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Monday, October 10, 2011

Baron Fulbert de Dover & Lady Rohesia de Lucy

19989670. Baron Fulbert de Dover & 19989671. Lady Rohesia de Lucy

~1160, Fulbert born in England, s/o 39979340. John de Dover & 39979341. Isabel Briwere.

~1170, Rohesia de Lucy, born in England, younger d/o 39979342. Geoffrey de Lucy.

Aft. 1174, Fulbert’s father died.

7/14/1179, Rohesia’s father died.

1180, Fulbert granted Chilham castle, which became the seat of his barony. (S) Hist. & Topo. of Kent, V9, 1800, Hougham.

By 1181, Rohesia’s father died, her brother Herbert the heir.

1188, Chingford Comoitis held by Fulbert de Dover. (S) The Environs of London, Lysons, 1811, P654.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

1190-91, Fulbert [as heir of his father, who was heir of his uncle Hugh] assessed [part or all of] ‘feoda Hugonis de Dovra, de militibus honoris de Brunne’ paying ‘l.s in hoc comitatu, v milites’ in Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire. [50s for 5 knights’ fees.] (S) FMG.

1191-1200, ‘Fobertus filius Johannis de Dovera’ confirmed the donation of Chilham church to Saint-Bertin by ‘Hugo de Dovra avunculus patris mei’ [Hugh, his father’s uncle.] (S) FMG.

By 1194, Rohesia’s brother died. For some reason his lands in Normandy had been confiscated. (S) Family notes, 1223.]

1194 in Kent, Rose offered £700 for her inheritance. ‘Rohesia de Doure pro habenda medietate terrarum que fuerunt Ricardi de Luci avi sui et quas postea Ricardus frater ipsius Rohesie habuit tam in Anglia quam in Normannia, … pro licenctia maritandi se ubi voluerit’. (S) FMG. [Rohesia to have half of what her grandfather Richard de Lucy and his brother Richard Rohesie had in England and Normandy, and to marry herself to whoever she wishes. (By other records the lands not granted.)]

~1194, Rohesia married Fulk.

Aft. 1194, Fulbert’s father died.

1198, Godfrey de Lucy [uncle of Rose], bishop of Winchester, who offered £1,000 for the inheritance of the Lucy lands.

1198, Fulbert de Dover was a witness to the foundation charter of Torre abbey. (S) Reports & Transactions, Devonshire, V50, 1918, P96.

1198, Fulbert de Dover discharged of his debts which John his father owed to certain Jews. (S) Judges of England, V1, Foss, 1848, P232.

1199, ‘Fob’t de Dovr’ paid a fine for ‘castelli de Chillam et ville de Chilham.’ (S) FMG.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

1202, Fulbert died, his son Robert succeeding.


Bef. 1204, Rohesia married 2nd Nicholas fitz Alan.

1204, William Briwerre (189118346, maternal uncle of Fulbert) offered £80 for the wardship and marriage of the heirs of Roese’s 1st marriage, and custody of her dower. ‘Willelmus Briwer’ paid a fine for ‘custodia terre et heredum Fobti de Dovr … et … custodia dotis Roes de Dovr’ (S) FMG. [The daughters by the 2nd marriage were not his relations.]

1205, ‘Nicol fil Alan et Roes de Dovr ux eius’ paid a fine for ‘dote ipsius Roes’ [of Rohese’s portion] in Essex and Kent. (S) FMG.

1/6/1206, William Briwer granted for £80 wardship of the lands and heirs of Fobertus de Dover. (S) Report and Transactions of Devonshire, V50, 1918, P96.

1207, Rohese de Lucy offered £100 [renewall of her offer of 1194] for half of the Lucy lands; ‘except those held by Robert fitz Walter’ [her cousin].

1208, Rohesia had livery of some lands by paying a fine. (S) Jounal, Royal Instutition of Cornwall, V10, 1891, P380. [Her husband/guardian paying the fine.]

By 1213, Inspeximus by Almaric de Luci of the following grant of Richard de Luci his great grandfather: Certificate of Richard de Lucy (79958684) … he has granted to the canons of Holy Trinity, London, … 20s. yearly rent from Niwetone for the soul of Roheis his wife, who is buried in their church, … Almaric confims the above grant as to the moiety thereof that Roheisia de Doveria his kinswoman has granted them. Witnesses: Sirs Robert son of Roger (19989910), … (S) UKNA.

1213, Grant to Rose de Dover of her inheritance from the lands of Richard de Lucy, her grandfather. (S) UKNA.

By 1214, Rose died. (S) Her lands given to daughter Rohesia’s husband.

(S) Magna Carta, Holt, 1992, P165. (S) The History of the Castle, Town, and Port of Dover, Stratham, 1899. (S) The Reign of King John, Painter, 1949, P76. (S) Judges of England, V1, Foss, 1848, P232.

Family notes:

·         1/1203, Earl Robert of Leicester given custody of Fulbert’s barony.

·         1223, ‘terre … Newetona’ disputed between Henricum de Cobbeham and Wilhelmus Briwere, which found that ‘Roheysia de Douere filia Gaufridi de Lucy primogeniti filii Ricardi de Lucy’ [Roheysia of Dover, eldest daughter of Geoffrey de Lucy, eldest son of Richard de Lucy] held the land which, after confiscation, was restored to the aformentioned Roeysia who with ‘Nicholas vir suus’ [Nicholas her husband] gave it to Willelmo Briwere. (S) FMG.

Children of Fulbert and Rohesia:

i. Rohesia de Dover (9994835), born ~1195 in England.

ii. Robert de Dover, born ? in England.

1205, Robert died leaving his sister Roese as his heir.

Children of Nicholas and Rohesia

iii. Maud fitz Alan, born aft 1202 in England.

1214, Richard de Rivers offered £500 for the marriage of Maud, sister of Roese.

1230, ‘Matillis de Lucy, Ricardus filius Reginaldi et Roysa uxor eius’ v. … ‘terre … in Neutona’ … Ricardus de Lucy antecessor ipsarum Matillidis et Royse’  was seised of the property, and after him ‘Galfrido … filio et heredi suo … et de predicto Galfrido … Herberto …  filio et heredi suo et de predicto Herberto Matillidi et Royse sororibus’ … [Richard de Lucy ancestor of Maud and Roysa … Geoffrey’s (39979342) son and heir of Herbert, Maud (121698393) and Rohesia (19989671) his sisters … to …] (S) FMG.

iii. Royse fitz Alan, born ? in England.

Royse married Richard fitz Reginald.