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Friday, December 23, 2011

Baron John de Moeles & Lady Maud de Grey

30422348. Baron John de Moeles & 30422349. Lady Maud de Grey

3/1/1269, John de Mules born in England, heir & s/o 60844696. Roger de Moels & 60844697. Mariota de Manworthy.

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England.

~1270, Maud born in England, d/o 11820096. Lord Reginald de Grey & 11820097. Maud fitz Hugh.

By 1289, John married Maud.

1295, John age 24-26 at the death of his father.

1/26/1297, John summoned to parliament.

1297, Order to deliver to John de Moeles and his wife houses within the castle of Shireburn sufficient for them to dwell in, as the king has lent to John houses therein … (S) CCRs.

7/22/1298, John at the battle of Falkirk. (S) Scotland in 1298, Gough, 1888, P144.

7/22/1298, King Edward defeated Sir William Wallace (Braveheart) at the battle of Falkirk, Scotland. The Scots defensive position was strong, but based on spearmen with support of some cavalry and archers. Edward’s armored knights were repulsed by the amassed spear points. King Edward brought up his Welsh longbowmen. They cut gaps into the Scottish ranks through which the mounted English knights could charge. The Scots were routed, but Wallace escaped.

2/6/1299, John summoned to parliament by writ as a baron.

2/12/1301 at Lincoln, “Johes de Moeles, Dns de Caudebury” joined in the Baron’s Letter to the Pope.

1302, John de Moeles held Duppeford by half a knight’s fee. (S) Reports … Devonshire Assoc., V31, 1899, P389.

9/15/1302, At York, John de Moeles and Matilda his wife, querents ; and John de Sancto Amando, deforciant ; manor of Northcadburi … co. Somerset ; … John de Moeles acknowledged the right of John de Sancto Amandao as by his gift … If it happen that John de Moeles shall die without heirs begotten of Matilda, then after the decease of both John and Matilda … wholly remain to the right heirs of John de Moeles, to hold of the king. (S) Somerset Record Society, V6, 1892, P394.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

1307, John de Moeles in a suit brought by the Prior of Montacute over land in North Cadbury. (S) UKNA.

1309, John de Moeles held the manor extent of Saddington. (S) History of Market Harborough, Hill, 1875, P225.

11/8/1309, IPM of John de Bosco. Hatherlegh. 2 virgrates land held of John de Moeles in chief by knight’s service. (S) CIsPM.

5/20/1310, John, 1st Lord Moels, died.

5/24/1310, IPM of John de Moeles alias de Mules. Southampton: Up Wellop. The manor … Nicholas his son, aged 20 on the day of St. Laurence last, is his next heir. Buckingham: Herdewik’. A moiety of the manor … Devon: King’s Carswille and Dupeford. The manors … Leicester: Sadington. The manor … Oxford: Overourton. The manor … Stoke Basset. The manor … Hertford: Little Berkhamstede. The manor … (S) CIsPM.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P572. (S) Historic Peerage of England, Nicolas, P323.

Children of John and Maud:

i. Nicholas de Moeles, born 8/10/1290 in England. [Heir] (S) CIsPM.

Nicholas married Margaret, d/o Sir Hugh de Courtenay.

1311, Nicholas summoned to parliament.

1316, Nicholas died, his brother Roger his heir.

1/29/1316, IPM of Nicholas de Moeles. Oxford: Overe Overton. The manor … Roger de Moeles his brother, aged 20 ½ [19, 21], is his next heir. Stoke Moeles. The manor, held jointly by the said Nicholas and Margaret his wife, … Devon: King’s Carswelle. The manor … Dippeford. The manor … Southampton: Up Wollop. The manor … Buckingham: … Leicester:  Sadington Moeles. The manor … Somerset: Maperton. The manor, with its members viz.— the manor of North Cadebery, co. Somerset, a moiety of the manor of Herdwyk, co. Buckingham, and the manor of Upton, co. Berks … Hertford: Little Berchamstede. The manor … [7+ knights’ fees] (S) CIsPM.

ii. Roger de Moeles, born 1296 in England.

6/29/1316, Order to the escheator on this side Trent to deliver to Roger de Moeles, brother and heir of Nicholas de Moeles, tenant in chief, the lands late of his said brother, although he has not yet proved his age ; the king, for a fine of 100 marks … has taken his homage. (S) CFRs.

1316, Roger died leaving his brother John the heir

7/13/1316, Writ for IPM of Roger de Moeles, deceased, tenant in chief. (S) CFRs.

7/18/1316, Sale for 200 marks to Richard Lovel of the marriage of John, brother and heir of Roger de Moeles, tenant in chief, a minor in the king's ward (S) CFRs.

iii. John de Moels (15211174), born bef. 9/17/1304 in England.

iv. Isabel de Moels (15208753), born by 1310 in England.