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Monday, September 5, 2011

Earl Hugh de Stafford & Countess Philippe de Beachamp

15211414. Earl Hugh de Stafford & 15211415. Countess Philippe de Beachamp

Bef. 1342, Hugh born in England, heir & 2nd s/o 30422828. Ralph de Stafford & 30422829. Margaret de Audley.

~1347, Philippe born in England, d/o 624678. Thomas de Beauchamp & 624679. Katherine de Mortimer.

6/1349, The Plague reached Dorset, and had spread across England by the end of 1349.

9/7/1349, Hugh’s mother died.

[––Hugh & Philippe––]

By 1351, Hugh married to Philippe.

3/1/1351, By letters patent, the king lately granted licence for Ralph, baron of Stafford, and Margaret his wife, to enfeoff … before this latter feoffment could be made Margaret departed this life … for them to grant to Ralph the manor of Thornebury, co. Gloucester … with remainder to Hugh, his son, and Philippa daughter of Thomas de Bello Campo, earl of Warwick, … (S) CPRs.

5/17/1357, Licence for Brian de Cornubia, ‘chivaler,’ … remain to Ralph, earl of Stafford, Hugh, his son, and their heirs. (S) CPRs.

10/1359, King Edward, sailing from Sandwich to Calais with 1,100 ships, again invaded France, eventually taking Saint-Florentin and Tonnerre. Edward reached Paris, setting the suburbs on fire, before turning back to Brittany [Edward decided a siege of Paris was not feasible.] Hugh was in the retinue of the Prince of Wales.

1359-60, Wintering at Chartres, King Edward’s army experienced a severe storm in which 6,000 horses died.

5/8/1360, King Edward made the Peace of Bretigny with the king of France.

By 1364, Hugh’s older brother Ralph, who had married Maud of Lancaster, was deceased without heirs.

5/9/1364, Hugh de Stafford, knight, eldest son of Ralph, earl of Stafford. Petition for a portable altar for himself and his wife Philippa granted. (S) Cal. of Papal Entries, V1, P491.

4/3/1367, John of Gaunt and his forces, having joined up with the Black Prince and his forces, in which Hugh served, crossed the Pyrenees mountains in winter, and won the battle of Najara, Spain. An estimated 16,000 soldiers died in the battle. [Hugh was a member of the group sent to reconnoitre the enemy.]

8/4/1369, The will of ‘Katherine Countess of Warwick’ (624679), bequeathed property to “the Earl my husband … … Philippa de Stafford my daughter …” (S) FMG.

1369, Hugh heir to his cousin James de Audley, hero of the battle of Poitiers, s/o Lord Hugh de Audley.

1/8/1370, Hugh summoned to parliament. [As was his father.]

10/10/1371, Ralph, earl of Stafford, staying in England, has letters nominating John ap Howell as his attorney in Ireland for 1 year. Hugh de Stafford has like letters. (S) CPRs.

8/31/1372, Hugh’s father died; Hugh succeeding.

10/6/1372, Hugh, Earl of Stafford, summoned to parliament.

5/13/1373, Pardon, at the supplication of Hugh, earl of Stafford, … (S) CPRs.

2/20/1374, A chantry founded by John de Tamworth … for the safe estate of the king, his children, Edward, prince of Wales, Hugh, earl of Stafford, the said John and Alice … (S) CPRs

2/1375, Hugh attended the Duke of Brittany to Brittany. Supported by Edmund, earl of Cambridge [the king’s son], Edmund, earl of March, and Edward, lord Despenser, with 90 knights, 1895 esquires, 1985 archers, they took the castle of Saint-Mathieu.

6/27/1375, The Truce of Bruges was called between England and France. (S) War, Politics, and Culture in 14th Centruy England, Sherborne, 1994, P13.

4/1375, Hugh invested as a Knight of the Garter.

4/28/1376, Hugh 1 of 4 earls attending the Good Parliament appointed to confer with the House of Commons.

11/14/1376, Commission to Richard, earl of Arundel, Thomas de Bello Campo, earl of Warwick, Hugh, earl of Stafford, and Guy de Briene, … cause lately before the constabel and the marshal of England … the king cannot at present attend in person … commits to them his powers … (S) CPRs.

