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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Count John of Avesnes & Regent Adelaide of Holland

11819400. Count John of Avesnes & 11819401. Regent Adelaide of Holland

5/1/1218, John d’Avesnes born in Houffalize [Luxembourg], illegitimate s/o 23638800. Bouchard IV of Avesnes & 23638801. Margaret II of Flanders. [John illegitimate because his parents marriage was dissolved by the Pope.]

~1230, Adelaide born in Holland, d/o 23638802. Count Floris IV of Holland & 23638803. Matilde of Brabant.

7/19/1234, Adelaide’s father murdered.

3/1243, John and his brother Baldwin declared legitimate by Emperor Frederick II.

1244, John’s father executed on the orders of his maternal aunt Joanna.

12/5/1244, John’s mother Magraret inherited Flanders and Hainaut, designating William III of Dampierre, her son by her 2nd husband, as heir – starting the War of Succession of Flanders and Hainaut.

1246, King Louis IX of France intervened in the war, giving Hainaut to John d’Avesnes and Flanders to William de Dampierre. [Neither side accepted the decision.]

[––John & Adelaide––]

10/9/1246, John married Adelaide; becoming Count of Hainaut.

5/19/1250, A peace agreement was made between Flanders and Hainaut.

1251, John’s half-brothers were legitimized by the Pope on the request of their mother.

6/6/1251, William III assassinated by arrangement of John.

7/4/1253, John’s forces, with support of his brother-in-law William II, King of Germany, defeated the forces of his mother and her 2nd son Guy de Dampierre at the battle of West-Capelle [Walcheren]. Guy was taken prisoner. [Guy, John’s half-brother was married to Isabelle de Luxembourg, his son’s wife’s sister.]

1254, Charles, Count of Anjou, was offered the county of Hainaut by John’s mother for his invasion. Charles laid siege to Valenciennes.

7/26/1254, Charles ended the siege with a negotiatied agreement that the dispute would be settled by King Louis IX.

1256, King Louis required his brother Charles to renounce any claim on Hainaut.

1256, John was a supporter of Richard of Cornwall being elected King of the Romans. (S) John of Avesnes and Richard of Cornwall, Lucas, 1948.

11/22/1257, Due to support of Adelaide’s brother William, elected King of the Romans [Germany], and of King Louis IX of France, Guy relinquished Hainaut to John.

12/24/1257, John died in Valenciennes, France.


1258-63, Adelaide, Regent of Holland.

~1260, Adelaide commissioned the epic poem “Alexander Geestern” by Jacob van Maerlant.

4/7/1284, Adelaide’s mother died.

4/9/1284, Adelaide died, buried in Valenciennes.

Child of John and Aleide:

i. John II d’Avesnes (5909700), born 1247 in Holland.