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Friday, October 7, 2011

Lord Baldwin Wake & Isabel de Briwere

19989616. Lord Baldwin Wake & 19989617. Isabel de Briwere

~1180, Baldwin born in England, s/o 39979232. Baldwin Wake & 39979233. Agnes de Humet.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

~1190, Isabel born in England, youngest d/o 189118346. William Briwere & 189118347. Beatrice de Vaux.

1193, Baldwin sent as one of 67 hostages of nobility to Germany to guarantee the ransom of King Richard I.

9/1195, Payments for the passage of Baldwin Wake [returning from being a hostage in Germany]. Baldwin returned to England after Emperor Henry renounced the remaining 17,000 marks of the ransom. (S) The Itinerary of King Richard I, V51, 1935, P105.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

1201, Baldwin’s father died.

1201, Baldwin’s maternal grandfather William (79958466), constable of Normandy, bound himself to the Archbishop of Canterbury that he would not let his grandson Baldwin marry without consent of the King of England. (S) Magna Rotuli Scaccarii Normanniae, 1844, P180.

1205-06, Baldwin’s maternal grandfather died.

10/26/1206, King John and King Philip agreed to a truce. The French held Anjou, Brittany, Maine and Normandy, leaving Aquitain in southern France to John. [This caused Baldwin to lose his lands in France.]

1207, Baldwin incurred the wrath of King John [likely had to do with his lands in France.]

1207, Royal letter ordered the sheriffs to seize the chattels of Baldwin Wake and John de Humet and banish these persons from the realm within 3 weeks. (S) The Medieval English Sheriff, Morris, 1968, P150.

By 1210, Baldwin pardoned and returned to England.

~1210, Baldwin married Isabel and obtained possession of the manor of Chesterfield. (S) The Universal British Directory of Trade, V2, Barfoot, P673.

Bef. 1213, Agnes, daughter of William du Hommet, with assent of her son Baldwin Wake, grants a messuage at Winchedon to Notley. (S) Henry II, New Interpretations, Harper-Bill, 2007, P114.

Bef. 7/20/1213, Baldwin died. (S) History of Gernsey, Tupper, 1854, P69. [Philip d’Aubigny to assign 20 librates of land previously of Baldwin Wake in Guernsey.]


7/27/1214, Grant to William Briwere (189118346) of the custody of the land and heir of Baldwin Wake with the marriage of Isabella, daughter of the same William, widow of the said Baldwin. (S) The History of the Borough of Chesterfield, Yeatman, 1890, P237.

1227, Isabel’s father died; her brother William the heir.                                                                                     

1232, Isabel’s brother William died; co-heiress with her 4 sisters.

Isabel died.

(S) A Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited and Extinct, Burke, P663.

Family notes:

·         Bef. 1213, Baldwin Wake granted parcels of land to the brethren and poor of the hospital of Gilbertine priory of St. Catherine, outside Lincoln. (S) Hist. of Lincoln, V2, 1906, Priory of St. Catherine, outside Lincoln.

Child of Baldwin and Isabel:

i. Hugh Wake (9994808), born ~1211 in England.