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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lord Henri VI of Luxembourg & Lady Marguerite of Bar le Duc

11819402. Lord Henri VI of Luxembourg & 11819403. Lady Marguerite of Bar le Duc

1216-17, Hendrik van Limburg, born in Limburg castle, s/o 23638804. Duke Waleran III of Limburg & 23638805. Ermensende de Namur.

7/2/1226, Henri’s father died; Henri’s oldest brother Henri V [same name] the heir.

~1230, Marguerite born in Bar-le-Duc, France, d/o 23638806. Henri, Comte de Bar & 23638807. Philippa de Dreux [Capet].

7/1231, Marriage arranged between: Henricus dominus de Lucemburg, and Margaretam filiam Henrici comitis Barrensis.

1237, Heinricus [Henri]… dux in Limburg et comes in Nienbr, et Ermengardis ducissa et comitissa ibidem[Ermensinde – Henri’s mother] donated property to Vrundenberg abbey.

6/4/1240, Henri and Marguerite’s marriage contract finalized; her dowry the seigneurie of Ligny-en-Barrois.

1242, Henri’s elder, but not oldest, half-brother Waleran van Limburg died [leaving a son Waleran, who would become the paternal heir in 1247.]

1243, Henri put his seal to the charter of the city of Luxemburg along with that of his mother and his brother Gerard. (S) Luxemburg in the Middle Ages, P81.

5/1/1246, “Henricus dominus de Luzzelinburg, marchio de Arle” acknowledged a loan from Konrad Archbishop of Köln.

[––Henri & Marguerite––]

1246, Henri married Marguerite.

2/17/1247, Henri succeeded his mother as Henri “the Blonde”.

1256, Henri gave homage to Theobald II of Navarre, as count of Champagne.

1256, Henri conquered Namur, becoming Henri III, count of Namur. Baldwin II, Emperor of Constantinople, relinquished his rights to Namur to Guy de Dampierre.

9/6/1266, Henri defeated by Guy de Dampierre at Preny near Pont-a-Mousson, captured and imprisoned.

9/8/1268, King Louis IX, arbitrating between Henri and Guy, freed Henry and returned possession of Ligny under suzerainty of the Barrois. Henry and Guy reached peace by agreeing for Guy to marry Henri’s daughter Isabelle.

1270, Henri joined King Louis IX on crusade.

7/2/1270, Louis’ crusader ships left the coast of Provence heading for Tunis.

7/21/1270, Louis’ crusader fleet arrived in Tunis. After easily taking the port, they attacked Carthage, 15 miles from Tunis, but did not enter the city.

8/25/1270, Louis died on the 8th crusade at Carthage. Henri was proposed as the new leader by Charles I, King of Sicily [brother of Louis IX.]

11/11/1270, The crusader fleet left to return to France. There was a storm and 40 ships were lost and they were forced into the port of Trapani. They decided to return by land rather than risk another storm at sea.

1272-76, Henri was allied with Jean, Duke of Brabant, against Jean, Bishop of Liège and Guy, Count of Flanders, in the regional “War of the Cow”.

11/23/1273, Marguerite died.


12/24/1281, Henri “the Great” died.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Family notes:

·         1237, Rec. of Henri’s older half-brother of the same name: Heinricus … dux in Limburg et comes in Nienbr, et Ermengardis ducissa et comitissa ibidem [Henri’s step-mother], donated property to Vrundenberg abbey, … for the souls of, … patrum et matrum nostrarum … Walrami et Cunegundis.

·         6/5/1288, Henri’s only 2 legitimate sons and his oldest “natural” son were all killed at the battle of Worringen against Jean, Duke of Brabant.

Children of Henri and Marguerite:

i. Philippa of Luxembourg (5909701), born 1252 in Luxembourg. [Eldest daughter]