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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lord William le Latimer & Lucy de Thweng & Lord Nicholas de Meynell

11820294. Lord William le Latimer & 11820295. Lucy de Thweng & 30420116. Lord Nicholas de Meynell

1269, William’s grandfather of the same name died.

~1268, William born in England, s/o 15208896. Lord William Latimer & 15208897. Alice Ledet.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

3/24/1278, Lucy born in York, England, d/o 23640590. Robert de Thweng & 23640591. Maud Hansard.

~1275, Nicholas born in England, s/o 60840232. Nicholas de Meynell & 60840233. Christiana ?.

1284, Lucy’s father died.

1284, Lucy’s uncle Marmaduke was assigned custody of Lucy who was raised at Kilton castle.

2/27/1285, Grant to William le Latymer [William’s father], for service in the expedition into Wales, of the custody of Lucy, daughter and heiress of Robert de Twenge, tenant in chief, of the following lands late of the said Robert, … manor of Broughton with the hamlet of Skynergryne, … manor of Jarum, … manors of Daneby and Lelum. (S) CPRs.

2/20/1290, Order to Thomas de Normanvill … to defray the expenses of Lucy, daughter and heir of Roger de Tweng, a ward of the crown, with her governess and maid, from 3/22/1285 to 6/2/1286, at sixpence per day, for robes, linen, shores, &c., £10 17s 4d (S) Notes & Queries, 6th Series, V2, 1880, P436.

1292, Lucy, Thomas le Latimer and others unknown, ejected Walter de Rokesley and took the issues of the manor of Kyrkbrunn. (S) Proof of age of Lucy.

11/16/1299, Assignment of dower to Christiana (60840233), late the wife of Nicholas de Meynill … in the presence of Nicholas son and heir of Nicholas, who is of full age and consenting to the assignment. (S) CCRs.

1/14/1300, Order to be at the exchequer at York on Friday next to treat with the treasurer and barons of the exchequer and others of the king's council of certain affairs touching him and the community of that county. Walter de Faucumberge and Nicholas de Meynill in the North Riding. (S) CCRs.

 [––William & Lucy––]

By 1293, William married Lucy.

1293, William son of William Latymer, Lucy his wife, Thomas Latymer and others unknown violently ejected Walter de Rokesley again from the manor of Kyrkbrunn. (S) Proof of age of Lucy.

1/22/1294, Lucy daughter and heir of Robert de Thweng and kinswoman and heir of Marmaduke de Thweng. Proof of age. York: The jury say that the said Lucy was born at Kylton on Friday before Palm Sunday, 7 Edw. I, was baptized the Sunday following (as above), was 15 years of age on Friday before Palm Sunday, 22 Edw. I, and will be 16 on Friday before Palm Sunday, 23 Edw. I. … (S) CIsPM.

7/22/1298, William at the battle of Falkirk.

7/22/1298, King Edward defeated Sir William Wallace (Braveheart) at the battle of Falkirk, Scotland. The Scots defensive position was strong, but based on spearmen with support of some cavalry and archers. Edward’s armored knights were repulsed by the amassed spear points. King Edward brought up his Welsh longbowmen. They cut gaps into the Scottish ranks through which the mounted English knights could charge. The Scots were routed, but Wallace escaped.

7/19/1299, William le Latymer, the K.’s captain and lieutenant in the Marches of Scotland, … (S) Cal. of Doc’s Relating to Scotland, 1884, P274.

8/1299, IPM of John de Seton. York: Seton. The manor held of William le Latimer and Lucy his wife by service of 1/4 knight’s fee. (S) CIsPM.

11/16/1299, Protection … for William le Latimer, the younger, going to Scotland with the king. (S) CPRs. [Fulk Lestrange going with William.]

1299-1305, William “junior” summoned to parliament.

4/1/1300, … ordered … to cause all and singular of … knights, esquires or others having £40 yearly of land … to provide themselves with horses and arms … be with the king at Carlisle at Midsummer next, ready to set out with him at his wages against the Scots … Warwick and Leicester, with Eustace de Hacche. (S) CCRs.

5/1300, William keeping the castle and town of Berwick, Scotland.

6/25/1300, King Edward led his forces north from Carlisle.

7/9/1300, Siege of Caerlaverock castle in Scotland began.

1300, William at the siege of Caerlaverock castle.

