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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sir Robert de Holand & Elizabeth de Samlesbury

11819862. Sir Robert de Holand & 11819863. Elizabeth de Samlesbury

~1250, Robert de Holland born in England, heir & s/o §§Thurston de Holand.

~1255, Elizabeth born in England, d/o 23639726. William de Samlesbury & 23639727. Avina de Notton. (S) Lancashire Registers IV, (V23), Catholic Record Society, 1922, P35.

1256, Elizabeth coheir with her sisters of the manor of Samlesbury.

1269-70, Agnes de Brus distrained Robert de Holland to appear at her court of Garstang. (S) Curia Regis R. 199, m. 4d.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

[––Robert & Elizabeth––]

By 1277, Robert married to Elizabeth. (S) Proceedings, Bibliographical Soc. of America, 1851, P38.

1277, Novel disseisin — John de Euyas and Cecily his wife v. Robert de Holand and Elizabeth his wife re a tenement in Sampnelbiry. (S) Lancashire Assize Rolls.

1/4/1282, Robert de Holland a surety for Robert Greleye in a novel disseisin. (S) Lancashire Assize Rolls, 1903, Roll 1244.

1285, Robert de Sutton, one juror in the assize of novel disseisin between Adam de Irelaund and Robert de Holand, fined for trespass: and let him be amerced at one mark. (S) Lancashire Assize Rolls, 1903.

9/29/1286, Roberto de Lathum ‘, knight, witness (together with Sir William le Boteler, Sir Robert Banastre, Sir Robert de Holand and others) to charter of Edmund, earl of Lancaster to the prior and canons of Burscough for a market at the manor of Ormskirk.

1/20/1287, Commission of the peace … Rogert de Haverinton, John Byron and Robert de Holand in Lancaster. (S) CPRs.

6/15/1292, At Lancaster, … Between Robert de Holand and Elyzabeth, his wife, plaintiffs, and William, son of Turcok de Blakerode, and Matilda, his wife, deforciants of the third part of the moiety of the Manor of Harewode near Boulton. William and Matilda acknowledged the said third part to be the right of Elyzabeth, to hold in perpetuity, of the chief lords of the fee, by the services thereto belonging. For this acknowledgment Robert and Elyzabeth gave them a sor sparrow-hawk. [Endorsed],—John de Euwyas and Cecily, his wife, put in their claim. (S) Publications, Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 1899, P169.

2/7/1294, Commission to John Wogan, Robert de Holand and Roger de Burton, to deliver Newcastle-on-Tyne gaol … (S) CPRs.

9/24/1295, … 14 bovates of land in Waleton, … co. Lancaster (the custody whereof the king recovered against Robert de Holand by judgement … justices last in eyre in that county) … (S) CPRs.

12/8/1295, Commission of oyer and terminer to Robert de Holand and Roger de Burton, … county of Lancaster … (S) CPRs.

1302, Breightmet, which was brought to the family by Avina (23639727) held by Sir Robert de Holland and Sir John Deuias, the respective husbands of Elizabeth and Cecily, younger sisters of Margery, in strict accordance with the terms of this settlement, and was then held by military service for the one-eighth part of a knight's fee. (S) Final Concords for Lancashire, Pt1, 1899, (fn.10.)

5/18/1303, Commission to Henry de Kighelay and Robert de Holand touching an appeal … county of Lancaster … (S) CPRs.

1304, Robert granted a weekly market and annunal fair at Hale, Lancashire.

1304, Robert de Holand had a charter of free warren in Holand, Hale, Orhull, and Martian. (S) A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames, Bardsley, 1996, P573.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

8/28/1307, Order to all persons of the counties of Chester and Flynt and the Sanquhar cantred of Engelfeld to be intendant to Robert de Holand to whom the king has committed during pleasure the office of justice of Chester and the castles of Chester, Rothelan and Flynt and the county of Flynt. (S) CFRs.

2/8/1307, Inquest taken at Lancaster, … to inquire whether it would be to the King’s prejudice if he should give authority to Sir Robert de Holand to assign … land … in Holand and Orul to two chaplains in the chapel of the said Robert at Holand to celebrate divine service the the soul of the said Robert and the souls of his ancestors for ever … yearly worth 10 marks … (S) Lancashire Inquests, V48, 1903, P323.

7/7/1307, Edward II succeeded Edward I as King of England.

11/8/1307, Commission of oyer and terminer to Robert de Holand, justice of Chester, and Hugh de Alditheleth, justice of North Wales, touching the death of Meurice ap Heilun, a Welshman, slain at Chester whilst on his way to join the king in Scotland. (S) CPRs.

3/24/1308, Robertus de Holand was granted, by Edward II, a Royal licence to crenellate Holand.

6/19/1308, Mandate … expedition to Scotland … supplies to be delivered at Skynburnesse … Robert de Holand, justice of Chester.– 500 quarters of wheat, … barley-malt … oats … wine … bacon-hogs … salt … 10,000 horse-irons with nails. (S) CPRs.

6/11/1309, Assignment … £200, to be received from Robert de Holand, justice of Chester, out of the arrears of his farm … (S) CPRs.

6/18/1310, Licence for the alienation in mortmain, … county of Lancaster … land in Holand … by Robert de Holand … celebrating devine service daily … (S) CPRs.

12/19/1311, Grant of 1,000 marks out of the farm of the justice of Chester to Robert de Holand, to whom the king previously grant the office of justice of Chester  … and the county of Flint, … now granted to Payn Tybotot. (S) CPRs. [Restored to Robert on 1/25/1312; by 9/18/1314, Payn was again justice of Chester.]


1312, Dame Elizabeth de Holand held a plough-land in thegnage by the yearly service of 12s.

(S) Samlesbury, A Hist. of the Co. of Lancaster, V6, 1911.

Family notes:

·         There is no clear indication of where the records of Robert the father end, and Robert the son begin. However, after these records associated with Robert as chief justice, no records of a Robert de Holand as chief justice occur. This, and other circumstantial evidence in records associated with Thomas, earl of Lancaster, lead to these being records of the father, and not the son.

·         Thurston s/o §§Robert de Holand of Upholland, Lancashire & §§Cecily de Columbers. Thurston married a d/o Adam de Kellet.

Children of Robert and Elizabeth:

i. Robert de Holand (30422042), born ~1283 in England.

ii. Margaret Holand (5909931), born ~1285 in England.