. Agnes of Chester.

6/10/1213, King John ordered John de Vipont to deliver Careg Hwfa castle to the custody of John le Strange. (S) The History of the Princes, the Lords Marcher, Lloyd, 1881, P161.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1227, John’s father died.

2/1/1228, Wardship of John granted to Hubert de Burgo, Earl of Kent. (S) CPRs.

4/20/1228, The king has granted to H. de Burgh etc. that, of the debts which Robert de Vieuxpont …, and John, son and heir of the same Robert, who is in his custody by the king’s order until his full age.

10/22/1232, H. de Burgh, earl of Kent, surrendered to John de Vieuxpont his lands that had been in his custody.

2/4/1233, Mandate to John de Veteri Ponte … to have seisin of the manor of Boues with the castel … (S) CPRs.

11/8/1233, The fine of Hugh d’Aubigny for having his lands. Pledges of the said Hugh … John fitz Geoffrey for 100 m … Warin de Munchesney for 100 m. … Bertram de Criel for 20 m. … William Mauduit for 40 m. … William Bardolf for 50 m. Thomas of Moulton for 50 m. Hugh Wake for 50 m. … John de Vieuxpont for 50 m. John de Vaux for 20 m. Payn de Chaworth for 40 m. … William de Percy for 200 m. ….

7/11/1234, The king has granted to his beloved and faithful John de Vieuxpont that, at the same terms at which he was accustomed to render 100 m. each year …, he may henceforth render 80 m. …

1235, John, hereditary High Sheriff of Westmoreland.

5/19/1239, The king has granted to John de Vieuxpont that, of the debts which he owes him, of which he was accustomed to render 80 m. per annum at the Exchequer, he may render 60 m. per annum.

7/8/1241, Grant in frankalmoign: 1) John de Veteri Ponte. 2) Shap Abbey Property: hospital of St Nicholas of Appleby with all appurtenances, as freely as the lepers held it. With right to grind corn grown on the land at his mill in Appleby without payment of toll. (S) UKNA.

Bef. 8/4/1241, John died. (S) CPRs.

7/25/1241, the King gave to John Fitz Geoffrey the marriage of Robert, s/o John de Veteri Ponte for a fine of 200 marks. [John Fitz Geoffrey his future father-in-law.]

(S) Miscellanea Genealogica Et Heraldica, Bannerman, V-III, P258. (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

Child of John and Sibyl:

i. Robert de Vipont (4997410), born 1234 in England.

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