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Friday, August 12, 2011

G24: 15210346

15210346. Sir Peter de Veel & 15210347. Katherine de Clivedon

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~1310, Katherine born in England, heir & d/o 30420694. Sir John de Clivedon & 30420695. Mary Drokensord.

Peter married 2nd Katherine.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

6/26/1328, Protection, with clause volumus, for Peter le Veel going to Scotland on the king’s service. (S) CPRs.

5/12/1329, Protection, with clause volumus, for Peter le Veel going with the king beyond seas. (S) CPRs.

4/18/1330, Mandat to Peter de Veel to deliver the castle of Kerfilly and the land of Seynghenyth, and the forest there, with its issues and profits, now in his custody, to queen Philippa or her attorney, the king having granted the same to her in dower. (S) CPRs.

6/8/1330, Mandate to Peter le Veel and Edward de Stradlyng, … concerning goods late of Hugh le Despenser the younger … forfeited … the king is unwilling that the goods should be kept from him … to seize them and to arrest all person who shall oppose them, … (S) CPRs.

1336, Peter de Veel the high sheriff of Devon.

10/4/1337, Protection, with clause volumus, for Peter le Veel going with Henry, bishop of Lincoln, beyond seas. (S) CPRs.

2/18/1338, Protection, with clause volumus, for Peter le Veel staying with Henry, bishop of Lincoln, beyond seas. (S) CPRs.

Bef. 3/20/1343, Peter of Tortworth, Gloucestershire, died. [… he was drowned in the sea, …. Heir Peter his son, aged 16 years and more.] (S) CIsPM.

5/30/1347 at Charfield, Gloucestershire, Katherine married 2nd Baron Thomas de Berkeley (2954872). [4 sons]

1350, Sir Adam de Shareshull and Alice his wife conveyed Penleigh for life to Sir Thomas, son of Maurice Berkeley, and his wife Katharine, with remainder to John de Veel and his sister Joan, children of Katharine by her first husband Sir Peter de Veel. (S) A History of the County of Wiltshire, V8, 1965.

10/27/1361, Thomas, “the Rich”, 3rd Lord Berkeley of Gloucestershire died; buried in Berkeley Church.

1383, Katherine, Lady Berkeley, obtained the king’s license and confirmation from the Bishop of Worcester to found a chantry.

1384, Katherine, Lady Berkeley, found a Chantry in the parish for a Chaplain and his successor perpetually to pray at the altar of St. Andrew for the good estate of herself and of Thomas, Lord Berkeley and the Lady Margaret his wife.

1385, Katherine died; buried next to her 2nd husband at Berkeley church.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P72.

Children of Peter and ?:

i. Peter de Veel, born 1327 in England.

3/20/1343, Appointment … to arrest Peter son and heir of Peter de Veel, tenant in chief, a minor, whose marriage pertains to the king. (S) CPRs.

Peter married Eleanor ?.

2/17/1370, Grant, for life, to Peter de Veel of the constableship of the castle of Gloucestre, … (S) CPRs.

Children of Peter and Katherine:

ii. Joan de Veel (7605163), born ~1333 in England.

iii. John de Veel, born ? in England.

11/12/1393, Commission … in the late reign between Peter le Veel, plaintiff, and Thomas de Stapeldon, … manor of Norton by Taunton, … John le Veel, son and heir of the aforenamed Peter, … (S) CPRs.

John died leaving Joan’s son as his heir.