1301, To William le Latimer junior, for his own wages at 4s daily, and those of 1 knight at 2s daily and 6 esquires, each at is daily, from 20 July, when the horses were valued, until 22 Sept., by an account made with him at Bothwell on that date, £39. To William le Latimer, 200 marks. For 56 men at arms at Berwick, from 21 May to 17 July, £173 17s. For crossbowmen at Berwick, £97 7s 6d, for archers there, £202 5s 8d. (S) 1301 Account Book of Wages for the Scottish War. [These wages were only documented for bannerets and their retinues.]

1303, William le Latymer, John de Segrave and Robert de Clifford, leaving Dunfermline, appointed to attend in a ‘chivauchee’ from the said town … to the water of Forth, they are to search strictly … if they find any strangers, to arrest them with horses and harness …  (S) Cal. of Doc’s Relating to Scotland, 1884, P375.

8/25/1303, Order to supersede the execution of the exigent against William le Latimer, the younger, until Christmas or until his return to England from Scotland. (S) CCRs.

12/12/1303, William le Latimer, the younger, granted a market and fair at Sinnington, North Riding, Yorkshire. (S) Gaz. of Markets and Fairs.

2/12/1304, Pardon to William le Latimer, the younger, who was impleaded before the justices of the bench, by the abbot of Whyteby, of the unjust detention of the abbot’s beasts, and was convicted … of impounding them, killing them and consuming them in his household, … (S) CPRs.

5/26/1306, Grant in fee simple to William le Latimer of 2 parts of the manor of Lambynby … co. Cumberland, … forfeited … by the rebellion of Christopher de Seton … (S) CPRs.

5/8/1309, Commission … on complaint by William le Latimer that Hamo Gruscy … broke his house in [the city of York]. (S) CPRs.

7/16/1309, William le Latimer, going beyond seas on the king’s service, has letters … (S) CPRs.[Thomas de Styveton going on the service of William.]

8/3/1311, Grant to William le Latymer [for 700 marks] of the custody of the lands of Nicholas Pointz, … during the minority of the heirs, with knights’ fees, advowsons of churches, reversions of dowers and of lands held for life of his inheritiance, … with the marriage of the heir. (S) CPRs.

1/23/1312, Appointment … of William le Latimer to the custody of the castle of Scardeburgh, … (S) CPRs.

[––Lucy & Nicholas & William––]

By 1299, Nicholas’ father died, his mother surviving.

1299, Nicholas, s/o Nicholas de Meynell had sesin of his father lands.

7/21/1299, Pursuant to an inquisition shewing that Nicholas de Meynill held in chief the manor of Castel Levynton and that Christiana late his wife was jointly enfeoffed with him thereof, to hold to them and the heirs of Nicholas by the service of finding a serjeant on horseback in the king's army for 40 days, and that he held his other manors of the archbishopric of Canterbury, to deliver to Nicholas, son and heir of the said Nicholas, the lands of his said father, he having done homage. (S) CFRs.

1302-03, All the lands of Nicholas de Meynell in the wapentake of Langbaurgh were held of the archbishop, and were consequently not subject to geld.

1303, Lucy was abducted from the manor house [sources indicate she was not happy in her marriage.]

Bef. 12/15/1304, William’s father died, William succeeding to a moiety of town and hundred of Corby, and half the barony of Waldon, Northamptonshire. (S) CPRs.

4/1305, William was given power to arrest the abductors and take back his wife Lucy. [He was not successful.] Lucy became the mistress of Nicholas Meinill, lord of Whorlton.

6/21/1305 at York, Debtor: Nicholas, the son of Nicholas de Meynell, knight, of Langbargh. Amount: 200m. (S) UKNA.

1305, Lucy began divorce proceedings, claiming consanguinity. William was excommunicated for not paying legal fees. William appealed to Rome and had the excommunication lifted.

4/28/1307, Order to cite Sir Nicholas Meynell and Lucia, daughter of Sir Robert de Tweng, to answer a charge of adultery. [Both eventually found guilty.]

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

11/11/1308 at York, Debtor: Nicholas de Meynell, knight of Langbargh. Amount: £20. (S) UKNA.

5/18/1309 at York, Debtor: Nicholas de Meynell, knight of Langbargh. Amount: £40. (S) UKNA.

1309, Lucy, guilty of adultery, was ordered to Watton priory, but could not be found.

9/4/1309, …

1/1310, Lucy and Nicholas agreed to separate and Lucy was fined £40 [Nicholas fined £50].

