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G24: 11819872

11819872. John de Goushill & 11819873. Agnes ?

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~1235, John de Goushull born in England, s/o 23639744. Walter de Goushill & 23639745. Matilda de Hathersage.

By 1257, John de Gousehull heir to his father.

Aft. 9/22/1263, John de Gousel heir to his mother.

1269, John de Gousell offered himself in a plea at Darby, against Peter de Monteford and others, demanding by what right they exacted common in his land of Hoveringham, seeing he had none in theirs, and they did no service to him for it. (S) Pl. de Jur. & Assis. apud Derb.

1271, John de Gouselle died.

(S) Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire, V3, 1796.

Family notes:
·         Matilda, purchased from William, son of Hugh de Hoveringham, part of the west part of the meadow of Hoveringham, called Yirne, or Thirne, abutted on the west by the meadow of the prior of Thurgarton, and John de Gousill abutted, and the common meadow of Hoveringham on the east, for which she gave him 40s. and a quarter of barley, he reserving only a penny rent yearly, to be paid at Christmas to him and his heirs, which Hugh Sharpe, and Matilda his wife, released to the prior and covent of Thurgarton, to whom Simon de Gousil, son of Matilda first named, together with some other meadow, which his mother gave him, conveyed it, and Walter de Goushull, knight, grandson of Matilda, by her eldest son John confirmed the gift of sir Simon, his uncle. (S) Regist. de Thurgarton.
·         1331, Adam de Gousehull, claiming free-warren in Haverseche, in Darbyshire, makes Thomas de Gousehull, son of Walter son of John, son of Matilda, daughter of Matthew de Hethersege, to be one of the heirs of the said Matthew, to whom it was granted. (S) Quo War. 4 Edward III, rot. 2. Derb.

Children of John and Agnes:

i. Walter de Goushill (5909936), born by 1271 in England.

ii. Simon de Gousil, born ? in England.

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