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Friday, July 8, 2011

Sir Hugh Poyntz & Hawise Malet & Sir Robert de Muscegros

10000960. Sir Hugh Poyntz & 10000961. Hawise Malet & 121696984. Sir Robert de Muscegros

Bef. 1189, Hugh born in England, heir & s/o 20001920. Nicholas Poyntz & 20001921. Juliane Bardolf.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

~1190, Robert born in England, heir & s/o §§Sir Richard de Muscegros.

~1198, Hawise born in England, coheir & d/o 67547142. William Malet.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

1210, Hugh of age.

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, King John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta.

11/20/1216, Rex J. Bathoniensi et Galtoniensi episcopo, salutem. … liberetis dilecto et fideli nostro Roberto de Muscegros. (S) CPRs.

[–––Hugh & Hawise–––]

Bef. 3/23/1216, Hugh, Knt. of Tockington, Gloucestershire, married Hawise.

5/12/1216, Prince Louis [future VIII] of France, after a successful landing, crowned King of England in London. In June, Louis captured Winchester and controlled half of England.

7/17/1216, Hugh and his father captured as opponents of King John at Worcester.

9/15/1216, Hugh still in prison in Bristol.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1216-17, Hawise’s father died. She was coheiress to a third of the barony of Currey Malet.

2/14/1217, Hugh returned to fealty with restitution of his lands.

9/12/1217, Prince Louis forfeited his claim to the English crown by the treaty at Kingston-on-Thames, called the Treaty of Lambeth. A principal provision of the treaty was amnesty for English rebels.

5/5/1218, Hamo son of Richard gives the king a palfrey for having a writ to summon Hugh Poinz before the justices. (S) FRsHIII.

1219-20, Witnesses: Sir Nicholas Poinz, Sir Hugh his son, Sir Adam son of Nigel, Sir Thomas de Berkeley, … (S) UKNA.

Bef. 4/4/1220, Hugh died before his father. (S) FRsHIII, ‘Hugh Poinz is dead’.

[–––Robert & Hawise–––]

By 1221, Hawise married 2nd Sir Robert de Muscegros [his 2nd], knt. of Charlton, Somerset.

2/11/1221, Robert de Muscegros has made fine with the king by 300m.  for having his benevolence … in that he took to wife Helewise who was the wife of Hugh Poinz , who was of the king’s gift, without the king’s licence, …, having taken security from Robert … to have full seisin without delay of all lands, fees and tenements of Helewise in his bailiwick. (S) FRsHIII.

Bef. 4/11/1221, Hawise’s inheritance of  Currey Malet increased to half at the death of her sister Bertha who had no heirs.

8/1/1221, Pledges of Robert de Muscegros for rendering 100m.  … John Russell, 20m.   Richard de Muscegros, father of the same Robert, …, 20m.  Richard de Muscegros, the first-born of the same Robert, 20m.  Richard de Muscegros junior, 20m.  (S) FRsHIII.

1/17/1226, Order to … place in respite, …, the demand they make … from Robert de Muscegros for as much as pertains to him of the debt of William Malet (67547142), … (S) FRsHIII.

10/4/1228, The king has granted respite to Robert de Muscegros, …, from the moiety of 30m.  … (S) FRsHIII.

10/28/1230, The king has granted to his beloved and faithful Robert de Muscegros that, of the fine … rendering 100m.  …, he may henceforth render 50m.  until all debts that he owes are paid … (S) FRsHIII.

1233, Sir Hugh de Vivonne & Mabel Malet (33773571), with her sister Hawise and Robert sued Edmund de Tuddenham.

5/2/1235, Ratification of a covenant … and Robert de Mucegros of the whole land of Nicholas de Fescampo in Kenemerthun, … Witnesses:- … [4 bishops], William de Ferariis, earl of Derby, John de Lascy, earl of Lincoln and constable of Chester, Roger le Bygot, earl of Norfolk, … Amaury de Sancto Amando, Geoffrey le Despenser … (S) CPRs.

5/6/1235, The king has committed to his beloved and faithful Robert de Muscegros his vills of Marlborough and Ludgershall, with his castles and other appurtenaces, to keep at his costs for as long as pleases the king … rendering £120 each year. (S) FRsHIII.

5/24/1236, Robert de Muscegros has made fine with the king by 200m.  for having custody of the land formerly of William Avenel until the full age of his daughter and heiress, together with the custody and marriage of the same heiress. (S) FRsHIII.

5/5/1237, Richard de Montfichet to let Helewise wife of Robert Muscegros to have 3 bucks of the royal forest of Selewude, a gift of King. (S) CCRs.

5/1237, Helewise died.

