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Monday, July 25, 2011

Lord Robert le Straung & Dame Alianore de Blancminster

11820104. Lord Robert le Straung & 11820105. Dame Alianore de Blancminster

~1240, Robert Lestrange born in Wales, s/o 121697006. Sir John le Strange & 121697007. Lucia de Tregoz.

~1245, Eleanor born in Salop, England, 2nd d/o 23640210. William de Albo Monasterio. (S) See 6/3/1280.

Bef. 6/11/1260, Alianore coheir to her father. (S) CPRs. [The eldest sister Bertreya, of full age, kept herself in the castle. 4 sisters were coheirs; Joan wife of William Barentyn, and Maud wife of William de Bracy.]

1260-1, Robert’s father gave him half of the manor of Litcham, Norfolk; witnessed by his brothers Hamon and Roger, and his brother-in-law, Gruffud ap Gwenwynwyn.

1262-67, Robert’s eldest brother John (121690976) enfeoffed him with the manors of Rowton and Ellardine.

4/12/1263, Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester, lead a rebellion of young barons.

By 1264 in Salop, Robert married Alianore.

5/14/1264, Robert and his brothers at the battle of Lewes in support of the king. After the battle, Simon de Montfort ordered them exiled to Ireland.

5/14/1264, Lord Edward (I) and his father King Henry III captured by Montfort at the battle of Lewes, Sussex, “at the Mill of the Hide”. An estimated 2700 died. Lord Edward and his knights penetrated the center of Montfort’s army, but was flanked on both sides by armored calvary.

1264-65, Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester, effectively ruled England.

8/4/1265, Robert fought at Evesham, serving under Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Goucester, against Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester.

8/4/1265, Lord Edward (I) defeated Montfort’s army at the battle of Evesham, Worcester, ending the Baron’s Revolt and freeing his father, who was wounded. Montfort and 2 of his sons were killed.

10/19/1265, Robert granted a capital messuage in London formerly belonging to John de Turri, enemy of the king. [His brothers also receiving similar properties.] (S) CPRs.

6/28/1266, The king granted Robert’s request for a pardon for Hugh Corbet for the death of Adam le Ventrer. (S) CPRs.

8/1/1267, Grant by Giles de Erdinton, to Robert le Estrange, of the manor of Merbury, co Chester, with the land of Halehurst, co. Salop, which he had of the grant of William de Albo Monasterio, for the yearly rent of a rose at Midsummer ; in return for which Robert grants to Giles all his land in Rowelton and Elwrthyn for 73s. yearly rent. Witnesses :- Sirs Roger de Clifford, Hamo Lestrange, John de Clinton, Odo de Hodenet, knights (S) UKNA.

1269, Robert’s father died; his older brother John succeeding in Knokyn.

Bef. 1270, Older brother Hamon enfeoffed [without licence] Robert and his wife with Wrockwardine and Chawton in Hampshire. [The grant of Wrockwardine was not recognized by the king until after Hamon’s death.]

8/19/1270 from Dover, Lord Edward and his army left on the 8th crusade.

By 1270, Robert enfeoffed his son Fulk in the manor of Sutton Madock before going on crusade.

1/25/1271, Letters of protection issued to Hamon and Robert, going beyond seas in aid of the Holy Land. (S) CPRs.

1271, Robert and his older brother Hamon joined the crusade [leaving after the Lord Edward.]

By 5/1271, Lord Edward moved his forces to Acre; waiting for support to arrive [which never came.]

11/16/1272, Lord Edward ascended to the throne while returning from crusade.

By 8/2/1274, The crusaders had returned to England. [Various groups left at different times and returned by different routes. Robert’s brother Hamon died on crusade.]

5/23/1275 at Le Knokyn, Robert’s brother John quitclaimed to him his share of Wrockwardine. (S) CCRs.

6/10/1275, Order to the sheriff of Salop to deliver to Robert le Estraunge the manor of Wrocworthyn, which Hamo le Strange granted by charter to the said Robert to hold in chief by the service of a 20th part of a knight's fee and at the farm due at the Exchequer ; the said Robert having done homage. (S) CFRs.

Aft. 7/18/1275, Robert received seisin of Chawton.

12/1275, Robert having lost his seal, appeared at the Curia Regis to petition for a different seal.

12/28/1275, Robert’s brother John drowned.

5/16/1276, Robert le Strange, keeper of the lands that belonged to John le Strange, to cause John (60845488), son and heir of the said John, to have seisin of his father's lands.