2/4/1310 at York, Debtor: Nicholas de Meynell, knight [of Langbargh, and John de Meynell, his brother. Amount: 50m. (S) UKNA.

2/10/1311, Whereas William le Latimer and Lucy his wife, daughter and heir of Robert de Twenge, quit-claimed to the king the manor of Daneby in Balkhoumor, co. York, late of Peter de Brus, … which were of the inheritiance of the said Lucy ; … the king, of special grace, has given the said William all the foregoing, the be held by him for life … remainder to William son of the said William and Lucy … (S) CChRs. [Part of Lucy’s loss of lands due to her behavior.]

6/3/1312, Order to permit Nicholas de Meynill to fell, sell, and carry whithersoever he likes 200 oaks in his wood of Aldewerk within the bounds of the forest of Galtres, which the king has granted him licence to do. (S) CCRs.


Bef. 7/1312, Lucy and William’s divorce was finalized. Lucy had to grant William the manor of Sinnington for life. Lucy was now free to remarry; and married Robert de Everingham, a household knight. [A curious story is told of one Robert Bordesdeyne, who swore before the assize that he had been hired by Nicholas de Meynell to kill William Latimer, and later reversed his evidence and declared that William Latimer had paid him for a false accusation against Nicholas.]

8/25/1312, Exemption for life, for William le Latimer in respect to this houses in the town of Westminster from livery of stewards, chamberlains, marshals and other ministers of the king. (S) CPRs.

1312, Lucy again abducted from her manor by Nicholas Meinill; but was soon returned.

1/17/1313, William and others to abstain from attending a tournament at Newmarket. (S) CPRs.

[––Lucy & Robert––]

5/23/1313, Licence for Robert de Everingham and Lucy his wife to enfeoff … their manor of Jarum, co. York, … remainder failing such issue to Nicholas de Menhille, son of the said Lucy, … (S) CPRs.

5/29/1313, William le Lateymer going beyond the seas on the king’s service. (S) CPRs. [King Edward and Queen Isabella left from Dover for a trip to France.]

6/18/1313, William le Lateymer staying beyond the seas on the king’s service. (S) CPRs. [They would arrive back at Doven 7/15/1313.]

10/7/1313, William le Latymer, to whom the king granted the custody of the land and heir of Hugh de Poynz and the marriage of the heir, came into chancery at Westminster, …, and offered marriage to Nicholas son and heir of the said Hugh, to wit Joan daughter of John le Latymer, in the presence of Henry de Bello Monte, Nicholas de Segrave, … knights … (S) CCRs.

[––William & Sibyl––]

William married Sibyl ?.

2/3/1315, Order to assign to Sibyl, wife of William le Latymer, dower of the lands of her late husband William de Huntingfeld, … manor of Eye, … having married William le Latymer without the king’s licence. (S) CCRs.

2/3/1315, Commission … on complaint by William le Latymer that, whereas certain Scots, lately come under his conduct from Scotland to England to seek a sum of money in which he was bound to his creditors in Scotland, … [were robbed on their return] (S) CPRs.

1316, Lucy’s husband, Robert de Everingham, killed fighting the Scots.

4/4/1316, IPM of Robert de Everingham. York: … The manor was held jointly by the said Robert and Lucy, by the enfeoffment of the said Henry to them and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder to Nicholas de Meynill, son of the said Lucy, and his heirs. (S) CIsPM.


1314-15, Mary (d.10/18/1322) daughter of Margery de Muschaunce to settle half the manors of Wooler, Heathpool, Heatherslaw, Lowick, and Belford on herself for life, with remainder to Nicholas de Meynill (30420116) and the heirs of his body, remainder to Nicholas (15210058) son of Lucy daughter of Robert de Twenge and the heirs of his body, remainder to the heirs of Nicholas de Meynill. N'humb. (S) UKNA.

5/24/1315, Commitment during pleasure to Nicholas de Meinyll of the castle and county of York. (S) CFRs. [Held until 10/20/1315.]

1315, Nicholas settled on his natural son (Nicholas) by Lucy the reversion of Whorlton and other manors if he himself should die without male issue.

1/30/1316, Nicholas Meynill, when sheriff of York, to save the fish in the stew of Fosse caused a trench to be made in order that the course of the water might flow through it until he should cause the mill-pond, which had been carried away by flood, to be re-constructed. (S) CCRs.

