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G25: 23640592 Scales-Rocester

23640592. Robert de Scales & 23640593. Alice de Rocester

~1230, Robert born in England, s/o 47281184. Robert de Scales & 47281185. Margery de Beaufo.

1249, Robert’s father died.

1249, Robert de Scales v. William de Wychenton of advowson of Wrydlington. (S) Feet of Fines, Suffolk.

1/24/1250, The king has taken the homage of Robert de Scales, son and heir of Robert de Scales, for all lands and tenements which the same Robert held from the king in chief, and he has rendered the aforesaid lands and tenements to him. Order to Henry of Wingham and his co-escheator in Norfolk that, having accepted security from the aforesaid Robert for 21£ 5s. to the king’s use for his relief, they are to cause the same Robert to have full seisin of all lands and tenements that the aforesaid Robert held from the king in chief in the aforesaid county, of which he was seised as of fee on the day he died. (S) FRsHIII.

3/6/1255, Exemption for life of Robert de Scales from being put on assizes, juries or recognitions and from being made sheriff, escheator, coroner or other bailiff of the king. (S) CPRs.

5/1255, IPM of Peter de Rossa [Roffa], parson of Rewenhale: … the same day he granted by charter to Robert de Scales (his nephew) the manor of Rewenhale, and to Alice wife of the said Robert the manor of Newesel (co. Hertford); and on the Sunday following took their homage … and that if he should recover the said Robert would give him the manor of Hoo in co. Norfolk for life, and the said Alice would give him the manor of Hecelingfeld in co. Cambridge for life … Robert in seisin … until Friday in Whitsum week when the escheators ejected her [Alice]. (S) CIsPM.

6/20/1255, Commission to … because Robert de Scales lately sued before the king for restitution to him of seisin of the manor of Ruhale, which he claimed of the gift of Peter de Roffa [his uncle] by charter … which he produced before the king, … king had taken … upon the death of Peter … same for Alice de Scales touching the manor of Neuseles, co. Hertford, by charter of the gift of the said P. … Mandate … to let Robert and Alice know the days they fix for taking inquisitions. (S) CPRs.

11/24/1255, The king has granted to Robert de Scales a certain inquisition to be made by Roger de Thork’ concerning the manors of Finhale and Neuseles and for that inquisition he will give the king two marks of gold if by that inquisition the aforesaid manors are adjudged to the same Robert and Alice de Scales. (S) FRsHIII.

Alice died.

1256, Constatine de Clenchwarton and Muriel his wife and Basilia her sister, Henry fil’ Alan and Hugh fil’ John v. Thomas de Ingelstorp and Robert de Scales, of advowson of Clenchwarton. (S) Feet of Fines, Norfolk.

Bef. 1257, Robert granted Rainham St. Martin to the priory of Blackburgh [previously granted to his father in 1227.] (S) Topographical History of Norfolk, Blomefield, V7.

Robert married 2nd Clemence ?.

11/3/1259, The king has granted to Robert de Scales that he may render £10 at the Exchequer of Michaelmas in the forty-fourth year of the £80 which he owed to Salomon, Jew of London, whose debts and chattels the king has taken into his hand. (S) FRsHIII.

Bef. 5/18/1267, Robert died. (S) CPRs.

10/3/1267, Grant to Clemence late the wife of Robert de Scales … for a fine of 400 marks … of the wardship of the lands and heirs of the said Robert … with the marriage of the heirs. Licence also for her to marry whomsoever she will of the king’s allegiance. (S) CPRs.

12/28/1267, Acknowledgement that Clemencia late the wife of Robert de Scales paid to Queen Eleanor at Winchester … 100 marks, in part payment of 400 … (S) CPRs.

4/26/1268, Acknowledgement of payment … Clemencia late the wife of Robert de Scales … 100 marks, in part payment of 400 … (S) CPRs.

(S) Peerages of England, Ireland, … Burke, 1831, P469.

Children of Robert & Alice:

i. Robert de Scales (11820296), born ~1250 in England.

ii. William de Scales, born ? in England.

William became a canon at Blackburgh, co. Norfolk.