1/1377, Hugh attending Parliament appointed to confer with the House of Commons.

7/13/1377, Richard II, age 10, crowned king of England. Hugh served as the royal carver.

10/1377, Hugh appointed to the king’s privy council for 1 year.

1378, Hugh, spokesman for the discontented lords, killed Robert Hawksley in the quire of Westminster abbey.

3/1379, Hugh appointed with others to examine the state of public finances.

2/14/1380, Appointment … of Hugh, earl of Stafford, to the custody of the body and lands of John de Paunton, knight, now in his company, formerly sane but now insane, until he shall have recovered his sanity, … (S) CPRs.

1380, Hugh appointed to regulate the royal household.

5/1/1381, Hugh appointed a commissioner for settling quarrels in the Scottish marches.

5/26/1384, Licence, at the supplication of Hugh, earl of Stafford, for Luke, cardinal priest of St. Sixtus’, to receive by proctors possession, and to demise and receive the profits of the prebend of Brampton … (S) CPRs.

7/20/1384, Licence for Hugh, earl of Stafford, and Ralph his first born son, to hunt in all the king’s parks … and to fish in all his rivers and ponds … (S) CPRs.

4/6/1385, Hugh wrote his will … burial “in the Priory of Stone”, bequeathed property to “my sisters Roos and Charlton and Dame Elizabeth Stafford” and appointed “my cousin the Archbishop of Canterbury, my brother the Earl of Warwick …” (S) FMG.

4/14/1385, Hugh, earl of Stafford, granted to the burgesses of Newport, Wales a 15 day fair. (S) Gaz. of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516.

4/15/1385, Codicil of the will of Hugh Earl of Stafford. Bequeathed property to “my daughter Joan [to] be well and fitly married … my three sons William, Edmund and Hugh...Thomas my son”. (S) FMG.

1385, Hugh and his eldest son Ralph, an attendant of the queen, march north with the king’s army. Near York, Ralph was slain by Sir John Holland [ggs/o Kind Edward I, later duke of Exeter]. [Even though the Scots had assembled a large force supported by French knights and footmen; John de Vienne, the Scottish commander decided not to engage the English because of their superior number of archers.]

9/15/1385, Codicil of the will of Hugh Earl of Stafford. Bequeathed property to “my sister Roos … Margaret de Nevill my daughter … Katherine de la Pole my daughter … Joane my daughter … my sister Charleton … Dame Joane d´Engayne my cousin” (S) FMG.

3/27/1386, Hugh licensed to travel overseas.

Bef. 4/6/1386, Philippe died.

10/16/1386, Hugh, 2nd Earl of Stafford, 3rd Lord Stafford, died on the isle of Rhodes while returning home from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem; buried at Stone, Staffordshire with Philippe. [His body was brought home by his squire John Hinkley.]

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P765. (S) Baronia Anglica Concentrata, V1, 1844, P408. (S) DNB, V53, P458.

Children of Hugh and Philippe: [5 sons, 3 daughters]

i. Margaret Stafford (7605707), born ~1370 in England.

ii. Thomas Stafford, born ? in England.

1/23/1387, Commitment to … of the keeping of all the lands in England and Wales and the town of Calais late of Hugh late earl of Stafford, tenant of the king in chief, to hold the same from the time of Hugh's death until the lawful age of Thomas, his son and heir. (S) CFRs.

7/4/1392, Thomas died; who’s heir was his brother William [died 1395]; who’s heir was his brother Edmund [married Thomas’ widow, Anne of Woodstock, gd/o of King Edward III, died 7/21/1403]. The last son, Hugh, became lord Bourchier in right of his wife.

iii. Katherine Stafford, born ? in England.

Bef. 4/3/1362, married to Michael de la Pole, gs/o 3802372. Sir William de la Pole.

7/1/1415, The will of Michael de la Pole Earl of Suffolk, bequeathed property to “Katherine my wife … a coronet which belonged to the Earl of Stafford her father. (S) FMG.

iv. Joan Stafford, born ? in England.

1392, Joan married Thomas de Holand s/o 738714. Earl Thomas de Holand.