6/9/1237, Order to the sheriff of Dorset to take into the king’s hand the land that Helewise, who was the wife of Robert de Muscegros, held in dower in Sutton Poyntz. (S) FRsHIII.


6/18/1238, Grant to Robert de Muscegros of the custody, during the minority of the heirs, of the land of Nicholas de Fiscampis in Kennemarton. (S) CPRs.

7/11/1238, Exemption of Richard de Muscegros, brother of Robert de Muscegros, … (S) CPRs.

1239, An agreement between Cecilia Avenel, petitioner, and Roger Lokinton and Petronilla his wife, tenants, concerning … land, … recognised …, as the right of Cecilia, and quit-claimed the same …, and for this remise and quit-claim Robert de Muscegros, custodian of the aforesaid Cecilia and her lands, granted the aforesaid … (S) Transactions of Bristol and Gloucester, V4, 1879.

4/7/1242, Protection for the following so long as they are on the king’s service beyond seas … Robert de Mucegros … (S) CPRs.

5/20/1242, King Henry III arrived at Royen, France with a small contingent; but with 30 tons of gold. They were soon joined by French nobles against the forces of the Count of Poitou and King Louis IX.

7/21/1242, They met the Count of Poitou and King Louis IX at Taillebourg, but King Henry retreated.

7/22/1242 at Saintes, the 2 armies met with the superior sized French force winning.

1/24/1243, Charter granting to John de Lexinton … Witnesses:- William Lungespe, John son of Geoffrey, … Hugh de Vivona, … Robert de Muscegros, … (S) CPRs.

5/26/1247 at Westminster, Charter of free warrren for the abbot and convent of Coggeshale … witnesses, … Bertran de Crioll, … Robert de Muscegros, … (S) CChRs, 12/26/1325.

7/21/1247, The king … the abbey of Aberkonay … to be quit of toll, passage, … Witnesses:- R. earl of Cornwall, the king’s brother, … Paulinus Peuvre, Robert de Muscegros, … (S) CPRs.

1/11/1248, King Henry III granted the cantred of Tradaree in Thomond [Ireland], to Robert. Robert quickly set about colonising Tradaree, building castles at Bunratty and Clare Castle. (S) Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 1901, P218.

1/26/1248, Protection without term, for Robert de Muscegros ; directed to … and others in Ireland. (S) CPRs.

1248, Tradry, Ireland, granted in fee farm to Robert de Muscegros at a yearly rent of £30, remitted for 2 years to allow Robert to build castles at Bunratty and Clare.

1248–53, Robert de Muscegros steward to Queen Eleanor. (S) Ireland and Brittan, Frame, 1998, P49.

5/3/1249, Grant to Robert de Muscegros that he and his heirs may hold the 3.5 acres which he assarted in his manor of Cherleton in the forest of Selewod, quit of waste. (S) CPRs.

5/1/1250, Mandate to Robert de Muscegros, … to meet at Cocham and Bray to view the said manors and to extend their value … (S) CPRs.

5/2/1251, Robert remitted 2 years of rent by King Henry to fortify his castles of Tradery and Ocormok. (S) Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 1901, P218.

2/25/1251, Appointment … to enquire who entered the park of Robert de Muscegros of Curymalet, co. Somerset, and carried away deer. (S) CPRs.

1252, Robert granted markets and fairs at his centers in Thomond, Ireland. His cantred was to be quit of all pleas and plaints of sheriffs, bailiffs, and other ministers of the king; and granted free warren in his demesne lands of Tradry and Ocormok [Bunratty]; and given 260 oaks from the king’s forest for building.

Bef. 1/29/1253, Robert died. [7/13/1253, not knowing of his death, the king summoned Robert to Gascony.]

[––Post Mortem––]

5/29/1254, Appointment, during pleasure, of Henry de la Mare, to keep the castle and manor of Merleberg, … since the death of Robert de Mucegros. By the queen on the royal command. (S) Epistol√¶. [King Henry in France.]

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P605. (S) Visitations of Essex, Hawley. (S) The Normans in Thomond, Orpen, 1911.

Children of Hugh and Hawise:

i. Nicholas Poyntz (5000480), born ~1216 in England.

Children of Robert and Hawise:

i. John de Muscegros (60848492), born 8/10/1232 in England.

ii. Mabel de Muscegros, born ~1234 in England.

4/29/1242, To the sheriff of Staffordshire that Mabel the daughter of Robert de Mucegros who was the wife of Hervey de Stafford was to have full seisin of the custody of the land which was of Ralph de Mutton … which the same Hervey left to Mabel in his last will. (S) CCRs.

1245, Mabel married to Richard de Munfichet.