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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

G24: 11820466 Grandison-Tregoz

11820466. Sir William de Grandison & 11820467. Sibyl de Tregoz

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~1250, William born in Burgundy, France, s/o §Peter de Granson & Anges de Neufchatel, d/o Ulrick, Count of Neufchatel. [Cousin-german to the Emperor of Constantinople, the King of Hungary, and the Duke of Bavaria.]

~12657 Sibyl born in England, coheir & d/o 23640934. John de Tregoz & 23640935. Mabel Fitz Warin.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

1284-5, Edmund, son of Henry king of England, to William de Grandisson, knight, and Sybil his wife, and the heirs of William’s body: Grant of the manors of Ashperton (Aspertoun) and of Stretton Grandison (Stratton) with the homage of Richard de Fay … (S) UKNA.

1285, John Tregoz and Mabel granted to William de Grandison and Sibyl in tail £87 of land in Iham and Iden, of Mabel’s inheritance, and land in Chipping Lambourne (Berks.) (S) Sussex Fines (S.R.S. vii), 978.

7/15/1285, Order to cause William de Grandisono to have in the forest of Cipham two bucks, of the king's gift. (S) CCRs.

1/21/1287, Edward I to the Grandisons granting to them the manor of Dymock and 44 librates of land with appurtenances in the manor of Dartford in exchange for the manors of Iham and Iden. … Edward I, King of England; William de Gudisson (Grandison); Sibyl [de Gudisson (Grandison)]. (S) UKNA.

1288, William deputy justiciar of North Wales. (S) The Welsh Wars of Edward I, Morris, P218.

11/4/1288, protection for William de Grandisono, staying in Wales to fortify the castle of Karnarvan. (S) CPRs.

1/30/1290, Writ de intendo … clerk of Otto de Grandisono, … William de Grandisono, attorneys of the said Otto, … (S) CPRs.

2/10/1290, Commission to William de Grandiso, supplying the place of the justice of Snaudon, … complaint by A. bishop of St. Asaph, … (S) CPRs.

8/2/1290, A gift made by John abbot of St. Peter Gloucester … witnesses … Sir John de Vescy, Sir John Tregoz, …, barons, … Sir William de Grandisono, … knights. (S) Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Dean & Chapter of Wells, V1, 1907.

1290-92, William de Grandison wrote a letter to the bishop of Bath, chancellor, detailing lists of payments to margaret of Bromfield, d/o Gruffudd ap Llywelyn ab Iorwerth & Senana ferch Caradog, married to Madog ap Gruffudd. (S) Eras Journal, Edition 3, University of Sydney.

6/15/1291, Letters … William de Grandisono, staying in England on the king’s service … (S) CPRs.

5/3/1292, Licence for William de Grandisono to strengthen his house of Sperton, co. Hereford, with a wall of stone and lime and to crenellate it. (S) CPRs.

2/7/1294, Writ de intendendo for William de Grandisono … appointed by Otto de Grandisono, to whom the king granted the islands of Gereseye, Gerneseye, Serk and Aurny, his attorneys … (S) CPRs.

7/22/1298, William at the battle of Falkirk and the defeat of William Wallace.

Aft. 1299, William heir to his brother Otho de Grandison of the manor of Chelsfield. (S) History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent, V2, 1797. [Otho summoned to parlaiment in 1299.]

12/5/1299, Creditor: William de Grandison, knight. [held fees in Horton in Chartham, Felborough Hundred, Kent]  Amount: £35. (S) UKNA.

6/1300, William at the siege of Carlaverock castle, Scotland: “paly silver and azure, surcharged with a red bend, and thereon three beautiful eaglets of fine gold.”

10/25/1300, IPM of John Tregoz [Sibyl’s brother]: John de la Warre [Sibyl’s nephew by her sister Clarice] and Sibill de Graunteson, second daughter of John Tregoz [her father], are the next heirs … Sibill 30 years and more. (S) (S) Abstracts of Wiltshire IsPM, V37, 1908, P254.

1301, William Graunzon (Grandison). Graunzon requests that he is able to have a writ of allowance to the treasurer and barons of the Exchequer for the wages for his service, which are in arrears in Gascony, and for his service in the Scottish war at his own cost. (S) UKNA.

7/18/1301, Sir William de Grandison with 2 knights and 8 horsemen in the retinue of Edward, prince of Wales in Scotland.