5/18/1316, Order to deliver to Lucy, late the wife of Robert de Everyngham, tenant in chief, the manors of Brotton and Kirkeburne, 10 marks of yearly rent in Skynnergrene, and a moiety of the bailiwick of the wapentake of Langebergh, … she and her husband were jointly enfeoffed … remainder, in default of issue, to Nicholas de Meynill her son, …  the king having taken her fealty. (S) CCRs.

5/29/1318, William son of John de Barton of Osewaldkirk acknowledges that he owes to Nicholas de Meynill £1,000; to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in co. York. (S) CCRs.

1320, Nicholas de Menyll (Meinill) requests that the king and council grant a writ of warranty in Cleveland, [North Riding of Yorkshire]. (S) UKNA.

4/26/1322, Nicholas died, his natural son Nicholas his heir.

5/10/1322, Writ for IPM of Nicholas de Menyll. (S) CFRs.

[––Lucy & William––]

11/19/1316, Commission … on complaint by William le Latymer … carried away his goods at Fraunkton, co. Lincoln. (S) CPRs.

By 1318, Lucy married Bartholomew de Fanacourt, a Frenchman.

10/22/1318, Pardon to ... Nicholas de Segrave, Robert de Holand, Stephen de Segrave, William le Latimer, Fulk Lestrange, William Tuchet, … knights, of all felonies and trespasses committed before 7 August last, adherents of Thomas, earl of Lancaster. (S) CPRs.

1/28/1319, Protection with clause volumus for 1 year for William le Latymer. (S) CPRs.

4/4/1319, John de Moubray (2955080), lord of the Isle of Axholme and of Gower; and John his eldest son and Maud, the son's wife. ... Witnesses: Sir Thomas earl of Lancaster, Sir William de Roos of Helmsley, William le Latymer, Edmund Dayncourt (15212290), ... (S) UKNA.

9/7/1319, King Edward besieged Berwick-upon-Tweed.

12/21/1319, King Edward signed a peace agreement with Robert Bruce.

2/6/1321, Licence … meadow in Sithestan and Belton, held of William le Latymer by service … (S) CPRs.

7/28/1322, Grant … Witnesses, Aymer de Valencia, earl of Pembroke, … Sirs William de Ros, William le Latemer and Henry de Beaumund, barons. (S) CPRs.

6/1/1323, Appointment of William le Latimer and William de Herele to receive in the king’s name the oath to be made on behalf of Robert de Brus, and the oaths of other magnates in the land of Scotland … to observe the truce for 13 years and to receive the hostages for Thomas Randolf, earl of Moray. (S) CPRs. [William also appointed as guard and leader of the envoys of Robert de Brus.]

2/6/1327, Pardon of the trespass of Nicholas de Menyll, deceased … remainder to Nicholas son of Lucy de Tweng, in tail … (S) CPRs.

2/18/1327, Licence for William le Latymer to grant his manor of Corby, held in chief, the William, his son, in tail, … in default to Thomas, another son, … and Thomas le Latymer, of Werdon and Warin, his son, in tail make, … (S) CPRs.

Bef. 3/8/1327, William died. (S) CPRs.


3/8/1339, Lucy and Bartholomew received lands from Robert de Fanacourt, who had received them from Adam de Everingham, older brother of Robert. (S) CPRs.

2/10/1346, Lucy and Bartholomew granted lands to John Darcy junior and his wife Elizabeth, to hold for Lucy’s lifetime, in return for 50 marks rent. [Elizabeth was Lucy’s granddaughter by her son Nicholas Meinill.] (S) CPRs.

1346, Lucy died; buried at Guisborough with Robert de Everingham.

(S) Baronia Anglica Concentrata, P276. (S) 13th Century England, V9, Prestwich, 2003, P153. (S) Some Hist. Mansions of Yorkshire, V2, Wheater, 1889, P173.

Family notes:

·         10/6/1359, Inspeximus … letters … ordaining of Thomas de Thweng, rector and patron of the church of Lythom, … for the good estate of the said Thomas … Robert de Thweng, Maud, his wife, Marmaduke Thweng, Lucy, his wife, Marmaduke de Thweng, Isabel, his wife, Marmaduke, William, Robert, John and Nicholas, brother of the said Thomas, … (S) CPRs.

Child of William and Lucy:

i. Christian le Latimer (5910147), born 1294 in England.

Child of Nicholas and Lucy:

i. Nicholas de Meynell (15210058), born ~1305 in England.