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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Duke Waleran III of Limburg & Regent Ermensende de Namur & Compte Thibaut I of Bar & Lady Ermesinde de Brienne

23638804. Duke Waleran III of Limburg & 23638805. Regent Ermensende de Namur & 47277612. Compte Thibaut I of Bar & 47277613. Lady Ermesinde de Brienne

1160, Jean [Thibaut] born in Bar-le-Duc, France, s/o 94555224. Renaud II, Compte de Bar & 94555225. Agnes de Blois.

~1165, Eremsinde de Brienne born in Bar-sur-Seine, France, d/o §§Comte Guy de Brienne & Petronille-Elizabeth de Chacenay.

11/25/1170, Jean’s father died.

1174, Jean’s older brother Jacques succeeding, taking the name Henri I, compte de Bar.

~1175, Waleran born in Limburg [Luxembourg], s/o 47277608. Duke Hendrik III of Limburg & 47277609. Sophie von Saarbruken.

1176, Jean married 1st Laurette de Looz, divorced wife of Gilles, compte de Duras, Montaigu and Clermont.

[––Eremsinde de Brienne & Anseau II––]

Eremsinde de Brienne married 1st Anseau II, sire de Trainel.

1178, Charter: Dominus Henricus de Lymburg filius Domini Henrici et nepos ducis Walerami … quam uxor eius Domina Sophia et filii eius Henricus et Waleramnus.

[––Waleran & Cunegonde––]

Waleran 1st married to Cunegonde, d/o Ferry I, Duke of Lorraine Herzog von Bitsch & Wierchosława Ludmilla of Poland.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

7/1186, Ermensinde de Namur, born in Luxembourg, d/o 47277610. Compte Henri de Luxembourg & 47277611. Agnes of Guelders.

1187, Ermensinde de Namur 1st betrothed [unknown spouse, died in 1189.]

[–––Thibaut & Ermesinde de Brienne–––]

1189, Jean [Thibaut] married 2nd widow Ermesinde de Brienne.

12/12/1189, Crusaders under King Richard left England on the 3rd crusade. [Arriving at Acre 6/1191.]

1190, King Philip with the French crusaders left on the 3rd crusade expecting to join up with King Richard I of England, and Frederick I of Germany.

7/1190, Walern left with the German forces on the 3rd crusade. The German emperor, leading the forces, died in an accident on the way.

10/1190, Jean [Thibaut], at the battle of Acre, succeeded his brother as Comte de Bar, taking the name Thibaut [Aka Theobald. His older brother died at the battle.] (S) Joscelyn III, Nicholson, 1973, P184. [The French were the 1st contingent to arrive at Acre.]

By 6/5/1191, The French crusaders were already beseiging the city of Acre when the English arrived, and the Germans shortly after.

Aft. 7/1191, The German forces led by Duke Leopold V of Austria returned home after the fall of Acre to the crusaders.

[–––Thibaut––] & [––Ermesinde de Brienne–––]

1195, Thibaut divorced Eremsinde de Brienne.

8/14/1196, Henri, father of Ermesinde de Namur, died.

1196, Ermancia domina de Traignel [Eremsinde de Brienne] signed a charter.

1196, Founding of Vallis Sancti Lamberti abbey: Henricus de Lemborc, with the consent of, filiorum meorum Henrici, Waleranni [Walerand], Frederici et Gerardi.

[–––Thibaut & Ermesinde de Namur–––]

1197, Thibaut, count of Bar and Mousson, married 3rd to Ermensende de Namur [age 10-11], becoming count of Luxembourg. (S) Acta Templaroriun, Jean-Luc Alias, 2002.

7/12/1198, Waleran with his father, Duke Hendrik III of Limburg, at the coronation of Otto, King of Germany.

1199, Thibaut, in right of his wife, bought the counties of Luxembourg, Durbuy and Laroche, with the approval of Philipp, King of Germany, and besieged Philippe Marquis de Namur in his castle at Namur.

7/26/1199, Thibaut forced the Treaty of Dinant, under which the disputed territories of Luxembourg, Durbuy and Laroche were confirmed to his wife. Baudouin IX, count of Flanders and Hainaut inherited Namur, while Ermesinde retained Luxembourg, Durbuy, Laroche and that part of Namur which lay on the right bank of the river Meuse. “Ermesinde Countess of Bar and Luxemburg” signed the treaty.

1200, Ermansandis domina Trianguli [Eremsinde de Brienne] issued a charter relating to the wood of Coudroi.

1202, Henricus filius Henrici filii Walerami ducis de Limburg, donated property to Rolduc abbey, with the consent of, filiis meis Henrico, Waleramo [Walerand], Friderico, Gerardo, ac filiabus meis Jutta de Valkenburg et Mathilde.

1205, Henry, duke of Limburg, and his son Waleran, with the Archbishop Siegfried of Mayence, prepared the city of Cologne against attack. (S) Cambridge Medieval History, Gwatkin, 1967.

4/1206, Thibaut I, count of Bar-le-Duc and Luxemburg, announces that he and Countess Blanche of Champagne have exchanged jurisdiction over their women who married men of the other lord. Thibaut agreed that the children from future intermarriages will belong to Blanch, but he retained jurisdiction over the children of his men and women who live in Champagne and marry among themselves. (S) Littere Baronum, Evergates, 2003, P44.

