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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lord John Bisset & Alice Basset

19989518. Lord John Bisset & 19989519. Alice Basset

~1203, Alice born in England, d/o 39979038. Thomas Basset & 39979039. Philippa Malbank.

~1205, John Byset born in England, s/o 39979036. Henry Biset & 60838001. Iseult Pantulf.

1208, John’s father died.

10/19/1216, Henry III, age 9, succeeded John as King of England. Louis of France also claimed the throne.

[––Alice & William––]

Alice 1st married to William Malet of Currey Mallet, Somerset. [No children. William s/o Gilbert Malet & Alice Picot.]

1220-1, Hugh de Vivon' to Hubert de Burgh, justiciar: he wishes to prolong his stay in England; requests that H. Chacepore, his nephew, should have the daughter of Thomas Basset who is the widow of William Malet. (s) UKNA.

By 1220, William died; Alice received Deddington for her dower. (S) Oxford Hist. Society, V24, 1893, P9. [She also received Dullingham, Cambridgeshire.]

10/1220, The Bishop complained to the sheriff that Alice Malet had entered part of her late father’s estate by fraud, without pledges for relief. (S) Peter des Roches, Vincent, 2002, P202.

[––John & Alice––]

By 1223, John married Alice. (S) Hist. of Cambridge and Isle of Ely, V6, 1978, Dullingham.

1227, Agreement between John Biset and the abbot of Glastonbury concerning Rockbourne and Damerham. (S) Wiltshire Arch. & NH Mag., V51, 1947, P141.

10/15/1229, Wiltshire. John Biset a pledge of £20 for Thomas, son and heir of the earl of Warwick. (S) FRsHIII.

1236, John holding the manor of Dullingham, acquired by marriage to Alice. (S) Hist. of Cambridge and Isle of Ely, V6, 1978, Dullingham.

3/4/1238, John granted a fair at Kidderminster, Worcestershire. (S) Gaz. of Markets and Fairs.

5/22/1238, Mandate … the forests on this side of Trent … which forests the king has committed to John Byset during pleasure, … (S) CPRs.

1238 John Biset, Justice of the southern forests, reported to Henry III that there were 'manifest evil-doers in the forests of Chippenham, Melksham and Braydon', who had hamstrung one of the royal foresters, badly wounded another. (S) The Royal Forests of England, Grant, 1991, P89.

3/3/1239, Hampshire. John Biset has made fine by £150 for having custody of the land and heirs of William Spileman until the lawful age of the same heirs, together with their marriage. (S) FRsHIII.

1239, John Biset appointed justice of the forest citra Trentam. (S) The English Historical Review, V18, 1903, P113.

4/3/1241, The king has granted to John Biset that he may render those £50 … for having the custody of the land and heir of William Spileman. (S) FRsHIII.

7/16/1241, The king has granted to John Biset that, notwithstanding that he has not observed his terms, he may render the £20 which he owes him at 2 terms. (S) FRsHIII.

1241, John, Chief forester of England, died; buried in Maiden Bradley priory, Wiltshire. (S) FRsHIII.

10/31/1241, To the sheriff of Wiltshire. Order that, having accepted security from the executors of the testament of John Biset … £26 11s. 1d. for the debts of Thomas Basset, … executors to have full administration of all property and chattels … (S) FRsHIII.


11/2/1241, The king has assigned the manor of Burgate, with the hundred …, and the manor of Shamblehurst … in Hampshire, and the manor of Wiggold … in Gloucestershire, to Richard de Redvers and Margaret, his wife, first-born daughter and one of the heirs of John Biset, in the portion which falls to her of 2/3rds of the inheritance formerly of the aforesaid John, the third part of which Alice, who was John’s wife , holds in dower. (S) FRsHIII.

1241-45, Henry, earl of Warick, and Philippa his wife, and Reginald de Valletort, and Joan his wife, and Dame Alice Basset, the heirs of Thomas Basset, mentioning Philippa Maubane, relect of the said Thomas Basset, … (S) Rpt. of Royal Comm. On Hist. Manu’s, Iss9, 1883, P404.

1/4/1242, Appointment of John de Plessetis to the custody of 2 parts of the lands late of John Byset and of Ela and Isabel, 2 of his daughters and heris, saving to Alice late his wife her dower therein, to hold to him or his assign during the minority of the said Ela and Isabel, with their marriage. (S) CPRs.

1249, Alice reached agreement with William Malet’s grandson, William de Forz, regarding her dower rights in Woodmansterne, Surrey.

Alice died.

Family notes:

·         12/9/1241, The king has granted to John de Plessetis (19989516) the custody of the lands and of Eleanor and Isabella, daughters and heiresses of John Biset, together with their marriage, the custody and marriage of one of whom the king granted to him of his gift and the custody and marriage of the other for the 100m.  (S) FRsHIII.

·         1243, Letters of indulgence of Robert [de Bingham ], Bishop of Salisbury, releasing from 13 days penance all persons who should visit the church of the hospital of [ Maiden ] Bradley and pray of the souls of John Byset and his ancestors, the founders. (S) UKNA.

Child of John and Alice:

i. Margaret Biset, born ? in England.

Margaret married John de Riveris.

ii. Eleanor Biset, born ? in England.

Elaeanor married John Wootton.

iii. Isabel Biset (9994759), born ~1240 in England.