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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lord Roger de Tony & Constance de Beaumont

19989872. Lord Roger de Tony & 19989873. Constance de Beaumont

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

~1155, Roger de Toeni Tony born in England, s/o 79638586. Ralph de Tony & 79638587. Margaret de Beaumont.

1162, Roger heir to his father.

~1170, Constance de Beaumont, d/o 39979746. Richard de Beaumont.

8/6/1173, King Henry of England advances his army to Conches to relieve the siege of Verneuil.

~1188, Roger married Constance.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

1190, Roger de Tosny joined King Richard on his crusade to the Holy Land.

7/1190, The English and French armies met at Lyons; where they learned that the German Emperor, leading his forces to the crusade, had died in an accident.

1191, King Richard captured the city of Messina, Sicily, after they had refused to let the English ships land.

6/5/1191, King Richard set sail for Acre. [French forces were already besieging the city.]

7/1191, King Richard captured Acre. [Many of the forces, especially the Germans, returned home.]

9/5/1191, King Richard defeated Saladin at the battle of Arsuf. Roger is noted for his valor during this battle.

12/1191, King Richard arrived at Beit Nuba, 12 miles from Jerusalem.

6/1192, Roger de Tony involved with the interception of a Saraven caraman at El-Khuweilfe.

9/2/1192, King Richard made a 3-year truce with Saladin.

12/21/1192, King Richard was captured near Vienna on his return from crusading.

6/1193, Roger de Tony visited King Richard in capitivity at Speyer, Germany.

1/1194, Roger de Tosny provided his 4-year-old son Roger as a hostage to effect the release of King Richard as a prisoner in Germany. (S) Troubadour’s Song, Boyle, 2005, P222.

3/12/1194, King Richard, released and having evaded capture, landed at Sandwich.

1197, Roger de Tony founded Saham Tony, in the hundred of Wayland, Norfolk. (S) Royal Illustrated History of Easter England, Bayne, 1873, P573.

1197, The sheriff paid Roger de Toni £6 10s for half-year, by the king’s brief for Ailrichescota.

4/7/1199, at Vaudreuil, after the death of King Richard I of England, a concord between factions in France was made and witnessed by … William the Marshall, Comte Robert of Seez, Guillaume du Hommet (79958466) constable of Normandy, Roger de Tony, … (S) Magni Rotuli Scaccarii Normanniae, Stapleton, 1844, P35.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

1199, King John confirmed his grant of Alricheston to Roger de Tony and his wife Constance that he made when he was earl of Mortain. (S) Reports and Transactions, Devonshire, V29, P460. [As well as giving Roger lordship of Saham Tony.]

1199, Roger gave his allegiance to King John instead of King Philip.

9/1199, King Philip took Conches, the castle of Roger de Toni. (S) The Annals of Roger de Hovenden, 1853, P463.

9/22/1199, King John granted Addiscott, Devon, in the parish of South Tawton, to Constance de Toeni, daughter of Richard de Beaumont. (S) Publ.’s of the Pipe Roll Society, 1933, P22.

4/27/1200, King John, by charter, granted to Roger de Thony and his heirs that their demesne in England should be exempt from suits of shires and hundreds … (S) CPRs, 10/20/1347.

1201, Richard, earl of Clare, proffered £100 for a writ of mort d'ancestor against Roger de Tosny claiming that his uncle, also Richard, had died seised of Saham, Norfolk. (S) Magna Carta, Holt, 1992, P129.

9/1202, Roger paid a new tax and served the king to support the war between King John and King Philip Augustus of France. (S) Studies in Taxation Under John and Henry III, Mitchell, 2008, P46.

9/18/1203, Roger de Tosny and Raoul de Beaumont stood as a surety for King John of England with William de Roches, whom King Philip of France had sent for discussions.

9/22/1203, Richard, vicomte de Beaumont, and his son Ralph witnessed King John’s act at Le Mans, which benefited Lord Roger de Toeni, married to Richard’s daughter Constance.

3/1204, Roger de Thoney granted a market at South Tawton, Devon. (S) Gaz. of Markets and Fairs.

6/24/1204, King Philip captured Rouen after a month-long siege. In the document of the surrender ‘Rogero de Thooniaco’ was excepted from any terms of the surrender. (S) Magni Rotuli Scaccarii, Stapleton, 1844, P201.

1204, The Prior of West-Acre had of the gift of Roger de Tony 20 acres of wood called North-Tweyt, and liberty of commonage on Saham commons, and also the tithes of all the wood sold out of his woods in Saham and Neketon, for his own, his father's, and mother's souls. (S) Ess. Tow’s Topo. Hist. of Norfolk, V2, 1805, Saham-Tony.

10/20/1204, King John granted Roger de Thony and his heirs that their demesne in England should be exempt from suits of shires and hundreds and pleas pertaining to the sheriff, except pleas of muder and larceny, … (S) CPRs, 10/20/1347.

By 1204, Roger lost all of his estates in France to the French crown.

1205, Roger de Toeny held the market of Saham Toney, Norfolk. (S) Gaz. of Markets and Fairs.

1206, Roger de Toni in Wick held ½ fee. (S) Devon Notes & Queries, V3, 1905, P270.

12/29/1208, Roger, Lord of Flamsted, Hertforshire, knt., died.


10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

Aft. 1226, Constance died.

(S) Parochial and Family History of the Parish of Blisland, Maclean, 1868, P65.

Family notes:

·         King John acknowledged Constance as a kinswoman. (S) Proceeding of the Battle Conference of Anglo-Norman Studies, 1979, P125.

·         Roger de Tosny held lands on either side of the Seine near Andeli, and also in the honor of Bellencombre. In 1218, Tosny was given to Lambert Cadoc; the lands on the right bank of the river, at Heuqueville and elsewhere went to Walter the young, the chamberlain.

Child of Roger and Constance:

i. Ralph de Tony (9994936), born ~1190 in England.