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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

G24: 15210406 Treiagu

15210406. Sir John Treiagu & 15210407. Jane ?

~1285, John born in England, s/o §John Trejagu & Agnes ?.

Aft. 1/20/1287, John’s father died.

11/4/1301, Appointment … to assess the 15th … to tax, collect and levy … Robert Giffard, Osbert le Soor, John de Treiagu } Cornwall. (S) CPRs.

7/1308, Bishop Stapledon of Exeter appointed John Treiagy as his steward in Cornwall.

12/1309, John Treiagu granted robes and a fee of £10 from the bishop.

2/18/1311, IPM of Thomas de Prydias. … Cornwall. Trengrous. The hamlet held of John de Treiagu in socage by service of 2s. yearly. (S) CIsPM.

7/6/1311, Commission of oyer … on complaint by John de Trejagu … procured his imprisonment in the Flet, … entered his manor at Godwolghham, co. Cornwall, broke his houses, … (S) CPRs.

5/1318, Thomas Arcedekne and John Treiagu made a recognisance of 300 marks with the elder Despenser.

7/23/1314, John de Trejagu, acquitted before the king, reaffirmed his complaint of 1311. (S) CPRs.

11/1/1314, Commission to William de Burne, Henry de Campo Arnulphi and John de Tresagu, on complaint … co. Cornwall …. (S) CPRs.

8/6/1315, Commission of oyer … on behalf of Thomas son of Thomas le Ercedekne that John de Treiagu the elder, … seize him at St. Uny by Rederuth, co. Cornwall, … (S) CPRs.

1316, William de Bourne on a commission touching the persons conspiring to bring a false appeal of robbery against John de Treiagu, … (S) Biographia Juridica, 1870, P110.

1318, Commission to William de Bourne, John Treiagn, and Henry York. (S) CPRs.

2/7/1319, Sir John Trejagu, patron of the Church of St. Michael of enkevel, at his own cost repaired the church to found a chantry for four chaplains for prayers for himself and his lady Jane, his parents John and Agnes de Trejagu, for Walter de Stapledon, then bishop of Exeter, his brother Sir Richard Stapledon, Knight, and his parents William and Arabella Stapledon, for the king, for Simon and Lucy Trejagu, Stephen and Melora de Trewarthenick and others. (S) Journal of Proceedings, Royal Institute of British Architects, 1889, P218.

2/1320, John Treiagu founda chantry in the church of St. Michael-Penkevil.

1320, A commission of oyer and terminer was issued to John de Treiagu, Henry de Bukerel, and Simon Balde, touching all trespasses committed against miners in the King's service in the mines of Devon … (S) Harvard Economic Studies, V3, 1907, P157.

4/1321, Queen Isabella appointed royalist John de Trejagu to her shrievalty of Cornwall. (S) Queen Isabella, Weir, 2006, P132.

3/25/1322, Association of John Inge in the room of John de Treiagu, … touching a wrecking at the Lysard, co. Cornwall, of a ship, … of Spain … (S) CPRs.

1322-23, John de Treiagu, lord of  Fentengollen, sheriff of Cornwall. (S) UKNA.

1324–27, John de Treiagu sheriff of Cornwall. (S) UKNA.

7/10/1325, William de Brabanzoun quitclaimed to Walter bishop of Exeter and Walter Prodhomme for Scothalle, witnesses John de Trejagu knight, … (S) Registrum Collegii Exoniensis, 1894, P-XXIII.

8/1326, Release by John de Treiagu, knight, to Roger le Taillour of Bodmin, of all his right in four messuages and in all the land of Tredinek by Nanscolleth … (S) Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, V3, 1900.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

1327, William de Cornewaille (Cornwall), knight, states that the sheriff by colour of his bailiwick has come to his manor and took his corn and chattels, and by distraints of his arable so that he could not cultivate his lands to his damage to force him to sell his land to him. …. John Treiagu, Sheriff of Cornwall; Margery de Cornewaille (Cornwall), mother of the petitioner. (S) UKNA.

10/1329, Release by Stephen, son of John de Treiagu, knight, to … all his right in all his lands … of Tredynee and Woyn by lancolleth, … of he grant of the said John de Treiagu, knight.

7/6/1332, Commission of oyer to John de Stonore, … on complaint by John de Trevaignon, king’s serjeant, and Joan his wife that John de Treiagy, … assembling a great mob attacked the manor … Guthfos Muer, co. Cornwall, … took the said Joan … imprisoned her … that John de Treiagu, John de Cornewaille and the rest … forced and entry, then, broke the doors of his houses … (S) CPRs.

2/10/1333, Commission of oyer and terminer to John de Stonore, … touching alled oppression by John Treiagy, late sheriff of Cornwall, by colour of his office. (S) CPRs.

Bef. 1343, both John Treiagu of Fentongollan, co. Cornwall, and his son Stephen died. [Stephen left 2 daughters as his heirs.]

(S) Politics, Finance, and the Church, Buck, 1983.

Family notes:

·         The king committed to Edward, duke of Cornwall and earl of Chester, 20 marks ; mainpernors, John de Treiagu, knight, … Stephen Treiagu [s/o John] of the county of Cornwall. (S) Calendar of Fine Rolls, V5, P177.

·         Whereas the prince [The Black Prince] by letters patent formerly granted to Sir John de Treiagy of the duchy of Cornewaille all the lands and services … by lease from one Richard de Causton, to hold … (S) Register of Edward, the Black Prince, 1933, P3.

Child of John and Jane:

i. Stephen de Trejagu, born by 1308 in England.

ii. Margery Trejage (7605203), born ~1325 in England.