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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Viscount Geoffroi VI of Chateaudun & Dame Clemence des Roches

19989742. Viscount Geoffroi VI of Chateaudun & 19989743. Dame Clemence des Roches

~1190, Geoffroi born in France, s/o §§Geoffroi V, Viscount de Chateaudun.

~1208, Clemence born in France, d/o 39979486. Guillaume des Roches & 39979487. Marguerite de Sable.

1215, Geoffroi’s father died.

9/2/1215, Geoffroy de Chateaudun approuve une donation faite par Payen de Montdoubleau, son vassal, aux religieuses de Saint-Avy. (S) Essai Historique et Statistique sur le Canto et la Ville de Mondoubleau, 1837, P150.

1217, Clemence married to Count Thibaud VI of Blois. [No children.]

4/22/1218, Thibaud VI died.

1218, Geoffrey became Viscount Chateaudun, Lord of Mondoubleau, St. Calais and Bouchet.

[––Geoffrey & Clemence––]

5/17/1219, Geoffroi married to Clemence acquiring the title of Lord of Chateau du Loir, Mayet, the Suze and Loupelande.

1220, King Philip promised Hugh X de Lusignan the county of Eu and the marriage Clemence for his allegiance. (S) Scotland, England and France After the Loss of Normandy, Pollock, 2015, P97. [Hugh did not accept.]

7/1222, Geoffroy aumona aux religieux de la Madeleine un droit de foire pour le lendemain de la Saint-Remy. (S) Inventaire-Sommaire des Archives Communales Anterieures a 1790, Merlet, P-X.

7/14/1223, Louis VIII succeeded as King of France.

6/1226 at Bourges, Geoffroi in the crusade against the Albigensians led by King Louis VIII. [Cathars, in southern France, who had taken back lost lands from perious crusades.] They quickly recaptured the towns of Béziers, Carcassonne, Beaucaire, and Marseille, meeting little resistance. They then set siege to Avignon, which did not fall until the 9th of September.

1226, Charte de meme Geoffroy en faveur de l’abbaye de Bonneval.

11/29/1226, King Louis IX, age 12, succeed as King of France.

1229, Geoffroi in the crusade against the Albigensians. [No major battles.]

4/12/1229, Count Rayond VII of Toulouse signed a peace treaty with Queen Blanche of France, in which he turned over castles and destroyed the defenses of Toulouse.

7/1229, Geoffrey made another donation to Saint-Remy.

1238, A “monstrous and inhuman race of men”, with a leader called Kan, began to overun far eastern Europe.

9/1238, Geoffroi became a vassal directly of the King of France instead of the count of Champagne.

1238, Geoffroi built fortifications inside the castle of Mondoubleau.

Bef. 1240, Geoffroi gave the lordship of Bouchet to his youngest sister Agnes.

9-10/1240, Geoffroi fought at the siege of Carcassonne on the 7th crusade of the Cathar wars. Guillaume de Peyrepertuse attempted to relieve the siege of his castle, and was defeated on 11/16.

1248, Geoffroi leaves on crusade to the Holy land with King Louis IX.

6/23/1249, They captured Damietta with little resistance.

2/6/1250, Geoffroi died while the crusaders waited for the Nile flooding to recede.


Aft. 9/1259, Clemence, seigneur of Chateaudun, Chateau-du-Loir, Mayet, Loupeland, Montdoubleau, and la Suze, died.

(S) Catalogue Analytique des Archives de M. le Baron de Joursanvault, 1838. (S) Cartulaire de Chateau-du-Loir, Vallée, 1905, P.xi.

Family notes:

·         Chateaudun coins altered during the reign of Vicomte Geoffroy, reflecting the image of the roual coin of Tours. (S) Bread, Wine & Money, Williams, 1993, P213.

·         Geoffroi’s sister Alice married Herve de Gallardon.

·         Geoffrey V, Viscount de Chateaudun married 1st Adela de Nevers, married 2nd Alix de Freteval. (S) Soicété dunoise: Bullletins, V7, 1893, P394.

Children of Geoffroi and Clemence:

i. Jeanne de Chateaudun (9994871), born ~1230 in France.

ii. Clemence de Chateaudun, born ? in France.

Clemence married Robert de Dreux.