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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Comte Henri II de Bar & Countess Philippa de Dreux

23638806. Comte Henri II de Bar & 23638807. Countess Philippa de Dreux

1190, Henri born in Bar, France, s/o 47277612. Thibaut I, Compte of Bar & 47277613. Ermesinde de Brienne.

1192, Philippa born in France, d/o 47277614. Robert II, Comte de Dreux & 47277615. Yolande de Coucy.

2/12/1214, Henri succeeded his father as Comte de Bar.

7/27/1214, Henri fought on the side of King Philip Augustus, the winning side at the battle of Bouvines. (S) Encyclopedia Britannica, V3, 1910, P405.

7/27/1214, William, earl of Salisbury, leader of the English forces supporting Otto IV of Germany against France, at the [disastrous for King John] battle of Bouvines, near Tournai in Flanders. The French King’s forces of 10,000 defeated an alliance of England, the Holy Roman Empire and rebellious French principalities, numbering 15,000.

[––Henri & Philippa––]

11/6/1219, Henri contracted to marry Philippa. [Her father died the week they were married.]

12/1219, Henri married Philippa.

6/1220, Henry, count of Bar-le-Duc, and Blanche of Champagne promised not to retain each other’s Jews. (S) Towards a Definition of Antisemitism, Langmuir, 1996, P146.

7/14/1223, Louis VIII succeeded as king of France.

1225, Henri captured by Johanne Cabilonesi, son of comte Stephani. [Unknown how long held.]

11/8/1226, Louis IX succeeded as king of France.

12/1229, Henri, count of Bar, attacked the duke of Lorraine and burned a number of villages. The duke and his ally, the count of Champagne, retaliated with similar attacks.

9/1230, The peace treaty at Compiegne settled the differences of the Counts of Boulogne and Flanders, and the Count of Bar and the Duke of Lorraine.

5/9/1237, Pope Gregory directed Henry de Dreux, archbishop of Rheims, to finance Henry, count of Bar, if he needed help raising money for crusading. (S) A History of the Crusades, V-II, Setton, 2006, P466.

5/1237, Conrad IV crowned king of Germany.

4/1239, Henri donated property to the abbey of Sainte-Holide.

9/1/1239, Henri on crusade with Thibaut de Champagne, King of Navarre, landed at Acre.

1239, Henri diverted a large number of crusaders from the main army to fight a force of Ayyubid Muslims at Gaza, where he was captured.

11/13/1239, Henri died of dysentery after being captured. (S) Provinces, Pays, and Seigneuries of France, 1981, P9.


2/1240, ‘Phelippe contesse de Bar … et Thiebaut son fil’, suzerains in respect of ‘la terre de Chisni … que je tieng de par ma femme Jehanne la contesse’.

1/23/1242, [Philippa] ‘Philippe contesse de Bar et Thiebaus mon fils’ confirmed the donation of 4/1239.

Philippa died.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Family notes:

·         Philippa a member of the Capet royal families of France.

Children of Henri and Philippa:

i. Thibaut II, comte de Bar, born 1221 in Bar-le-Duc, France.

Thibaut married Jeanne de Dampierre, widow of Hughes III, comte de Rethel.

10/1291, Thibaut died.

ii. Marguerite of Bar le Duc (11819403), born ~1230 in Bar-le-Duc, France.