1302, John la Warr requests remedy regarding his share of the lands of John Tregoz and the manor of Ewyas Harold, from which he fears he will be disinherited … Other people mentioned: William de Grauntsun (Grandison); Sibyl [de Grauntsun (Grandison)], wife of William de Grauntsun; [John] Tregoz; … (S) UKNA. [John is Sibyl’s nephew by her sister Clarice.]

1/6/1305, Pardon to William de Grandisono and Sibyl his wife, daughter and the other heir of John Tregoz, of the relief of her purparty. (S) CPRs. [The other being John Lawarre, kinsman of John Tregoz.]

10/28/1305, Letter for William de Grandisono, going beyond seas, … (S) CPRs.

10/10/1306, Pardon to William de Grandisono and Sibyl his wife for acquiring, in fee simple, … from Nicholas le Archer … (S) CPRs.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

12/14/1309, Licence, at the instance of John de Britannia, earl of Richmond, for William de Grantson to crenellate his dwelling house (mansum suum) at Eton, co. Hereford. (S) CPRs.

9/8/1310, William de Grandisono, going beyond seas, … (S) CPRs.

8/26/1311, Protection, until the Purification, for William de Grandisono, staying beyond seas. (S) CPRs.

7/1312, To John son of William de Grandisono … canon of York. To Thomas son of William de Grandisono … canon of Lincoln. To William de Grandisono, knight. Indult to have devine offices celebrated privately in his chapel. (S) Calendar of Entries in the Papal Registers, V2, 1895, P101.

1314, Sybil accuses Joan [widow of John Tregos, stepmother of Sybil] of causing waste, sale and destruction in  200 acres of wood in Eton Tregos by felling 560 trees. [Joan has these woods as her dower]. (S) Court of Common Pleas CP40/208.

3/20/1318, Licence … William de Grandisono, executor of the testaments of Edmund, the king’s uncle, and Blanche his wife, to found a chantry for the good of their souls. (S) CPRs.

1318, William Graunzon (Grandison). Graunson requests that the king will ordain his final will on the matter of the jewels that the late king put in the keeping of the executors of the will of the king’s uncle for certain reasons because nothing has been done on this … (S) UKNA.

5/26/1323, Letters patent by the king, authorising William de Grandison and Sibyl his wife, to grant the manor of Lidiard Treigos, and the advowson of the church there, held from the king in chief, to Hugh le Despenser, earl of Winchester. (S) UKNA.

8/4/1324, William de Grandison to certify the number of men, horses, … prepared for the invasion of France. (S) The Gascon Rolls Project.

8/1324, King Edward began the “War of Saint-Sardos” with his brother-in-law King Charles of France.

2/17/1325, Signification to William de Grandison that he should come to Portsmouth on March 17th with horses and arms for passage to Normandy for its relief. (S) The Gascon Rolls Project.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

6/16/1327, Protection in Ireland, for one year, for William de Grandisono. (S) CPRs.

3/1/1328, Restitution to William de Grantzon and Sibyl, his wife, of the manor of Lydeyerd, co. Wilts, of the inheritiance of Sibyl, which William had given to Hugh le Despenser … through fear for the life of Peter de Grantzon, his son, and for his delivery from prison, where he had been detained because he was of the faction of Thomas, late earl of Lancaster. (S) CPRs.

4/2/1328, William’s brother Otho de Grandisson died; William his heir.

10/13/1328, William’s brother Gerard, bishop of Verdun, died.

10/2/1329, William de Grandissono, staying in England, has letters … in Ireland … (S) CPRs.

7/16/1334, William de Grandissono, staying in England, has letters … in Ireland … (S) CPRs.

Bef. 5/25/1335, William died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P728. (S) Lives of the Bishops of Exeter, Oliver, 1861, P75.

Children of William and Sibyl:

i. Agnes de Grandison (5910233), born ~1285 in England.

ii. Peter de Grandison, born ? in England.

Peter married Blanche, d/o Roger de Mortimer & Joan de Geneville.

6/3/1347, Blanche died.

7/2/1358, Peter died.

iii. John de Grandisson, born ? in England.

7/15/1369, John, bishop of Exeter died; buried in Exeter cathedral.

iv. Sir Otho de Grandisson, born ? in England.

Otho married Beatrix, coheir & d/o Sir Nicholas Malmayes.

5/21/1359, Otho died.

v. Maud de Grandison (15211079), born ~1295 in England.

vi. Katherine de Grandison (30422279), born ~1300 in England.