8/7/1207, Thibaut’s mother died.

Bef. 1211, Waleran married 1st, Cunegonde de Lorraine.

4/3/1211, Thibaut left his property, in the case of his death, by charter before attending the Albigensian crusade to avoid service in the Holy Land.

1211, Waleran and Cunegonde made a donation to the abbey of Fraulautem in memory of Ferri II, Duke of Lorraine and his wife.

Aft. 1211, Eremsinde de Brienne died.


1212, Waleran supported his cousin, Henri I, duke of Brabant, in a war with Guelders.

1213, Waleran and his father were supporters of the French claims of King John of England.

1213, [Henri, Waleran’s father] duke of Limburg received 400 marks, and Waleran de Limburg received 50£ from King John for their support. (S) The Gentleman’s magazine, V163, P157.

1213, Cunegonde died.


11/1213, Thibaut, count of Bar and Luxembourg, donated Pierrevillers to the Templars. “I give the Lady Ermesinde, Countess of Luxemburg, my wife, my chateau of Arlon …” (S) Luxembourg in the Middle Ages, P76.

2/12/1214, Thibaut died; buried at Saint-Mihiel, France, next to his father.

1214, Ermensinde de Luxembourg [Namur – and later the Pope Honorius III] confirmed Thibaut’s gifts to the Templars.

[–––Waleran & Ermesinde de Namur–––]

By 5/1214, Waleran, Seigneur de Montjoie, married Ermensende [age 27-28], Ctss of Luxembourg, becoming count of Luxembourg. (S) Inventing Luxembourg, Peporte, 2010, P41.

1214, Waleran campaigned against Namur in attempts to recover lost land of his wife.

1218, Charter: an agreement between, Waleranum comitem Luceburgensem, and the church of St Paul, Metz, with the consent of, uxoris suæ L. dominæ Luxemburgo et Walerani junioris filii comitis et Elisabethæ uxoris eiusdem.

6/21/1221, Waleran succeeded his father as duke of Limburg and count of Arlon.

2/13/1223, Waleran, having attempted to take Namur from Margrave Philip II, signed the treaty of Dinant.

7/14/1223, Louis VIII succeeded as king of France.

11/23/1223, Walerami ducis de Limburg et comitis de Lutzelimburg, granted, feodum suum … de Arluns et Luzelliburg, to, uxori sue et conmatri nostre Ermegardi, prolibusquoque suis Henrico, Gerardo filiis, Catharine etiam filie sue.

1223, Waleran campaigned against Namur in attempts to recover lost land of his wife.

1224, Waleran joined the call to the Cathar and Albigensian crusade of Pope Honorius III in southern France.

1226, Waleran made a trip to Rome.

7/2/1226, Waleran died on the return trip at Cremona, Italy; [5 months after his brother Gerard].

[–––Ermesinde de Namur–––]

Ermensinde acted as regent for her son Henri. [Until 1236.]

7/1231, Ermensinde arranged a marriage between her son, Henricus dominus de Lucemburg, and Margaretam filiam Henrici comitis Barrensis.

1236, Ermensinde signed the charter of of the city of Echternach. [The abbot claimed Ermensinde was ursuping his rights.]

1237, Heinricus [Ermensinde’s son]… dux in Limburg et comes in Nienbr, et Ermengardis ducissa et comitissa ibidem [Ermensinde] donated property to Vrundenberg abbey.

1238, A “monstrous and inhuman race of men”, with a leader called Kan, began to overun far eastern Europe.

1240, Erminsinde sealed another charter.

1243, Erminsinde put her seal to the charter of the city of Luxemburg along with that of her sons Henri and Gerard.

2/17/1247, Ermensinde, countess de Luxembourg died; buried at Clariefontaine, near Arlon.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Luxemburg in the Middle Ages, P81.

Family notes:

·         Guy de Brienne, comte de Bar-sur-Seine, s/o §§Milon de Brienne & Mathilde de Noyers.

·         Petronille-Elizabeth de Chacenay, d/o §§Anseric II de Chacenay & Humbeline de Troyes.

Child of Thibaut and Laurette:

i. Agnes de Bar, born 1177 in Bar.

Agnes married Ferry II, duke of Lorraine.

6/19/1226, Agnes died; buried in the abbey of Beaupre.

Children of Thibaut and Eremsinde de Brienne:

i. Henri II Comte de Bar (23638806), born 1190 in Bar.

ii. Agnes de Bar, born ? in Bar.

Agnes married Hughes, seigneur de Chatillon [later, comte de Saint-Pol].

Bef. 1225, Agnes died.

4/9/1248, Hughes died.

Child of Thibaut and Ermensende de Namur:

i. Elisabeth de Bar, born ~1206 in Bar. [3rd child]

By 1218, Elizabeth married to Walram van Limburg, seigneur de Montjoie, s/o Waleran III & Cunegonde de Lorraine.

1242, Walram died.

1262, Elisabeth died.

Children of Waleran and Ermensende de Namur:

i. Catherine van Limburg, born 1215 in Luxembourg.

By 1229, Catherine married Mathiew II, duke of Lorranin, s/o Ferry II, duke of Lorraine & Agnes de Bar.

4/18/1255, Catherine died.

ii. Henri VI of Luxembourg (11819402), born 1216-17 in Limburg.