Monday, October 10, 2011

G25: 19989670 Dover-Lucy

19989670. Fulbert de Dover & 19989671. Rohesia de Lucy.

Fulbert born in England, s/o §John de Dover & Isabel Briwere, d/o William Briwere.

~1160, Rohesia de Lucy, born in England, d/o 39979342. Geoffrey de Lucy.

1174, Fulbert’s father living.

7/14/1179, Rohesia’s father died.

Fulbert’s father died.

1188, Chingford Comoitis held by Fulbert de Dover. (S) The Environs of London, Lysons, 1811, P654.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

1198, Fulbert de Dover was a witness to the foundation charter of Torre abbey. (S) Reports & Transactions, Devonshire, V50, 1918, P96.

Fulbert built Chilham castle.

Fulbert died, his son Robert succeeding.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

1202, Fulbert died, his son Robert succeeding.

1204, William Briwerre offered £800 for the wardship and marriage of the heirs of Roese’s 1st marriage, and custody of her dower.

1207, Rohese de Lucy offered 100£ [renewall of her offer of 1194] for half of the Lucy lands; ‘except those held by Robert fitz Walter’ [her cousin].

(S) Magna Carta, Holt, 1992, P165. (S) The History of the Castle, Town, and Port of Dover, Stratham, 1899. (S) The Reign of King John, Painter, 1949, P76.

Family notes:

·         John de Dover, nephew and heir of Hugh de Dover – died after 1167 [married to Matilda, d/o RobertPeverel & Adelicia ?]. Hugh s/o Fobert de Dover, lord of Chilham – died before 1139. (S) The English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P566.

·         1/6/1206, William Briwer purchased for 80£ wardship of the lands and heirs of Fobertus de Dover. (S) Report and Transactions of Devonshire, V50, 1918, P96.

·         1213, Grant to Rose de Dover of her inheritance from the lands of Richard de Lucy, her grandfather. (S) UKNA.

·         12/17/1233, W. bishop of Exeter has made fine with the king by 2000 m. for having the custody of the land and the son and heir of W. d’Avranches … until the full age of the same heir, with the marriage … in order to marry him to one of the daughters of Richard of Chilham and Rose of Dover, his wife, kinswoman of the aforesaid bishop.

Child of Fulbert and Rohesia:

i. Robert de Dover, born ? in England.
1205, Robert died leaving his sister Roese as his heir.

i. Rohesia de Dover (9994835), born ~1198 in England.

ii. Maude Dover, born by 1205 in England.
1214, Richard de Rivers offered 500£ for the marriage of Maud, sister of Roese.