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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Count Floris IV of Holland & Countess Mathilde of Brabant

23638802. Count Floris IV of Holland & 23638803. Countess Mathilde of Brabant

6/24/1210, Floris born at le Hague, Netherlands, s/o 47277604. William I, Count of Holland & 47277605. Adelheid of Guelders.

~1210, Matilde born in Brabant, France, d/o 47277606. Duke Henry I of Brabant & 47277607. Maud of Boulogne.

Bef. 1213, Mathilde 1st pledged to Heinrich II Pfalzgraf bei Rhein.

3/1213, Count Floris was conceded a 500 mark fief by King John of England in exchange for a pledge of support if England were invaded. (S) English Historical Review, V110, 1995, P280.

[––Floris & Mathilde––]

11/5/1214, Floris betrothed to Mathilde. ‘Mathildam filiam Henrici ducis Lotharingiæ’ and ‘filium Willelmi comitis Hollandiæ Florentium primogenitum.’

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1/12/1218, Floris’ mother died.

2/4/1222, Floris succeeded his mother, and put under guardianship of his maternal uncle Gerard III of Gelderland.

4/4/1222, Floris’ father died. Floris styled himself count of Holland and Zealand.

7/14/1223, Louis VIII succeeded as king of France.

12/5/1224, Floris married Mathilde.

1224-26, Floris supported his uncle Gerard in his quarrel with the bishop of Utrecht.

11/8/1226, Louis IX succeeded as king of France.

1227, Floris supported Bishop Otto of Lippe against the peasants of Drenthe.

1227, William supported the appointment of Willibrandum de Oldenchurch as bishop of Utrecht. (S) Hugo Grotius, Ordinum Hollandiae, 1995, P386.

1230, Floris IV, count of Holland, built himself a country cottage beside a pond in the North Sea dunes. [This area eventually became the Hague.]

1231, Floris confirmed rights granted to Rijnsburg abbey; witnessed by Mathilde [Machtildis comitissa].

1233, Floris supported his younger brother Otto’s appointment as bishop of Utrecht.

1234, Floris went on crusade against the Stedingers, north of Bremen. In a battle 4000 of the Stedingers were killed and they capitulated to the archbishop of Bremen.

7/19/1234, Floris murdered in a French tournament at Corbie, Picardy by the Count of Clermont; his heir his nephew William II. Floris buried at Rijnsburg. [“Claromontensis comes” killed Count Floris “in Corbiaco XIV Kal Aug”. In response, Theodore, count of Cleves, immediately killed the count de Clermont.]


9/25/1235, Mathilde’s father died.

1240, Mathilde of Brabant returned to prominance.

9/1244, ‘Mathildis comitissa Hollandiæ’ donated property to Afflighem abbey [Brabant, Belgium], where she and ‘due filie mee … Aleidis et Margareta’ elected their burial.

1247, Mathilde instrumental in her son William being elected King of the Romans.

4/7/1284, Mathilde died [2 days before her daughter]; buried ‘apud puellæ cystersiensis ordinis Losdunensis monasterii.’

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) The Historians’ History of the World, 1904, P292. (S) Medieval Germany, Jeep, 2001, P597.

Family notes:

·         A coin of Count Floris IV bears the inscription MONETA DORD’CI, indicating a Dordrecht mint. (S) Medieval Capital Markets, Zuijderduijn, 2009, P140.

Children of Floris and Matilde:

i. William II of Holland, born 1226 in Holland.

1247, William became King of Germany.

1248, William took Aachen after a siege of 5 months.

1252, William married Elizabeth of Bruhswick.

7/4/1253, William supported his brother-in-law at the battle of West-Capelle in Flanders.

1/28/1256, William died in battle when his horse fell through ice. [His body recovered in 1276 by his son Floris V.]

Children: Floris V, “Peasant God”, born 1254 in Holland (d.6/27/1296); married Beatrix, d/o Guy de Dampierre.

ii. Adelaide of Holland (11819401), born ~1230 in Holland.

iii. Margareta of Holland, born ? in Holland.

Margareta married Hermann, count of Heeneberg.