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G25: 16886928

16886928. Hugh de St. Philibert & 16886929. Abreda ?

By 1201, Hugh married to Albreda. (S) Battle Abbey Roll.

4/1206, General Protection to the Men, Lands, and Goods of Gefirey de Lucy, Wil. fitz Henry, and Hugh de Sancto Philiberto, while they are beyond sea on the King’s business. (S) Rotu Li Sel Ecti Ad Res Anglicas Et Hibernicas.

7/1/1206, Roger de Sancto Philiberto and Hugh de Sancto Philiberto parties to a Fine concerning land in Bray in Berkshire, in Welles in Norfolk, and in Tremerdred in Cornwall.

1215-16, Hugh in the Barons’ War against King John.

10/28/1216, Henry III crowned king of England.

Hugh returned allegiance to the crown.

1219, Mandate to the sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk … lands that belonged to Roger de Sancto Phileberto in Bichampwell immediate payment of £20 … debts of the said Roger … each tenant holds … what yearly value … to leave Hugh de Sancto Phileberto in peace, seeing that he has made peace in the Exchequer touching the part of the debt for which he was answerable. (S) Calendar of the Plea Rolls, 1905, P10. [Roger’s wife, also Albreda, assigned her dower thirds.]

1219, Hugh de St. Philebert v. Reyner fil’ Turstan, … William and Richard sons of Galfrid, and William and Martin  sons of Roger, advowson of Bicham p’va. (S) Feet of Fines, Norfolk.

1223, Foresta de Windlesor in comitatibus Berkesire et Surreye { … Hugo de Sancto Phileberto … } … (S) CPRs.

1224, De protectione. … et Hugone de Sancto Philiberto usque … (S) CPRs.

9/2/1224, Pledges for Henry de Trubleville. W. de Mandeville, earl of Essex, for 40 m. Robert de Turville for 10 m. Hugh of Windsor for 10 m. John de Beauchamp for 20 m. … Geoffrey de Lucy for 20 m. Eustace de Greinville for 10 m. Richard de Redvers for 20 m. Henry son of Reginald for 10 m. Hugh de St. Philibert for 10 m. John son of Richard for 10 m. (S) FRsHIII.

1226, Consimiles literas habent subscripti: … Hugo de Sancto Phileberto, qui est in insula de Gerese, sub eadem forma. (S) CPRs.

1226, Hugo de Sancto Phileberto, Custos de Jersey. (S) Caesarea: or An Account of Jersey, Durell, 1837, P135. [Hugh made governor of the Isle of Jersey.]

1230, … De W. Talebot, H. de Sancto Phileberto, et … Rex omibus … (S) CPRs.

1231, Mandatum … Hugo de Sancto Phileberto ei liberavit custodiendos in reditu suo de Britannia … (S) CCRs.

1242, Hugo de Sancto Phileberto redd. Comp. de … (S) The Great Roll of the Pipe for the 26th Year, P68.

5/8/1244, Hugh was concerned with Robert Rastel in a Fine dealing with Lantonnan in Cornwall.

By 1248, Hugh died: Hugo de Sancto Phileberto. Inq. P. m. Hugo filius dicti Hugonis propinquior haeres ujus, et hatet aetatem viginti quantuor annoru. (S) Calendarium Genealogicum, 1865, P21.

6/15/1249: IPM: Hugh, his son, aged 24, is his heir. Berks. Creswelle town, a certain land (extent given) held in chief of the king, whence his ancestors sometime served de la Huse. (S) CIsPM, V1, Henry III, 1904.

(S) Notes and Queries, V10, 1908.

Child of Hugh and Albreda:

i. Hugh de Sancto Phileberto (8443464), born 1225 in England.