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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sir Edmund de Kemeske & Joane ?

11820200. Sir Edmund de Kemeske & 11820201. Joane ?

3/1269, Edmund de Kemesek born in England, s/o 23640400. Edmund de Kemesky & 23640401. Petronila de Polstead.

~1270, Joane born in England.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

1288, Edmund age 19 at the death of his father. (S) CIsPM, P413.

6/4/1288, Grant, for a fine of £100, to O. bishop of Lincoln of the custody, during minority of Edmund the son and heir, of the lands late of Edmund de Kemesk, tenant in chief, in Tillebiry and Saumford, co. Essex, … saving to the knights’ fees, advowsons and dowers, … (S) CPRs.

5/11/1294, Edm. De K., sen., having made a payment to Lucca merchants at London, acquitted of 60 marks scutage on 2 knights’ fees. (S) CCRs.

9/28/1299, Order to cause Edmund, son and heir of Edmund de Kemesek, to be acquitted of the scutage that they exact from him for 2 knights’ fees in the king’s army in Wales in the 10th year of his reign, as Edmund, his father, made fine with the king in that army for the service of 2 knights’ fee … rolls of his Marshalsea for that army. (S) CCRs.

By 1300, “Edmund de Kemesek: Essex” died holding the lordship of Great Samford, Essex, out of which 30 shillings was payable to his mother Petronilla for part of her dower, and naming his daughters Petronilla, 8, and Isabel, 7, as his heirs.


1/17/1300, Writ for IPM of Edmund de Kemesek. Essex: Great Sampford. The manor … there ought to be paid 30s. yearly out of the manor to Petronilla, mother of the same Edmund, for part of her dower … His daughters, Petronilla aged 8, and Isabel aged 7, are his next heirs. (S) CIsPM.

2/4/1300, Order to cause dower to be assigned to Joan, late the wife of Edmund de Kemesek, tenant in chief, as she has taken oath before the king that she will not marry without his licence. (S) CCRs.

2/23/1300, Assignment of dower to Joan, late the wife of Edmund de Kemesek, … in co. Essex in the manor of Great Sampford, … from the chief messuage an old chamber … an old barn on the east, and a quarter of the great barn at the east end, and a cow-house … with the pigsty … a small chamber under the great gate near the said cow-house, and a chamber situate near Eldebery. … 1½ acres of garden near the cemetery of the church … the soller (solarium), and the chamber assigned to her for a dairy, … a third of a windmill, … the rent of assize of the free tenants, customary tenants, [many tenants] … 1⅓ lbs. of pepper, … a third of a pound of cumin … a third of five capons, … from the boon-works (operibus) of 7 customary tenants (custumar') 204⅓ works, … 'Aldon' 10 acres of arable land …  [many acrages] … (S) CCRs.

7/15/1300, Grant to Walter de Aylesbury, … of the custody of the lands late of Edmund de Kemesek, tenant in chief, during the minority of Petronilla and Isabella his daughters and heirs, with their marriages, saving knights’ fees and advowsons of churches. (S) CPRs.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

3/24/1310, Joan at Great Samford, Essex, for the birth of her grandson William de Welles (2955050). (S) 4/6/1333, Proof of age of William.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

1331, Joan died.

5/13/1331, IPM of Joan, late the wife of Edmund de Kemesyk or de Kemesek. Essex: Estyllebyri. A messuage, lands, rent, a ferry … held in free marriage with the said Edmund sometime her husband, … William, son of Isabel, daughter of the said Edmund and Joan, whom Philip de Welle married, aged 20 years and more, is her next heir. Great Sampford. A third part of the manor, held as dower … (S) CIsPM, (S) CFRs.

(S) Knights of Edward I, Moor, P277.

Children of Edmund and Joane:

i. Petronila de Kemesek, born 1291 in England.

2/6/1303, To the sheriff of Essex … lands that belonged to Edmund de Kemesek in Great Saunford … the heirs were not in the king's wardship … (S) CCRs.

Petronila married to Thomas de Gardinis, her guardian, but died before proving her age.

1313, Petronila died.

7/27/1313, Order to the same to take into the king's hand the lands late of Pernell, daughter and one of the heirs of Edmund de Kemesek, …, deceased, who was taken to wife before proving her age by Thomas de Gardinis who had the wardship of the lands late of Edmund of the demise of Walter de Ailesbires, …. (S) CFRs.

8/12/1313, Writ concerning the lands &c. of the said Petronilla, whom Thomas de Gardinis married … Great Saunford. Her pourparty of the manor, viz.—a capital messuage, land, &c. … Isabel her sister, aged 19, the wife of Philip de Welles, is her next heir. (S) CIsPM.

ii. Isabel de Kemesky (5910101), born 1292 in England.

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