1276, Robert died.                                                                                                     


9/10/1276, Order to cause Eleanor, late the wife of Robert le Estraunge, tenant in chief, to have £30 yearly of land in the manor of Chaulton, which belonged to Robert, … to hold in tenancy until dower to be assigned to her. (S) CCRs.

1276, Eleanor Lestrange requests that she may be granted seisin of all the goods and chattels of her late husband in various places, in order that she and his executors may perform his will. (S) UKNA. [Wrockwardine & Betton (Shropshire); Willey (Warwickshire); Chalton (Hampshire); Kenilworth (Warwickshire).]

10/2/1276, Order to cause Eleanor, late the wife of Robert le Estraunge, tenant in chief, to have again seisin of the manor of Whitchurch (de Albo Monasterio), with everything received thence … Robert held the said manor as the inheritance of Eleanor. (S) CCRs.

1/19/1278, Commitment to Eleanor, late the wife of Robert le Strange, tenant in chief, of the manor of Merbury, late of Robert, to hold at the king's will. (S) CFRs.

4/1278, Alienora the widow of Robert le Estrange, William de Barenton and Joan his wife, Robert de Bracy and Matilda his wife, and Beatrice the daughter of William de Blanmister sued William de Alditheley for a messuage and a carucate of land in Loskeford. (S) Staffordshire Hist. Coll’s, V6, Pt1, 1885, Plea Rolls.

5/26/1280, … to Robert Burnel, bishop of Bath and Wells, chancellor: the extent of a quarter of Oswestry, Shropshire, leased to Eleanor widow of Robert Lestrange. (S) UKNA.

6/3/1280, Demise to Eleanor, late the wife of Robert le Strange, of a 4th part of the manor of Whitchurch, co. Salop, late of William de Albo Monasterio, which fell to the pourparty of Bortreda, daughter and one of the heirs of the said William, and is in the king's hand because she [Berta] is of unsound mind. (S) CFRs.

6/10/1280, Grant to Guncelin de Badelesmere of the marriage of John son and heir of Robert Lestrange. (S) CPRs.

1280, Eleanor coheir to her sister Berta who died unmarried.

2/11/1281, IPM of Bertreya daughter of William de Blauminister. Salop: Blaminister. A 4th part … Eleanor l’Estrange, Joan de Barenty, and Maud de Bracy, her sisters, are her heirs of full age. (S) CIsPM, 1906, P226. [Alienora Le Estrange, Johanna de Barentyn uxor domini Willielmi de Barentyn militis, Matilda uxor Willielmi de Bracy, sorores ipsius Bertteyae, sunt haeredes propinquiores ipsius Berttreyae ; et sunt aetate triginta annorum et amplius. Essex.]

1283, Nicholas de Audeley (23641864) complained that his brother William (d.12/1282) had brought mort d'ancestor to recover the reversion following his grandfather Henry's (94567456) grant of maritagium to William de Albo Monasterio and Amice, Henry's daughter. William and Amice had a daughter, Bertrede, who had survived her parents and had died without issue. Nicholas' point was that William and Amice did not have issue who attained the degree to do homage, which would destroy the reversion. Nicholas was referring to the rule that homage need not be done for maritagium until the third heir, the fourth degree. The holders of the land were Eleanor Lestrange and her sisters, Joan the wife of William de Barentyn and Maud the wife of William [Robert] de Bracy. They were Bertrede's collateral heirs. [The returned writ named Robert Bracy and Maud his wife, a sister of Eleanor.] (S) The Fee Tail, Biancalana, Cambridge Studies in English Legal History, P36ff.

1301-1306, Eleanor died, buried at High Ercall, Shropshire: “DAME ALIANORE LESTRANGE DE BLANCMINSTER GIST ICI. DIEU DE SA ALME EIT MERCI”; [from her brass which still existed in 1860.]

(S) Baronia Anglica Concentrata, Banks, 1844, P421. (S) The Battle Abbey Roll, Abbey, 1889, P3. (S) A Chronicle of the Early Le Stranges, Le Strange, 1916.

Children of Robert and Alianore:

i. John le Strange, born 1265 in England.

9/29/1285 at Shrewsbury, Debtor: John le Strange {Extraneus}, knight, of Salop. [lord of Knockin in the Marches of Wales]. Amount 8m. (S) UKNA.

1289, John died.

7/16/1289, Order to the escheator on this side Trent to dehver to Fulk le Strange, brother and heir of John le Strange, tenant in chief, the lands late of his said brother, he having done fealty. (S) CFRs.

ii. Fulk le Straung (5910052), born 1268 in England.